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Circumcision when did you discover?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #515004 [Ignore] 03,Aug,16 13:20
I'm circumcised. I didn't find out until about 14. I thought a cut penis was the only penis. The only other penis I would see as a **** was my neighbors when we would pee together or show each other our parts. he was circumcised and we were the same age. Anyways, I was in high school about 14 years old. When shower time came in gym I saw a uncircumcised penis for the first time. I had no idea why it looked different. I later googled it at home and learned all about it. The intresting thing is I would say 8 out of 10 were circumcised.

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By steve8211 [Ignore] 12,Jun,21 08:28 other posts 
I am 53 years old and wish I was never cut. I have a buddy thats uncut and I enjoy that extra skin and its so much better for masturbation. I believe it has to feel better and I believe it looks better. I knew about a uncut around 10 years old us boys would masturbate in the tree house together and one friend was uncut. We all enjoyed looking at his nice uncut

By lovetolickyou [Ignore] 06,Jun,21 23:09 other posts 
I never really had it explained to me, but I remember a couple of times growing up when my mother made reference to the fact that she thought I had been poorly circumcised. I was very embarrassed at the time, feeling like my mum was being critical of my dick. As I've gotten older, I've learned to love the fact that I have a longer, loose circumcision, and kind of regard it as the best of both worlds.

By whitebriefs [Ignore] 06,Jun,21 04:46 other posts 
Aged 10-11 when one of my friends in my class was off for two weeks. We went round his house and he told us what hed had done. Id never heard of it before, but when he came back to school he showed us in the changing room. I was still tightly intact at that age and never even knew there was a big purple head underneath!

By bil47 [Ignore] 16,Sep,20 13:46 other posts 
I think in college. Everyone in the high school showers was cut, as far as I was aware.

By #611458 03,Jul,20 13:01
Am too damn old to remember.

By #584942 11,Apr,19 15:52
Being raised by only my mom...she explained it to me when I was 5 years old that she had my dick circumcised and that most boys were also circumcised. It was brought up from time to time as I grew up, and when I hit puberty she sat me down and explained the sexual benefits of my circumcised dick.
By #565685 12,Apr,19 02:34
That is fucking hot
By #618717 03,Jul,20 11:17
Benefits? There aren't any.

By everett [Ignore] 03,Jul,20 06:37 other posts 
me 10 when i saw uncuct one

By Darthshame [Ignore] 28,Jan,20 15:51 other posts 
1st grade. a class mate and i went to the restroom at the same time. the stalls didn't have courtesy walls. i saw him looking at me as we were peeing so i looked down at his. i looked so funny to me with the extra skin i started laughing. he started laughing too. i had seen my cousins before when my aunt made us all pee around the toilet after a car ride and we were fighting over who got to go first. never seen one that looked like his. i asked him what he was laughing at when we finished, he said he didn't know. was just laughing because i was.

By 7_3cm [Ignore] 28,Jan,20 12:59 other posts 
I was 11 years old und uncut, when i see my cousins circumcised penis. He was 8 years then. It was unusually in Germany in the 70s.

By #570598 31,Dec,19 13:47
2 minutes after it was done.
I would have been about 1 day old..and the doctors didn't even ask me if I wanted it..I must of cryed for awhile after that.
By kebmo [Ignore] 28,Jan,20 03:02 other posts 
.and you probably didn't walk for a year after it was done.

By overeight [Ignore] 21,Jan,20 23:55 other posts 
Well my mom had me circumcised but my father wasn't. So as a kid I pretty much figured it out.
By 3fdfd [Ignore] 28,Jan,20 00:42 other posts 
Same here. I'm circumcised but my father wasn't. But I really learned seeing one of the neighborhood boys who wasn't circumcised. As a kid I was fascinated by his uncut dick.

By galaxy123 [Ignore] 11,Jan,20 18:43 other posts 
for me it was very early. I am uncut but my father is cut. I wondered why but accepted it was different. Then at boarding school aged 11, out of a group of 10 in our dorm 4 were cut and 6 uncut.In our dorm we would often compare size etc.

By cruz69696969 [Ignore] 30,Nov,19 06:07 other posts 
I'm 66 . wrestled all through grade school,high school,and college and it wasn't till I subscribed to SYD that I realized what an uncut cock looked like. I was always modest about my body and nudity. I never saw my father's dick until this year. And I began to understand why we were so modest more like embarrassed. My father has this little little shriveled up dick and we never talked about sex or dicks or really anything while growing up. Amazing I survived puberty.

By luvmyfren [Ignore] 29,Nov,19 20:57 other posts 
I was about 10 or 11 and peeing outside with the same age boy across the street when I noticed his pee stream did't shoot out like mine. When I looked, I saw his penis looked different than mine and I said something. He looked at mine and said "Ha ha, when you were a baby the doctor took a knife and cut soon skin off the end." Since this was news to me, I denied it but then he said "Look, I can pull the skin back so it looks like yours." I went home and asked my mother who said "Yes, like baby Jesus, you were circumsised when you were a few days old." Since my friend went to a Catholic school, and considering how Catholics celebrate 'The Circumcision', I was surprised that he wasn't circ'ed. In the boy's room at my grade school, there were two long urinals along a wall. Some of us would stand at one end and sometimes pee all the way into the next one. I hadn't caught on why some boys couldn't.

