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By hotcock33 07,Feb,24 13:42
Cut, doesn't have to be bbc, but darker a nice bonus. Ideally about 7-8.5 inches...thicker than average

By hotcock33 07,Feb,24 13:30
Yes/no...go to nude beach and am open in change rooms, and have cum to realize most men are bigger than me. Used to bother me a bit, but now I find it a turn on

By hotcock33 07,Feb,24 13:12
Think I was 15 when I first saw a porn movie. Had seen magazine's at much earlier. My friend had the it from another guy at school. Old vhs days...must have used slp setting, cause it was one of those videos that someone had made/recorded from master vids. Had 4 movies on there. Remember one with lesbian roommates...and one kinda weird one where these two guys wanted to spy on this older lady...she was the one guys "aunty"...he wanted his friend to see her big tits...They spied on her taking a bath then they both ended up fucking her.

By hotcock33 08,Jan,24 16:48
Was also cut when born, but lately looking uncut more often than not when flaccid. Have different hang days, but have some extra skin, and sometimes if I bend over it will basically retract. I think a bit of weight gain may have played a part. I don't mind having a smaller cock...have gotten more into the idea lately, but I wish it looked more cut like it used to when I was younger. No offense to uncut, but that is my preference. To each their own though. I know some guys purposely try pulling their skin forward, so...

By hotcock33 23,Dec,23 02:19

By hotcock33 23,Dec,23 02:12
Girl for sure

By hotcock33 29,Nov,23 14:44
Since this was just a question for "men"...I'm assuming it's about men sucking men, or being sucked by men. When u say talented cocksucker...depending on who it was...I may rather get blown by a woman that I was into.
However, as a fully bi male, that prefers being sub, and LOVES sucking cock...well I think you know where this is going. Especially if, as you say, the cock checks all your boxes for "suck-ability"...well than I'm 100% gonna be dropping to my knees!

By hotcock33 29,Nov,23 14:17
Because nudity equals sex to most people...I think western European countries have more the right idea with regards to public nudity, but the rest of the world will likely never catch up to that mindset. I do think eventually it wouldnt be a big deal..we've all seen nude people...the opposite sex...but it will never fly cause there would be a few pervs that would ruin it for everyone, and a lot of people would never be comfortable being nude or, seeing people nude.--------------------------------------- added after 6 minutesOne more follow up comment...maybe the ultimate point of the original question...? Some clothing today seems to show off certain parts...more female clothing...tops that show off belly and tits...not to mention yoga tights where I can basically tell you are fully shaved and see your labia. Not that I'm complaining, or trying to shame in any way...I love it...I hope everyone can be comfy wearing whatever the fuck they want. That being said...some fashion trends of today seem to accentuate certain body parts...draw attention to much so, that if everyone were nude I don't think people's eyes would focus so much on cleavage and labia.

By hotcock33 19,Nov,23 06:44
Many times...Love to smell and jerk off with worn panties. Wear them too.

By hotcock33 09,Feb,23 05:25
I was always a curious kid sexually, and was playing with my cock for years before I came. Id grind my bed, or pillows...even tried putting my cock between my matress and box spring...which didnt work out so well, lol. Also remember laying nude on my back at a young age and trying to suck my own cock...with no success sadly.
Then at 13 I had a wet dream, and after that I was able to cum when I'd jerk off. I remember the dream still...I was in the school change room with my friends cute younger sister, and can remember putting my hand down her pants and feeling some fur, and then I woke up with cum all over my sheets.
I had a few wet dreams after that too...maybe for another 2-3 years, but never after. I always found them kind of annoying, cause Id have to get up and clean up the sheets before going back to sleep lol.

By hotcock33 08,Jun,22 05:38
Yeah, move to europe...or when searching for playmates, lean towards men with european last names...though that's not always a sure thing. You could always ask...or put it in your profile as a preference...

