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By DJS 10,Jan,24 12:28
Only 49,had a few more over the years but didn't get much attention by members so deleted them..
Wow some with 4k,

By DJS 30,Dec,23 14:44
No thoughts bella in my experience,that all,dont like the term fat girl/ chick so was only giving my take,seeing there normal people,yes I like slimmer girls but it doesn't stop me having fun with what others call fat,

By DJS 30,Dec,23 13:25

By DJS 30,Dec,23 13:24
And Happy New Year to you sexylady 💋

By DJS 30,Dec,23 06:21
My own obviously,
Time to close the thread 😂

By DJS 30,Dec,23 06:05
Same to you routemaster Happy New Year 👍

By DJS 30,Dec,23 06:04
And to you mate,a very Happy doodatt New Year 😂

By DJS 30,Dec,23 06:01
Not sure if it's just UK, its not just me but others have said the same,larger girls(but in my opinion/ who I've met)most definitely have a better personality,spent many a night chatting/drinking with them & dancing, but not sexual attracted to them which they worked out,but excellent company,but let's say there slimmer gfs or some are proper bitch with them not being centre of attention,like why is he chatting her up and not me,even tho am more attracted to to slimmer form,
Works opposite aswell chatted many girls up but am not there type,not bodybuilder type not heavy enough,so its swings & roundabouts,but I always respect any variety of the female form

By DJS 12,Mar,23 08:31
Watched this,this week...Candace Owens: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold - Movie 🎥 regarding BLM,interesting to say the least

By DJS 11,Mar,23 02:30
👍never knew she did FHM photo shoot she got one seriously sexy body..

By DJS 10,Mar,23 15:42
Yeah just done a quick Google 🤗,your right she certainly is,and seems back on the market...On February 24, 2023, Byron, Kari filed a Divorce,Separation - (Family) case against Urich,Wonder if she like to try some Irish cock

By DJS 10,Mar,23 02:49
Ahhh mythbusters(carrie)busted a few out to that sexylady 😂

By DJS 08,Mar,23 11:55
Try them EMS belts/pads(ab toners) because if you put it on the wrong settings & no gel you get a right belt(a shock of it)

By DJS 18,Jan,23 02:52
My sexy Chinese neighbour,said she desperately needs a roger
I only realized when I had my cock out,she meant renting out who spareroom 😂

By DJS 16,Jan,23 09:28
Hence why I added =😂

By DJS 15,Jan,23 03:52
I was informed that 99% on here were women 😂

By DJS 05,Jan,23 01:16
They will be in their early 30 or late 30 by now,

By DJS 04,Jan,23 05:11
20yrs ago,was a very different time regarding homosexuality compared to today society, Still some bigots around but you will never change their perception,I wonder how the young women are doing now 20yrs on,lovely story by the way,spermkiss👍

By DJS 23,Dec,22 12:24
😂👏👏Doubt thet play that on the Carol's service on the BBC,forget about this guy,very funny guy,Anyway all the best to you mate & you're family 🍺

By DJS 29,Nov,22 10:48
Wasn't going to reply on this thread ever again..but seeing you are posting absolute bollocks information..I've seen the whole vid of this so called war crimes,and if you haven't I would suggest you do..then add your say on it.but here what I seen about 10 orca came out singular hands above their head..lay down,then then the last fker came out and emptied his magazine on the Ukraine military which the return fire,so before you say well they were on the ground. you've got a milli second to think about protecting myself and my mates,they could off had grenades small you got to ask yourself were they in with the fker,but it doesn't matter anyway you take all of them out,that's war, me or them,by the way we called it fake surrender,many guys have been killed by a shithouse trick like that..funny the fker was last out,fking karma

By DJS 18,Nov,22 02:17
Also been told Henry got a better suction

By DJS 17,Nov,22 07:21
Henry absolutely disagrees with that..

By DJS 14,Nov,22 06:53

By DJS 12,Nov,22 03:04
You mean Kendo Nagasaki.

