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Share something that your friends dont know about you

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #64328 [Ignore] 03,Jun,19 13:25
I think most of us have a few sexual secrets that other friend wouldn't suspect about you. True confession time. Let hear yours

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By Lvphose [Ignore] 16,Mar,24 02:10 other posts 
They probably donít know I have fantasies like this!

I have jerked off many times to this fantasy!

I was very horny and so was my girlfriend we went to visit my friend but he wasnít there but his wife was! My gf talking to her and told her she was reallly horny and bet together they could really get me super horny!
My friends wife agreed and I instructed both gals to put on pantyhose and then lay down on the bed on their stomachs. I then blindfolded them! I got between them admiring their ass, legs and feet in pantyhose. I then started with my gf on the left using my left hand rubbing her pussy on the outside of her pantyhose, I could feel the moisture and she would sigh in pleasure! Still stimulating my gf I did the same to my friends wife, she too was hot and moist and moaned!
I then positioned them where my gf ass & pussy were of my friends wife face & My gf face hovered over my friends wifeís pussy! I then had them lick each others pussy on the outside of the pantyhose. When I then ripped open the crotch of each gals pantyhose. Still blind folder I had the eat & lick each others pussy & clit!
They were writhing in pleasure when I took off their blind folds so each could see the others pussy as they pleasured it!
This made me real horny and I got behind my gf and entered her with my hard cock having my friends wife tongue my cock and balls while I fucked my gf. Not wanting to cum too soon I pulled out and told my gf I was now going to have her watch and lick my friends wifeís pussy while I fucked her!

We were all hot & bothered and I wasnít sure how long I could keep from cumming! So quickly I had them lie on their backs and told both to use their pantyhose covered feet to continue to stimulate my hard cock and my balls!

I couldnít take it anymore and I pulled my cock from their feet and in a couple of strokes with my hand I was so horny that I had enough cum load I shot my warm cum hitting both gals face, breast, nylon covered legs and feet! I then had both pleasure my cock and balls with their hands and mouth!

The post orgasm stimulation was so pleasurable and got to be so sensitive I had to make them stop. The view is in my minds eye, seeing my cum on their face & breast Ali g with the wet shine of their pantyhose where my cum landed made me want to start another fantasy!

By Devuc87 [Ignore] 11,Mar,24 08:48 other posts 
No one knows Iím uncut with a small dick.

By Bicockwhore [Ignore] 10,Mar,24 15:04 other posts 
They do not know that I am a faggot and I am addicted to men's dicks and I love gay sex

By onthelose [Ignore] 19,Oct,23 17:33 other posts 
That I am bi. My friends donít know because I act straight. But who knows what anyone truly thinks about any one person.

By SexyboytoyzMtl [Ignore] 17,Oct,23 16:49 other posts 
I love old man

By APBay [Ignore] 12,May,22 11:27 other posts 
I like wearing cock rings, i like smelling arm pits, i like the smell of smegma. When i go on vacation i like visiting gay bathhouses.

By Olddude [Ignore] 12,May,22 10:04 other posts 
That I am bi! I like sucking cock. I love to masturbate. I shave my pubic area.

By #664988 11,May,22 18:56
I've restored my dick and look uncut... if it ever came up, I'm uncut to them.

By #664918 02,Apr,22 00:52
That I'm bisexual and love to crossdress

By #652988 19,Dec,21 11:05
That me and my wife liked being watched as we was fucking

By Lukas123 [Ignore] 10,Dec,21 18:49 other posts 
My friends donít know about me what I BI

By dgraff [Ignore] 10,Dec,21 11:38 other posts 
And they like oats

By dgraff [Ignore] 10,Dec,21 10:40 other posts 
I have goats

By dgraff [Ignore] 10,Dec,21 06:50 other posts 

By smokieb69 [Ignore] 10,Dec,21 04:34 other posts 
That I suck my own cock, that I dress up in panties sometimes, that I love playing with my ass, that my wife has fucked me with a strapon, that I am bi-curious

By #655441 05,Dec,21 06:20
I hooked up with a guy one night and end up having sex with him. While being bend over he pulled his dick out of my pussy and pushed into my ass. Few minutes later he was telling me was going to cum. He pulled his dick out of my ass and push me to my knees. While on my knees he is standing there jerking his dick in my face and tells me he wants he want to shoot his cum in my mouth. So I open my mouth up waiting for him to cum. Next he pulls on my hair and shoved his dick into my mouth and forced me to suck his dick off knowing it's been in my ass. Then he held me on his dick until I swallowed his cum. That had to be grossest think anyone has ever done to me.

By #652988 21,Nov,21 23:27
That I have fucked in public. And been seen doing it quite a few times to

By #652988 20,Nov,21 18:21
Me and my wife had threesomes mmf and ffm

By #650629 03,Oct,21 17:54
That I'm a nudist and that I'm wanting to suck a dick

By DJS [Ignore] 13,Nov,19 15:27 other posts 
My friends don't no,I've been having regular 3somes with tb1 & TWOWARMTTS..

By #602381 13,Nov,19 15:12
That I was incested starting at five years old and had men, women, and teenage babysitters do me before the age of ten years old. I got to really liking it a lot and was even asking adults to do me. My friends all think I'm a real tough guy but I go out out night looking for cocks to suck on, and more. Thing is, I'm really attracted too and turned on by pussy, I just have a craving for other men's junk. I'm not gay, just sex starved is all.

By knewbi [Ignore] 12,Nov,19 10:40 other posts 
Probably don't know that I masturbate at least 5 times a week and spend 2 to 3 hours at each event. Also, that I am a big lover of sucking cocks.

By #604299 11,Nov,19 18:54
my girlfriend dont know that i suck 2-3 cocks every week and swallow the loads

By #603877 06,Nov,19 05:30
None of my friends know that I enjoy anal masturbatin or that I wear sexy panties sometimes.Also it is a secret that I swallow my own loads sometimes.

By #603065 29,Oct,19 09:41
My friends dont know that when I am with them.I secretally imagine how I suck their cocks and swallow their loads

By #590925 11,Aug,19 19:01
My friends doesn't know I like and enjoy anal masturbation.Or that I swallowed at least ten of my warm loads.

By cumcouplessa [Ignore] 27,Jul,19 00:10 other posts 
We enjoy kinky, mmf 3'some sex and love to share a nice hard cock. Our friends would freak out if they ever found out

By bil47 [Ignore] 26,Jul,19 09:01 other posts 
I may appear to my friends to be a boringly conventional straight man, but I'm actually a kinky submissive bisexual cock-sucking faggot.

By wycowboy [Ignore] 26,Jul,19 08:28 other posts 
I post here. I live in a small Wyoming town and am fairly well known here. It would surprise a lot of people if they knew.

By PoloFields [Ignore] 25,Jul,19 15:53 other posts 
I'm here

By foreskinlover52 [Ignore] 25,Jul,19 13:00 other posts 
Been sucking cocks since I was 6 years old and love it

By Supersexy69 [Ignore] 25,Jul,19 06:16 other posts 
I had kinky oral sex with my best friends brother.

By #545468 13,Jul,19 20:09
I sleep with four different men throughout the week, and I love each one of them

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