By hotcock33 18,Feb,20 00:28
Saw brother naked lots growing up. Also once walked in on my grandma changing, yikes, lol. She had big tits though.
In later years changed and was nude with one female cousin several times. There seemed to be some sexual tension there, but neither of us took things further...

By hotcock33 13,Nov,19 14:43
Getting more into the cuckold lifestyle lately so big cocks can make me feel both ways. Envious in that sure Id love to be bigger...but also VERY turned on looking at a nice one, and even more so when wife and I play with a man bigger than me.

By hotcock33 13,Nov,19 14:40

My bbw personally. Thick ass, tits and a belly are what I look for.

By hotcock33 02,May,19 00:34
Depends what we are rating...
Cock size is definitely average, but I think it looks decent so at least a 5...maybe a 6...I'd suck it, lol.
Looks...facial...6.5 to decent eyes and lips.
Body has gone downhill a bit lately, lol...a 4 at best. 5'8'' but currently at my heaviest ever at 202lbs...had never been over 188, so time to get on a program as they

By hotcock33 02,May,19 00:28
Find a RELIABLE black bull to fuck my sexy bbw wife, and cuckold me and allow me to serve. He'd have full say over what goes into my wife's sweet cunt, and they'd make me dress as a sissy and suck his big black cock hard before I guide it into her eager, tight slit. After he fucked her proper with his giant cock, he'd cum in her pussy and force my head down into her gaping hole to suck their juices out like a good sissy cuck. Making me hard to write this!

By hotcock33 03,Apr,19 21:46

By hotcock33 03,Apr,19 21:39

By hotcock33 19,Mar,19 00:13
Rarely use lube...very rarely, and never needed it to wack. My wife's friend actually told her recently she preferred uncut guys cause she didn't know how you could give a cut guy a handjob without hurting him cause the lack of extra skin. I was like wtf!? Been giving myself lube free handjobs my whole life and never had an issue.

By hotcock33 28,Jan,19 01:06

Fucking my wife's hairy pussy

By hotcock33 15,Jan,19 14:42

Just over 5.5 inches long, and 5 inches around for me.

By hotcock33 15,Jan,19 14:39

Here's a few of me in panties...lots more on my page if interested!

By hotcock33 15,Jan,19 14:32

Some of my frottage see more, including video, check my page!

By hotcock33 15,Jan,19 14:24

The wife and I

By hotcock33 13,Jan,19 04:02

My wife's tits covered in my cum
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Cum on wife's body
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More of my sexy bbw wife!

By hotcock33 17,Nov,18 04:52
Been with about 15 women in my lifetime, and 2 guys full out, plus a few mutual BJs.
I prefer women. Or am more naturally attracted to them I find. I have been in a hetero relationship for almost 12 years now. When I'm out in the street girls get my attention all the time(younger and curvier ideally)...draw my eyes I mean. I never or very rarely will check out a guy. However, in a setting where everyone is mostly nude(nude beach, lifestyle club), it's a little closer battle as to where my eyes might focus, lol. On guys I mostly just like their cocks, and sometimes bodies. With women it's usually their faces first that draw me, but also a nice curvy body.
I like to explain my bisexuality like this...If I were some ancient king or sultan, and could have a haram of 100 people...most would be women...BUT...I'd definitely have a few guys thrown in for some different kinda fun every once in a while...say an 85/15 breakdown aprx.

By hotcock33 08,Oct,18 03:24
8 inches long would be nice, and say 6.5 around...

By hotcock33 08,Oct,18 03:14
I realized fairly early on, from being in change rooms, and showing dicks with friends...
Most kids in Canada, my age roughly, are cut...unless they're from a European family that recently immigrated maybe. So seeing a uncut cock early on was kinda shocking initially...I wondered wtf was going on there. Think the first uncut one I saw was when I was showing dicks with a neighbor friend roughly the same age(7/, who had been born in Germany. Pretty sure I just asked mom or dad and it was explained to me then.

