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Same here

By cut5x5 31,Oct,22 15:19
I always lost at strip poker on purpose too. It was fun to show mu hard little penis first. The other guy couldn’t wait to lose after that. Always led to comparing and jerking off. We were about 13.

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Cut but I wish I wasn’t.

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My small hard one.

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Not sure what the shape of mine is. Any thoughts?
It is a bit wider than my shaft and is quite big relative to the size of my hard cock.

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Thanks! Hope it makes you hard and horny.

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Mine is high and tight.

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Flaccid and hairy!

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From the side.

By cut5x5 19,Feb,21 11:01
My dad and brother uncut. Me cut. I’m 7 years younger than my bro. My cock is an inch or smaller than both of them.

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Check out my pics. It doesn’t have the curve but otherwise fits. What do you think?

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Having a small one isn’t so bad. It works just fine.

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Here’s a bit of precum for you.

By cut5x5 16,Sep,20 10:47
I wank with the same technique as you. My circ scar and helmet rim must be stimulated in order to cum. Using Liquid Silk is the best.

By cut5x5 13,Sep,20 10:09
You have a nice looking big circumcised cock!

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Thanks! It gets nicely swollen when excited.

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Same size as mine.

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Nice pic of your great looking cock in a sexy jockstrap! I like wearing jocks too.

By cut5x5 05,Apr,20 15:55
Here's mine. It is bigger than my shaft but I don't know how it compares with the big ones on this site.

By cut5x5 05,Apr,20 15:48
Here's mine.

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I did the same with a friend growing up. It was great. We were the same size and it felt so good to rub our frenulums together.

By cut5x5 15,Mar,20 07:11

A 2 maybe inching up to a 3 ?

By cut5x5 27,Jan,20 10:33
Mine’s 4 3/4” long, 5” girth.