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By pipcock 11,Dec,23 16:04
I also raid laundry hampers!

By pipcock 06,Jul,23 19:51
I have a fetish for all undies!

By pipcock 06,Jul,23 19:41
Yeah I do it in the shower, and have do it on cam with guys. I like it!

By pipcock 01,Jul,23 17:36
Large thick cocks are too difficult to accommodate in the mouth, so I can't use my tongue and the roof of my mouth and back of my throat to provide the pleasure I like to give.

By pipcock 30,Jun,23 23:29
I've got some showing my fetish on my page.

By pipcock 30,Jun,23 23:28
Yeah crazy fetish, but I am hooked. Started with my wife's then neighbour's and visitors, finally buying my own. HEAT!! Check my pages...

By pipcock 30,Jun,23 23:16
I agree!

By pipcock 30,Jun,23 17:42
Like you, I was surprised how natural and pleasurable it was to have a cock in my mouth for the first time. I find now that visual appeal adds to the pleasure, while and ugly cock is not pleasing.

By pipcock 30,Jun,23 17:30

By pipcock 30,Jun,23 17:27
She has seen me wanting with a guy online, and she knows I have a panty fetish, but she chooses to ignore. She has no idea about the scope of my online bi play, nor my meet ups with men.
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Wanking on line

By pipcock 30,Jun,23 17:17
I was in my 60's and surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Have explained in my blogs.

By pipcock 13,Mar,22 16:10
That's an exciting view...............

By pipcock 19,Aug,21 17:49
How about I run my tongue around it, lick it, tickle the underside of your knob with my tongue....until you are thrusting, trying to climb through the hole.....and finally you CUM and CUM....over my face???

By pipcock 01,Jul,19 03:54
it is a testosterone enhancer it seems. Just makes the hormones you have more effective, and your cock pumps up with more blood. well mine certainly does.

By pipcock 30,Jun,19 17:08
Nothing wrong with your cock, but I have found that the herbal extract tribulus will get my cock to realize its FULL potential. Worth trying.

By pipcock 18,Jun,18 04:05
I know I do!!

By pipcock 06,Jun,18 03:38

By pipcock 05,Jun,18 01:17
Oh yes!

By pipcock 31,May,18 15:41
I am a big fan of playing on skype with anyone, usually guys! Love to show my stuff, and really like it when on a group skype. Tried chatubate cos I know I would like an audience but for some reason I could not make it work.

By pipcock 29,May,18 22:05

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By pipcock 29,May,18 22:03
Wank with a friend at boarding school. In later life and more serious....wonderful blowjob at local club!

By pipcock 29,May,18 22:01

By pipcock 29,May,18 22:00
Friend at boarding school. We did it in the shower together. He still had an immature cock, and I tried to fuck his ass but we were not very skilful.

By pipcock 19,May,18 17:28
And you are on my wicked wavelength with this comment too! Fuck they look good on my tumble account!

By pipcock 19,May,18 17:27
Yeah I agree with you. In the dark of a club it is all about the sensations and not much about the person! A nice cock is so good to fondle!

By pipcock 19,May,18 17:20
Yes I pretty much always enjoy seeing a nice big cock tucked in a well cut pantie! But then I would, wouldn't I?

By pipcock 18,May,18 06:40
I was straight and decided I wanted more in my sex life. Still totally happy with my super wife, but wanted more. So tried a club (nervous) but got sucked off like I have never experienced it before. Bloody amazing. Not going to make me gay, but it has given me the confidence to enjoy my desires and spread my interests!!! Recommended!

By pipcock 18,May,18 06:30
Yeah I am almost always obliged to get my cock out when on here with my wife out of the way. Love to edge while enjoying the fine views. Sometimes go off to Skype then with a guy or guys I might find on silverdaddies or an existing Skype friend. really enjoy a group on Skype, but it is here I get the juices running!!!

By pipcock 18,May,18 06:26
I am on a few, but this site beats the others for guy to guy pleasure.

By pipcock 18,May,18 06:23
I handled a big cock the other felt so god in my hand...the size and thickness all indicated strength!!! MMMn.

By pipcock 18,May,18 06:21
I do like to Skype and show off my sexiness and slutty side. Love being watched!

By pipcock 18,May,18 05:31
I like wearing these and are they male or female?

By pipcock 18,May,18 05:25
Some go stimulation and a cock ring helps.

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love that ring

By pipcock 18,May,18 05:22
I like that....

By pipcock 16,May,18 05:25
ooh nice!

By pipcock 15,May,18 19:29
I don't have the pleasure of jacking with a buddy in person, but I have a wonderful time jacking off and playing up to lots of guys on Skype. It's a poor second, but at least it is something.

By pipcock 15,May,18 18:35
Oh good...relief!!!

By pipcock 14,May,18 05:09

By pipcock 13,May,18 05:58

By pipcock 13,May,18 05:51
I play with this hairy pussy........

By pipcock 13,May,18 05:50
I thought it was one of the marriage wear her panties and get hard!!!!

By pipcock 13,May,18 05:46
Tastes ssoooo good!

By pipcock 13,May,18 05:44
This is really good....

...but I also like a long cold steel dildo with a round head. Excellent grunty cums!!!

By pipcock 13,May,18 05:42
oh yes!

By pipcock 13,May,18 05:40

By pipcock 13,May,18 05:39

I have several and they are great to!

By pipcock 13,May,18 05:31

I have that fetish too!

By pipcock 13,May,18 05:27
My wife's pussy is a never ending delight and I am forever thankful.

By pipcock 13,May,18 05:25
Is mine OK?

By pipcock 13,May,18 05:21