By hotcock33 08,Oct,18 02:52
Would love to live the cuckold lifestyle with the wife, at least on a part time basis(like 4 month stretch aprx)...have her find the perfect black lover, with the perfect big black cock, that would please her in ways I never could, but also a man who will take time to put me in my place, make me to suck his cock, and taking my tight ass if I deserve to be punished or it's what he desires.

Another would be to have one last romp with a barely legal, chubby teen girl...18 or 19. Not getting any younger, so would be really hot to get in there one last time...having the wife watch and maybe participate would be icing on the cake!

By hotcock33 28,Sep,18 01:31
I was 17, she was 13...playing truth or dare with a few people. Someone dared her to suck my cock, and I was pleasantly surprised/a little uncomfortable/really turned she quickly dropped to her knees without a word, and took my pants down, and my cock into her mouth while everyone watched. She sucked for a minute or two, but didn't finish me...cause it was time for a new

By hotcock33 29,Apr,18 01:11
Like 7inchuk I find my cock is larger when I'm getting laid regularly. Definitely noticeable when flaccid anyway...has more hang to it so to speak.

By hotcock33 19,May,13 05:11
Would be curious on how to do this as well. I have a buddy I watch porn with, and sometimes if we're drinking he will be kinda suggestive, but if I respond too much or get too suggestive myself, he backs off and acts weird. Disappointing. He has a nice cock too and seems to be curious but it could go bad too so I hold back.

By hotcock33 19,May,13 04:44
I love being nude with other men, steam rooms, showers, etc, but of course it is best to follow the lead of others I find, don't wanna get your ass kicked after all.
I personally bring my towel with me into the steam room and sit on it. I find about 60-75% of the men at my gym go nude in the sauna. Some just wear their towels around their waist, one guy wears super tight undies that really show off his cock, so he may as well be nude. Never seen anyone get a hard on, though I admit when Im surrounded by 4 or 5 other nude men I have had to fight hard(no pun intended) to keep mine from springing up! I agree about the joys of being socially nude with other men(or people in general for that matter). Too bad more aren't open to it.

By hotcock33 30,Dec,12 02:07
Younger usually for me, especislly if it's girls With guys age is less important to me attraction wise.

By hotcock33 23,Dec,12 07:11
s.ontario here

By hotcock33 20,Feb,12 02:29

By hotcock33 21,Oct,11 08:59
The look of a cock means everything to me. Size can be nice too, but mostly I like cut cocks, 5-7' aprx.

By hotcock33 25,Aug,11 05:13
I was 6 aprx. We were pretending to be Gi Joes, . At least I was the man, being Duke, and he was Scarlett. We went into his closet(ironically enough) and just grinded against each other with our clothes on. I didnt understand it at the time, but I know it felt good.
Had another couple experiences at 11 with another friend. Two times we ended up grinding in his bed together. The second time we took our clothes off. I was hard as a rock and so was he, and it felt good, but something clicked inside(gay guilt?) and I put a stop to it and said something about not being gay. Ah what could have been...

By hotcock33 25,Aug,11 05:06
If I think I might be getting some on a particular day, I will usually jerk off in the morning, and that seems to help me last longer most times. Other then that, just pace yourself, you dont have to pump full out the whole time. If you feel like you might be getting close, pull out and go down on her for a bit, or take it out and rub your cock on her clit a bit before going back in. Good luck!

By hotcock33 25,Aug,11 04:59
Try not to take it personal I guess. I gave a guy a nice comment recently and got banned. Only reason I can think of is he was 18, and maybe considered me an old perv??? Hey, sorry, if ya have a nice cock or body, I call it like I see it, be it 18 or 81!

By hotcock33 21,Aug,11 03:39
Hairy, but trimmed for me. Some baldies look nice, but many women can't pull the look off, and hair make some look nicer to me.

By hotcock33 21,Aug,11 03:35
I am cut and prefer that look on others, but some uncut can look okay to me when hard.

