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Panty Sniffing

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #249305 [Ignore] 03,May,12 12:28
Hello all...

I love to smell my wifes "dirty" panties. I have smelled my 20 yo stepdaughters as well . I love the fact the crotch was up against their pussies!

I also look my for buddies wives panties to smell when I over for drinks.

What do you think? Do any women u know do this?

Would love to read what womens thoughts are.

Post a pic of u sniffing if u do it too!


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By #6437 21,Jan,13 11:32
YES! I love to sniff dirty panties i do my wifes and raid hampers when we visit friends. Love the smell of pussy and piss. MMMMMMMMM
By pipcock [Ignore] 11,Dec,23 16:04 other posts 
I also raid laundry hampers!

By Lvphose [Ignore] 09,Dec,23 15:25 other posts 
I prefer sniffing pantyhose both crotch and feet areas can have stimulating odors!

By #662360 19,Jan,23 17:47
Perhaps Iím kinky but I prefer my wifeís nice clean fresh panties out of her lingerie drawer. They just smell slightly of fabric softener. I love the feel of them gently taut over my cock. [deleted image]

By watermyde [Ignore] 25,Jan,13 21:40 other posts 
Have sniffed a few panties of friends who have left them lying around at my place or in their bathrooms when I've visited. Makes for intense orgasms. If a girls doesn't bother to try to hide them or put them away properly, why not?

Years ago, a very sexy friend of my **** left some on the floor in the guest room one weekend she stayed over. Discovered them when I was home alone the next day (was about 20) and jerked off with them over my nose. Huge load from the smell of her lovely pussy in my nose. Still one of my favourite friends of my ****.

By #59855 26,Jul,12 15:19
From Matt's Wife: He needs to be booted from the site. Admin please do something.

By #68656 03,May,12 12:51
Just my opinion absolutely but the reference to the step daughter is inappropriate and should not have appeared.
By Ray10754 [Ignore] 03,May,12 13:35 other posts 
I agree with you on this one John it is borderline to say the least
By #233076 03,May,12 13:50
By #59855 04,May,12 01:35
From Matt's Wife: Sick
By #249305 07,May,12 12:48
I bett Matt smells and shares your..

If he denies it...he is a liar
By #59855 26,Jul,12 15:18
From Matt's Wife: You are a sick fuck and should be banned from the site.

By #88520 04,May,12 03:09
I would never have thought that Optimus Prime was a panty sniffer.

By bella! [Ignore] 03,May,12 19:56 other posts 
I'm agree with JohnS....the reference to sniffing your step daughters panties, eeeewwwwwww.....!! It's your thing however ya best not let the momma catch you sniffing her baby's panties!

By #136638 03,May,12 12:54
My wife gets so turned on when my friends come over and use the bathroom. Her panties are never in the same spot in the hamper. We both know they are sniffing her panties, wrapping them around them and even putting them on. Its such a turn on for my wife to know that my friends enjoy her scents so much. My wife certainly understands why us guys enjoy panties so much. She has said many times that she wishes more woman would be more open minded about a guy enjoying panties, and I totally agree. Its normal for a guy to be into and womans scents and there panties that sit so close to them all day and night long. When they are not around or available who can blame us for wanting to get as close as we can. More woman should be flattered and turned on that a guy enjoys using there panties to pleasure himself with. Some woman will be totally into it and others will not, its to bad for the ones who are not into it. My wife loves watching me sniff panties, and often times when over at friends houses we often fight over who is going to use the bathroom first to check out the hamper, we have grabbed panties and brought them home a few times to enjoy together. Check out our profile for more about us.

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