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In person comparison 22,Jan,23 03:36


By Letscompare 16,Jun,24 23:47
wow thatís kinda huge actually

By Letscompare 20,May,24 02:10
Yeah it definitely can be. It helps tremendously to have someone help you though.

By Letscompare 18,May,24 15:28
Gotcha. in that case, yes I have. a couple of times.
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Have you??

By Letscompare 18,May,24 05:37
is that like a clone-a-willy kit?

By Letscompare 14,Mar,24 19:35
Same here. Sooo hot.

By Letscompare 30,Oct,23 03:44
I disagree.

By Letscompare 30,Oct,23 03:41
Yes. Iím a huge fan of it.

By Letscompare 21,Sep,23 01:30
How old was he?

By Letscompare 21,Sep,23 01:24
What did you guys do?

By Letscompare 11,Jun,23 03:39
Holy shit both your cock and balls are MASSIVE!! Itíd be fun to compare with you and see the size difference between us. Wow.

By Letscompare 11,Jun,23 03:34
He didnít really say much, although I wish he would have lol. He just kind of laughed. After that night, he started referring to his dick as being ďhugeĒ though.

By Letscompare 05,Jun,23 02:10
I was 13 or 14, and compared with my friend during a sleepover one night. We were in his backyard in a tent, and weíre laying down side by side, playing truth or dare. At one point he dared me to pull my dick out. I told him I would if he did, and he agreed. We both pulled them out at the same time, and I remember thinking ďoh my god I am so out of my leagueĒ lol. I had already gone through puberty, so I had the same size dick as I do now. But I remember thinking that mine looked like a miniature toy version of a dick next to his. It wasnít even close lol. Yeah, it was a little bit embarrassing to be put to shame to the extent that I was, but I felt excitement much more than I was embarrassed. And I was so turned on that I basically started cunning as soon as I saw his haha. To this day I still jerk off to that memory.

By Letscompare 05,Jun,23 02:01
Thatís hot

By Letscompare 08,Apr,23 18:25

By Letscompare 07,Apr,23 23:42
I used to have a black Trans Am and Iíve literally had sex in it several times lol. Itís kind of cramped, but definitely doable!

By Letscompare 08,Feb,23 13:12
To me, semen is a bodily fluid just like every other bodily fluid. I donít want someoneís jizz on me (or especially in my mouth), any more than I would want their snot, blood, or puss from a zit they popped. All of it is disgusting to me lol.

By Letscompare 04,Feb,23 03:33
Thatís nearly identical to my first time lol. It was so hot.

By Letscompare 20,Jan,23 03:08
Me three lol. So was he.