By #605007 19,Nov,19 21:16
Circumsized at age 6, not a happy camper.
Boy Scout friend showed me his penis, uncut, first I
remember seeing one like that, thought it was cool.
Most boys were routinely circumcised in 40's, 50's, and
as I grew older, wished I had foreskin to make masturbation
even better. Now I'm in my 70's, love playing with foreskin on a guy.
By tcputts [Ignore] 20,Nov,19 10:41 other posts 
I was cut at birth and never knew any different until I started school and my best friend was uncut. I was always very jealous of his penis. Even though mine was bigger I was very envious of his foreskin. I've spent my whole life since then feel violated and a sense of loss. I've been restoring for a few years now but I have a long way to go but it is incredible the skin I have regain. I've gone from the skin being very tight when I have an erection to being able to pull the skin completely over the tip of my erect penis. When I let it go though it rolls all the way back. I want to grow enough to have it overhang past the tip of my erect penis and stay covered 100% of the time until I pull it back for sex
By new2day [Ignore] 20,Nov,19 20:33 other posts 
Impressive restoration you've done, must take a lot of patience to achieve that.

By cutroundhead [Ignore] 14,Nov,19 03:19 other posts 
I grew up in South Africa where most English speaking white boys of my era were anyone sporting a foreskin at primary school was looked down on...I never admitted to being uncircumcised or showing anyone my cock until I went to boiarding school at age 13 and had to shower with all the other boys. By then we were slightly more mature and although the majority were circumcised, we 'cavaliers' were tolerated!

By new2day [Ignore] 12,Nov,19 18:45 other posts 
I was also about 14 when I first saw a foreskin. Growing up, all my close friends were circumcised as were my brothers and father. It was when I went to secondary schools and post gym showers were compulsory that I saw something different.

By #583980 12,Apr,19 04:50
I grew up in th late 60ies ans 70ies in Sweden and Germany. Cut cocks were exeptions, but I liked it. I got cut with 26 years. So my way reverse from Your experiences ;-)

By #554098 12,Oct,18 23:47
Do you like yours, or the uncut ones? Originally, it was done for religious reasons, but later, because someone thought it was better for cleanliness.
I'm straight, and there is nothing wrong with a little smile, at another's nice penis, especially if it looks like yours!

By Pauli [Ignore] 08,Oct,18 12:12 other posts 
Rejection your Honr! Just about 33% of men worldwide are circumsized. Th majority has an "intakt" penis!

By hotcock33 [Ignore] 08,Oct,18 03:14 other posts 
I realized fairly early on, from being in change rooms, and showing dicks with friends...
Most kids in Canada, my age roughly, are cut...unless they're from a European family that recently immigrated maybe. So seeing a uncut cock early on was kinda shocking initially...I wondered wtf was going on there. Think the first uncut one I saw was when I was showing dicks with a neighbor friend roughly the same age(7/, who had been born in Germany. Pretty sure I just asked mom or dad and it was explained to me then.

By #568737 06,Oct,18 19:26
I didnt realise I was cut until about age 18. In the school showers after gym and sports id noticed other boys cocks looked different but thought that was just how things were. Then a boy told me Id been circumcised. It must have been done when I was a baby but not for any religious reason. I started masturbating at 13 and never had any trouble jerking my load or in hand jobs. Personally I think cut cocks look neater!
By bil47 [Ignore] 07,Oct,18 08:48 other posts 
I was the same. Seemed like every boy in the school showers was circumcised, and I was an older teen (back in the 1960s) before I figured it out. I also like the look of a cut cock better.

By cut5x5 [Ignore] 15,Apr,18 17:27 other posts 
From a very early age I knew my cock was different than my dad and older ****. My glans was always naked and theirs was covered by skin. I thought that mine would eventually look like theirs and I ever tried pushing my glans down into my shaft skin so that it was covered like theirs. I guess I thought that one day it would stay that way but it always popped back out when I removed my finger. Finally when I was about ten I asked my dad when mine would have that skin cover like his did. It was then when he told me about circumcision and that I knew my foreskin had been cut off when I was born I would never look like his. By that time I had seen a cousin my age and a few friends who were also circumcised and I realized that most boys my age where I lived were cut like me.

By kebmo [Ignore] 15,Apr,18 03:42 other posts 
My four brothers and I became part of a blended family with three German boys and their Dad when I was seven. The five of us were circumcised and they were not. Because we were ten people living in one house we had "shower buddies". Mine was one of my step brothers. I remember the first time we showered together and we were both surprised. We took a few minutes to check out each other's cocks and finished our showers. I asked my Mom later while the family was together and she explained it to us.

As an aside, we never had to put down the toilet seat when we were done, my Mom didn't even go there, she was just happy that we lifted it up to pee.
By #539358 15,Apr,18 04:23
I always retract when having a pee!

