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By girllyboi 16,Aug,23 11:52
im shaved bald for so many years love it

By girllyboi 16,Aug,23 11:49
i love giving oral sex to men it really turns me on

By girllyboi 16,Aug,23 11:36
id say around 80 to 100

By girllyboi 16,Aug,23 11:30

By girllyboi 16,Aug,23 11:19
i was 12 he was like a baby sitter as my parents finished work later in evening he took me in and his house rule was naked he figured me fucked me and I sucked him off

By girllyboi 16,Aug,23 11:16

By girllyboi 16,Aug,23 11:11
mine stopped around the age of 5 or 6

By girllyboi 05,Oct,22 17:14

By girllyboi 04,Oct,22 19:13
whats better than a dozen roses on a piano

answer tulips (two lips)on an organ

By girllyboi 04,Oct,22 19:11
i wanted my nutts removed for many years but the society made it to difficult to have done

By girllyboi 04,Oct,22 19:06
i was thinking of doing movies in gay movies as a submissive bottom with no limits for sex would do anything as can never top cause im way too small down there

By girllyboi 04,Oct,22 19:02
may she rest in peace

By girllyboi 13,Jul,22 19:12
i never said anything and loved it love your cock also mmm

By girllyboi 06,Jul,22 15:23

By girllyboi 06,Jul,22 15:01
i was 12 a neighbor was sitting me while parents were at work ended up geting naked and let him fuck me felt great laved it ever since i let him fuck me every school day for 6 years

By girllyboi 06,Jul,22 14:00

By girllyboi 06,Jul,22 13:49
my first time i was 12 a man was sitting me while my parents were still at work he got me naked and i was curious sucked his cock and he fucked me and i loved the feeling