By DJS 09,Nov,22 01:09
Find it a bit strange,seeing everyone's bullock naked,

By DJS 06,Nov,22 08:51

By DJS 06,Nov,22 08:40
Don't no if its just me,but besides seeing a hot woman & getting a hardon,but just being naked with the sun on your body & also a nice breeze gets me hard whilst walking along the beach,people look but no one is aggrieved by seeing my erect cock,

By DJS 30,Oct,22 01:11

By DJS 24,Oct,22 16:53
Well seeing the thread 7mths old,as stated,meant a lot to a lot off people the Defiance to a invading superpower(not anymore)and that's one of many Defiance that Ukraine has done,besides the bravery of their military,in quite brutal battles before replying to you,I just went back & read the whole thread,I think what you've spouted,is a insult to the people who posted on the subject,Why because.
RUSSIAN WARSHIP GO FUCK YOURSELF. Is all about the war with Ukraine & russia..and also 97.5% of post,have been what posters opinions are and what they seen or heard about the war,So I would assume not just me but other posters know exactly what the title thread is all about...🤔🤔

By DJS 16,Oct,22 14:57
,jungle warfare compared to conventional warfare,is on a completely different scale,( had a uncle who fought there)usmc..But I was going on about the former & that's not being disrespectful to all who fought in jungle combat.
In Ukraine now you've got fibua,tank battles,you've also got cqb,that besides the hi-tec armaments.

So In war, who kills the most of the enemy is not always guaranteed to win.

I've just heard,that China and quite a few other countries have told their people to get out off Ukraine asap
Now if putin has decided to use a nuke strike, who as been warned by NATO if he does the retaliation will wipe out his entire.millatry by use conventional weapons on a scale what's never been seen before..

By DJS 16,Oct,22 12:29
I repeat again 8 post have fk all to do with the war,getting certain state to join him,farmers got fk all to do with the war etc etc

By DJS 16,Oct,22 12:27
Really..give me a example then,

By DJS 15,Oct,22 23:32
The 8 post above have fuck all to do on this thread,as previously,So unless it's about Ukraine gains,& how many orcs have been killed,equipment destroyed start another fking thread..

By DJS 15,Oct,22 17:20

By DJS 15,Oct,22 16:27
Can you explain what this has got to do with the war???

By DJS 06,Oct,22 09:31

By DJS 06,Oct,22 03:00
If someone was to invade your property what would you do,phart?.welcome them or try to throw them out?(but what would you do if they were armed)? wouldn't let them have the lower level and you have the upper level would you,
No difference what's going on in the Ukraine now,
If they didn't invade they be peace so doesn't matter if more die hopefully the murdering rapist orca,Ukraine are fighting for their families and land,
Has for musk your views saying Ukraine are being disrespectful,there seem a lot of reports that he was paid by usa government for his starlink..and not him personally.
Who knows

By DJS 05,Oct,22 00:57
The pretty lesbians next door gave me a rolex for my birthday, which was nice, but i think they misunderstood me when i said i wana watch

Paddy goes into Wetherspoons( pub chain uk)and asks a member of bar staff how much the cocktails are.

She said" £4 a glass and £10 for a pitcher

Paddy said "Why would I want my photo taken with a drinklol

By DJS 05,Oct,22 00:35
Very good

By DJS 04,Oct,22 13:33
41.40338, 2.17403.Degrees 41°24'12.2"N 2°10'26.5"E.
Amazing sex here🤔

By DJS 04,Oct,22 12:50

By DJS 04,Oct,22 12:38
Seen the tweets earlier,must admit find it a bit strange what he proposing,he doesn't come across as the brightest bulb in the room,would rather take Garry Kasparov views over him any day,the man is more clued up probably than anyone else,
Its seems musk has a habit of interfering which he knows nothing about but gets the response by clicks,maybe he likes to think he's important and make potus one day who knows,
For me Ukraine should never give up this war,until every fking orc who invaded are fking burned alive,blown to bits,throats slit the murdering rapist shower off cunt to walk this planet,fking slaughter the lot of them orc cunts..

By DJS 04,Oct,22 10:53
I've watched oldje quite a few times,its older guys fking young beautiful women( most our pornstars),on their official site it asked if anyone's interested contact them,thought about,

By DJS 03,Oct,22 14:42

By DJS 03,Oct,22 03:36
Is that regarding me or the poster

By DJS 03,Oct,22 02:07

By DJS 03,Oct,22 02:03
dont tell everyone mate

By DJS 02,Oct,22 15:30
Friedrich Nietzsche..quotes

Without music, life would be a mistake.” ...
“It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.” ...
“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ...
“I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe
I do like the last 1

By DJS 02,Oct,22 15:07
Has others have said Debbie does Dallas(predicted txt fking spelt it out)