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Started by #197852 [Ignore] 27,Sep,12 14:20
I just love pics of fat juicy mushroom heads leaking precum!

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By asiandude [Ignore] 20,Sep,22 11:36 other posts 
Side view closeup

By galaxy123 [Ignore] 20,Sep,22 06:17 other posts 
here is mine

By Rudeboy1977 [Ignore] 11,Sep,22 02:02 other posts 

By BMWwanker [Ignore] 04,Sep,22 02:41 other posts 

By 8_4_U [Ignore] 03,Sep,22 02:51 other posts 

By quint [Ignore] 24,Jul,22 18:11 other posts 

By Ozmen666 [Ignore] 17,Jul,22 10:02 other posts 

By s0m3r4nd0m [Ignore] 12,Jul,22 08:59 other posts 

By shavedpubis [Ignore] 05,May,22 05:38 other posts 

By shavedpubis [Ignore] 05,May,22 05:38 other posts 

By shavedpubis [Ignore] 05,May,22 05:37 other posts 

By PoloFields [Ignore] 19,Apr,22 23:19 other posts 

By 8_4_U [Ignore] 15,Apr,22 14:29 other posts 

By asiandude [Ignore] 15,Apr,22 13:40 other posts 
Close ups:

By Nashville42 [Ignore] 14,Apr,22 11:06 other posts 

By Chiara_Sevenseas [Ignore] 07,Apr,22 04:30 other posts 
I love precum i m always wet, as soon as i get a hard-one.. [deleted image] its nice to play with my wet halfmast [deleted image] and as i get horny, i shot my precum drops everywhere... [deleted image]
By leopoldij [Ignore] 07,Apr,22 11:05 other posts 
What's a precum shot?
I've never seeing this.
Precum, for me, is just dripping, it doesn't fly like this.
How can you actually shoot precum?
If you do, is it always followed by a real cumshot?
I'm curious.
By Jaxon [Ignore] 13,Apr,22 19:44 other posts 
Here is an example

By Horatio [Ignore] 12,Apr,22 19:48 other posts 

By 8_4_U [Ignore] 12,Apr,22 07:56 other posts 

By Sergius [Ignore] 07,Apr,22 16:36 other posts 

By curious10 [Ignore] 07,Apr,22 12:29 other posts 

By Steve116969 [Ignore] 07,Apr,22 01:48 other posts 

By Jaxon [Ignore] 06,Apr,22 23:53 other posts 

By jimes104 [Ignore] 28,Mar,22 02:12 other posts 

By quint [Ignore] 27,Mar,22 20:32 other posts 

By Toasty [Ignore] 27,Mar,22 01:20 other posts 

By 8_4_U [Ignore] 20,Mar,22 10:43 other posts 

By massco [Ignore] 01,Feb,19 19:52 other posts 
short and sweet [deleted image]

By ahiker86 [Ignore] 13,May,18 11:10 other posts 

By pipcock [Ignore] 13,May,18 05:21 other posts 

By #539358 11,May,18 17:49
Slight cum leakage during a good glans edging session

[deleted image]

By ScottsCock [Ignore] 11,May,18 12:47 other posts 

By #555742 06,May,18 23:37
This may not be too much of a closeup and itís a short video but I just uploaded it and I noticed the precum.

*WARNING* there is ass in this video.

[deleted image]

By #531019 05,May,18 23:54
Here's mine lathered in it ..

[deleted image]

By #534929 21,Apr,18 22:45

By montana [Ignore] 20,Apr,18 19:03 other posts 

By cut5x5 [Ignore] 20,Apr,18 18:30 other posts 

By ilovemydick [Ignore] 17,Apr,18 11:57 other posts 
By #525566 20,Apr,18 13:08
love your shiney head

By #532170 31,Mar,17 13:04

By Texas_Born29 [Ignore] 07,Dec,15 18:57 other posts 

By #190275 05,Dec,15 16:50
[deleted image]
Hedres mine, though i am un-cut

By #457775 29,Nov,15 03:28
[deleted image]

my mushroom head
By 3fdfd [Ignore] 05,Dec,15 09:05 other posts 
nice large head

By #428053 04,Dec,15 22:59
[deleted image]
By 3fdfd [Ignore] 05,Dec,15 09:04 other posts 
great hairy cock

By #3711 29,Nov,15 03:22

By ejakulator2006 [Ignore] 08,Nov,15 19:46 other posts 

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