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By PoloFields 16,Jan,23 01:49
Curiosity. And the cat's still alive!

By PoloFields 09,Jan,23 14:03

By PoloFields 14,Dec,22 17:21
Well, most of my feet.

By PoloFields 29,Nov,22 23:13

By PoloFields 14,Nov,22 18:04
62, try to every day, but sometimes my cock doesn't cooperate

By PoloFields 24,Oct,22 23:29
What can I say? I like being hairy.

By PoloFields 24,Sep,22 01:28
Or any fish, really. No matter how nice the place was, the ex would always order fish and chips. Expand one horizons!

By PoloFields 22,Sep,22 21:18
Anazing tits and nips.

By PoloFields 20,Sep,22 15:44
In the case of this guy, yes, if I can.

By PoloFields 10,Sep,22 04:01

By PoloFields 23,Aug,22 23:48
62 here.

By PoloFields 23,Aug,22 23:47
Lacy panties make for an almost immediate hardon.

By PoloFields 23,Aug,22 23:42
Very nice

By PoloFields 23,Aug,22 23:35

By PoloFields 23,Aug,22 23:34
13 or 14.

By PoloFields 13,Jul,22 00:47

By PoloFields 23,Jun,22 00:40
Gave myself a pubic trim for the summer.Thoughts?

By PoloFields 01,Jun,22 21:18

By PoloFields 01,Jun,22 05:22
All appears to be good now. Relatively speaking, of course And thank you.

By PoloFields 31,May,22 16:10
No problem. Just adding to the update thread.

By PoloFields 31,May,22 15:57
It looks like I can click on pages of members on the syc site without the warning. So, baby steps.

By PoloFields 31,May,22 13:33
Had the same problem. Got here thru the SYD site, but can't log in via my usual,show it off. And I get the same message on the c-word site or clicking on any ladies' profile.

By PoloFields 24,May,22 01:52
Definitely black.

By PoloFields 27,Apr,22 14:41
If I was to shave again, I think I'd like someone else to do it, not just for the fun involved, but to get it done all the way.

By PoloFields 19,Apr,22 23:19

By PoloFields 29,Mar,22 15:04

By PoloFields 25,Mar,22 14:54
Much like 2-3 threads on the same topic come up consecutively on the main list. People are looking for something.

By PoloFields 16,Mar,22 02:56
61. Try to jack off every day.

By PoloFields 12,Feb,22 14:46
62. try to do it every day.

By PoloFields 29,Jan,22 14:35
Here's most of it.

By PoloFields 23,Jan,22 23:47

By PoloFields 16,Nov,21 15:17

By PoloFields 16,Nov,21 15:16
Natural. Sometimes I trim, but mostly let it go as nature intended.

By PoloFields 25,Oct,21 16:15

By PoloFields 27,Sep,21 00:07
It's nice for kids birthday parties when you got a lot of mouths to feed. That's about it.

By PoloFields 22,Sep,21 14:51

By PoloFields 08,Sep,21 23:35
Find out where the local nudist beach or area is, go there and strip down. Don't overthink it.

By PoloFields 08,Sep,21 23:30

By PoloFields 08,Sep,21 23:28

By PoloFields 08,Sep,21 03:43

By PoloFields 07,Jul,21 04:42

By PoloFields 07,Jul,21 02:34
Agreed. This is a showoff site. Show off. If I see a profile with no photos, sorry, not interested.

By PoloFields 02,Jul,21 01:34

By PoloFields 02,Jul,21 01:28

By PoloFields 02,Jun,21 18:00
Never cummed in an ass (although I've fucked some), but pussy it the best.

By PoloFields 30,Apr,21 14:55
Kristara Barrington was my first porn crush. Love those puffy aureoles.

By PoloFields 22,Mar,21 14:30
The premise of this place is showing off, pussies and cocks!

By PoloFields 22,Mar,21 14:15
I'm as guilty as anyone of this, but it has happened to me too. Something comes up, have to run unexpectedly, at the cost of netiquette.

By PoloFields 22,Mar,21 14:13
I've shaved a couple of times. In the end, just letting it grow out feels best for me. That should be the standar, what feels best for anyone.

By PoloFields 08,Mar,21 17:00
When I get naked outside, I feel like I'm shedding more than my clothes for a couple of hours. I shed a lot of bs. Love the feeling of the sun all over, splashing around naked and just talking with my fellow nudists unencumbered.