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By MojoMan77 14,Jan,24 14:29
I love hairy pussy.

By MojoMan77 14,Jan,24 14:25
I was 10, my neighbor who was about 15 used to come over and we would suck eachothers cocks. I let him fuck me a few times too.

By MojoMan77 20,Sep,23 19:09
I love it. I have a buddy that comes over sometimes and we suck eachother off. Sometimes we frot, it's amazing.

By MojoMan77 20,Sep,23 19:07

By MojoMan77 20,Sep,23 19:05
12 with a friend of mine that lived next door to me at the time.

By MojoMan77 20,Sep,23 18:14
It's an amazing feeling. I've been doing it since I was real young.

By MojoMan77 20,Sep,23 14:17

By MojoMan77 20,Sep,23 14:16
Love it

By MojoMan77 20,Sep,23 14:15
I like to think so.

By MojoMan77 20,Sep,23 14:14
I definitly do. Especially my precum

By MojoMan77 20,Sep,23 14:11
Love them.

By MojoMan77 20,Sep,23 14:10

By MojoMan77 20,Jul,23 10:01
I love hair girls. There's something about hairy pits that makes me so hard.

By MojoMan77 18,Jul,23 12:02
About 14, he was 14 also. We sucked eachother's cocks for about a year.

By MojoMan77 18,Jul,23 12:01
I'd fuck you in a second.

By MojoMan77 18,Jul,23 12:00
14 with a friend of mine who lived next door. He would come over all the time. We watched porn a few times together in my room and one day we just decided to jack off together. We did that a few times and then started to play with each other. It just kind of escalated from there. We fucked eachother several times. I haven't talked to him in years, but still think about him.

By MojoMan77 18,Jul,23 11:58
Pretty young. Like 12 or 13. I just wanted to know what it tasted like.