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By fs9318 28,Jan,24 03:27
I used to cycle to the woods, then strip off and stroke my rock hard cock, imagining someone seeing me and coming up to me, then kneeling down and sucking me off there and then.

By fs9318 13,Nov,23 11:30
No, it was a one-off session. He never mentioned it again as though it had never happened. Nothing would have beaten that first time anyway.

By fs9318 12,Nov,23 03:07
He was great at sucking my cock. I remember trying not to cum too soon. After I came the first time I stayed hard so he carried on sucking me. I unloaded a second time after 5 minutes of his expert sucking.

By fs9318 11,Nov,23 07:18
I was 13 and the PE teacher sucked me off in his office. I came twice into his mouth and he swallowed every drop. It was incredible.

By fs9318 30,May,22 10:40
I like kneeling in front of a floor length mirror and watching myself stroke my cock and cumming in big spurts. Sometimes I film it too.

By fs9318 27,Nov,21 03:54
I love to jerk off to my own pics. I would love to be someone sucking me off.