By #539358 15,Apr,18 03:24
I discovered circumcised cocks around the age 13. Being 1, English and 2, not posh, everyone in my class was uncut. I went to an all boys school and obviously Id take a sly peek in the shower block after PE. Then one of my classmates didnt come in for over a week so went round his house to see where he was. It was then he told hed been circumcised. When he came back to school he had to get changed in front of us all in the changing of Pom and we did, naturally being kids, take the piss out of him! Even today, out of all my friends and work mates I only know one guy whos circed.

By Darthshame [Ignore] 15,Apr,18 01:06 other posts 
I was in the first grade. A classmate and I went from class to the restroom at the same time. As we were standing there going with no concealment curiosity got the better of me. His was the first uncut I had ever seen and I immediately started laughing out loud. I don't think he knew why because he started laughing too. He was kind of the outcast of class anyway.

By Boylover [Ignore] 15,Apr,18 01:03 other posts 
Being a European, I was uncut as a boy. At age 10, I had two american classmates whom I saw naked when changing at the swimming pool. Also had a jewish classmate from USA, who of course was cut too. At that time, I thought all american boys were made like that. Had no clue about circumcision.

By #553294 14,Apr,18 22:51
i was cut at birth, in 1956. I discovered masturbation & orgasms when I was 5. Started masturbating with my best friend (also cut at birth) when we were 6. A couple years later, another friend joined us. He wasn't cut. So, I was 8 when I learned that some of us looked 'different' down there.

By 3fdfd [Ignore] 08,Mar,17 19:12 other posts 
I guess I was about 6 or 7 when a new boy moved into the neighborhood. We seemed to be peeing together all the time. He was a first-generation American of immigrant parents. He was the first uncut boy I saw ... just about everybody else was cut. I was fascinated by his dick.

By Greek18cm [Ignore] 21,Nov,16 15:34 other posts 
I m nuteural uncut.
I m on the other side.
I did not know there are cut cocks until my cousin came from germany for vacations.
She roll my foreskin back, tell me about the two kind of cocks and teach me how to jerk.
By #498962 21,Nov,16 17:52
Nice Why can't I have stories like that to tell!
By Greek18cm [Ignore] 22,Nov,16 11:12 other posts 
Perhaps because you did not have my cousin

By #460523 21,Nov,16 21:18
me and my friends were cut seen uncut on here

By #498962 21,Nov,16 17:50
I thought an uncut penis was the only penis.

By liketoedge [Ignore] 18,Nov,16 12:48 other posts 
I didnt know what it was called but around 5 or 6 I had a friend that wasn't cut and his penis looked like a co2 cartridge and i thought it was weird looking that it didn't have a head until he rolled Back the skin. I remember that when he pee'd it sprayed everywhere.

By tcputts [Ignore] 16,Nov,16 12:48 other posts 
I found out when i was 5. One of my friends was intact and we used to show each other our bits almost every day. Even though mine was bigger i was always very jealous of his.

By thesevenpointfive [Ignore] 06,Aug,16 11:19 other posts 
I was about 12, in our school most were uncut, so in the showers the only cut guy stood out. I asked about, thinking there was something wrong with his dick. Then i was told he was cut meaning he had no foreskin. One day i asked him what it was like being cut, he said he had always been like it so no clue. I wondered what the difference was when he got hard. One day in the showers though he did stroke it for us, and it was the first time, you could see his dick was nearly smooth. whilst all ours where covered, From then i was fascinated about it

By yeahright [Ignore] 06,Aug,16 00:03 other posts 
It was in high school, 14-15 something like that in the locker room after football practice. There were a couple guys that were uncut. I knew about cut and uncut before then from health/sex-ed classes but it was the first time I ever saw one in person. I had played the show me yours and I'll show you mine game many times growing up but they were all cut up until then.

By nekekal [Ignore] 05,Aug,16 17:14 other posts 
I was 7 years older than my ****, so when he came home from the hospital with a bandage on his penis and I saw it my father explained what happened.

By the time I was 9 or ten we had PE with showers, and I got to look around and compare penises. Cut and uncut and size and shape. Lol mine was bigger. Probably because I played with it constantly.

By Odin_york_pa [Ignore] 04,Aug,16 22:25 other posts 
I was around 11 when I saw an uncut one. 3 of us had went swimming in a local spring, the one boy I had just met that day. After we weere done we were getting changed into dry clothes and I saw his penis. I wondered why it looked like that, but didn't ask. Wasn't until the new school year began and we had health class for the first time did I find out why. Even after seeing his I only ever saw 1 other one, that was in gym class in high school showers(we didn't have a middle school, you went str8 from elementary to high school...awkward). Never seen another one until more recently, certainly havent ever played with one either. This was pretty much before the internet, at 11 years old it would of been I feel old haha

By #455846 04,Aug,16 14:47
Thats about my view as far as the story goes, Interestingly I wouldn t of said it was as much as 8/10 even in the US.

Quite honestly I just thought that was how the penis of different guys turned out untill I was about 13 also. It was cool to think it had been modified. Funny also , all the circumscised penis s I ever have seen, always actually look fatter or bigger. Never really seen a big fat un circumscised penis to be honest

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