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By hairypussywife 21,Mar,24 15:49
Such a beautiful woman

By hairypussywife 04,Mar,24 16:43
Why was that so upsetting

By hairypussywife 16,Feb,24 12:17
I think my penis would be good for you

By hairypussywife 15,Feb,24 15:56
Oh okay I'm not familiar with that one

By hairypussywife 15,Feb,24 15:01
Big full bush hairy pussy for me please

By hairypussywife 15,Feb,24 12:35
Hell yeah I beat my dick to many hustler magazines amongst others

By hairypussywife 12,Feb,24 14:02
OMG you are so sweet I would love for you to suck it

By hairypussywife 10,Feb,24 14:18
Wow you are so 🔥

By hairypussywife 03,Feb,24 15:21
Yeah I saw my first porn also at 11 crappy quality not super hardcore when I was 12 I was watching good quality hardcore porn and shooting off regularly

By hairypussywife 31,Jan,24 15:02
I really don't care how long a lady sucks my for as long as she gets the nut out

By hairypussywife 31,Jan,24 15:00
OMG you are so amazing I wish you would suck mine

By hairypussywife 21,Jan,24 14:21
Lady hooker when I was 16 then my first girlfriend when I was 19

By hairypussywife 20,Jan,24 16:26
That's wonderful 👍

By hairypussywife 19,Jan,24 14:24
Yup just genetics

By hairypussywife 19,Jan,24 14:05
About 30

By hairypussywife 19,Jan,24 13:55
Yeah about the same for me around 11

By hairypussywife 14,Jan,24 15:08
OMG you look absolutely incredible great bush and those tanlines are so sexy

By hairypussywife 23,Dec,23 18:59
Yeah I jack off to videos of me fucking all the time

By hairypussywife 22,Dec,23 19:28
Yeah she's got a furry love muffin I would love to see your wife

By hairypussywife 22,Dec,23 16:43
Yeah me too check out my wife's big bush

By hairypussywife 16,Dec,23 18:15
You are so sexy I would definitely blast it on you

By hairypussywife 16,Dec,23 18:12
That's awesome

By hairypussywife 16,Dec,23 17:57
I was hanging out at a girls house I hadn't known very long we were just friends never dated she left the room for a moment and I saw some dirty panties on the floor I picked them up and sniffed them and she walked back in and caught me

By hairypussywife 21,Nov,23 17:30
I don't have any zippers

By hairypussywife 21,Nov,23 14:00
Free balling never wear underwear

By hairypussywife 20,Nov,23 15:20
Mine hangs to the left

By hairypussywife 17,Nov,23 14:33
That's awesome what a sweet girl lucky boy

By hairypussywife 12,Nov,23 13:18
Amazing woman i wish you would suck my dick

By hairypussywife 08,Nov,23 12:35
I want to blow nuts 🥜 in her

By hairypussywife 01,Nov,23 20:45
Lol okay

By hairypussywife 28,Oct,23 17:22
Okay cool thank you for your input

By hairypussywife 27,Oct,23 18:02
Wow you are a wonderful woman I wish I could get sucked off by you

By hairypussywife 27,Oct,23 18:00
That's all I'm interested in each man's average time thank you

By hairypussywife 27,Oct,23 14:44
I would love to borrow your wife

By hairypussywife 24,Oct,23 19:38
Sweet lady

By hairypussywife 20,Oct,23 18:16
I think my cock was full size by about 13 years old

By hairypussywife 19,Oct,23 17:55
I want to fuck it

By hairypussywife 19,Oct,23 12:19
Wow Jenni you are so hot

By hairypussywife 15,Oct,23 17:17
OMG you are so amazing

By hairypussywife 11,Mar,22 17:52
Good girl

By hairypussywife 03,Oct,20 18:05
Yes I love fucking pregnant women only fucked 2 though a friend and my wife shot a hot load in my wife the day she gave birth to our first child

By hairypussywife 28,Jul,20 19:13
I had an ongoing sexual relationship with a 25yr old young lady when I was 45

By hairypussywife 29,May,20 16:02
My wife hasn't sucked a whole lot maybe 10 or 12 but she did get drunk at a judds concert just before we started dating and snuck on the tour bus and sucked everyone in the band.

By hairypussywife 28,Mar,20 12:09
I'd say either lick it up or use a washcloth

By hairypussywife 29,Oct,19 17:51
Yes for sure I prefer a hairy pussy!!

By hairypussywife 29,Oct,19 17:49
Yes my wife is very hairy

By hairypussywife 26,Oct,19 21:36
Absolutely depends on the woman how she's built in those areas and the looks of those areas make a difference too!

By hairypussywife 26,Oct,19 21:32
sitting here trying to remember but as far as bareback real cum in the pussy sex over 15 maybe 20.

By hairypussywife 22,Apr,18 20:33
Betty beauty makes hair dye just for the private parts

By hairypussywife 05,Feb,17 15:02
gorgeous bush!!!