By hotcock33 20,Aug,11 02:40
I also love the chance to get naked in front of others, and love stripping down at the pool, or gym. Too bad Im often the only one doing so other then old men. Seems everyone is too shy these days, but I get it I guess, I used to be the same way when younger. We all got the same thing more or less, so what's the big deal!?

By hotcock33 19,Aug,11 16:48
Showed my cock to a few female cousins, and had a couple show me their pussy, but we never got into playing. Probably would have at the time!

By hotcock33 17,Aug,11 02:48
I started by taking my cousins, and friends of the family. Now my gf and I buy them together. I dont have a huge collection, but probably 25-50 or so aprx.

By hotcock33 16,Aug,11 08:02
I love porn, all kinds, but thinking my tastes might be kind of vanilla compared to some others mentioned. I HATE mainstream porn. Dont like looking at fake titties, all the girls are always shaved, it's the same 5 guys that are in every fucking movie, and just dont find that fake tan, bleach blonde bimbo look appealing. Seems that's what 90% of them in the industry look like. Sorry, on to what I DO like, since that's the topic!
I love amature porn mostly. REAL people, having real sex, and real orgasms. Love to see real couples getting intimate with each other. Plus it's hot that we're seeing something that is normally private like that(as in they're not actors).
I love asian porn as well. Japanese is the best, cause most of the stuff out there still they have bush, and I must admit I like the noise they make sometimes(between pain and pleasure, as is the custom with their porn apparently).
Getting more into the black girls as well!
LOVE barely legal/teen porn, but most of them shave so even though there's lots out there it's harder to find the kind I like.
Getting more into gay/bi porn. Especially bi. Love seeing real couples have a guy for the first time and share his cock, etc, sooo hot!
Also like gang gang, or orgy stuff. The more people in a scene the better for me usually.

Since we're on the topic, is anyone aware of any porn out there where guys fuck each other with panties on, or while cross dressing? Would love to see some of that. Just guys doing it would be super hot, but even better maybe would be two guys CD'ing, and one of them having their gf there fucking them with a strap on! Getting hard now, time for a wank and bed!

By hotcock33 16,Aug,11 06:56
I think Id only suck cut, just my preference. Never say never, some uncut can look okay hard, but all that extra skin just doesnt appeal to me. Don't mean to offend anyone, just answering the question. To each their own right, some people LOVE uncut, just not for me I guess.

By hotcock33 13,Aug,11 03:35
If it were me that was uncut, I have my doubts Id be willing to let anyone put a knife near my cock as an adult.
That being said I'm glad I was cut, and MUCH prefer the look of a cut penis. I have also heard several girls Ive know in my life say negative things about uncut cocks, either with regards to cleanliness, or just not liking the looks, etc. I know most guys with uncut cocks keep them very clean, and that's not even an issue, but at least in North America I think the cut cock is more common, and thus more accepted/appealing here. In Europe, where most guys arent cut, Im guessing it's not even an issue with women there.
To each their own right!? Some people will tell you that for sure it will look better, while some will say it won't, and that it's mutilation, etc. It's totally up to you. If you would feel more comfortable with a cut cock, for WHATEVER reason(s) there may be, I say go for it!

By hotcock33 13,Aug,11 03:20
It's a big turn on for me, and I consider myself mostly straight, having a gf and all. Never been with a guy either, but VERY bi curious.
Anyway, back to the original question. I think it must be something that develops in child hood, like most fetishes. I always liked seeing girls panties when I was young, and after seeing "panty raids" played out in the movies, the idea of stealing some undies appealed to me. At first it was just like a trophy. I would take my friends and cousins, etc. Eventually I became curious enough to try them on, and have loved them ever since.
I love the feel on my cock. I like mostly cotton panties, but silk and lace feels nice too. I wear them as often as possible. It makes me feel sexy in a strange way, not sure why. I also love just wrapping them around my cock and jerking with them. Have also since discovered the pleasure of sniffing when I get the chance, and if there's a fresh pussy smell going on it gets me SUPER hard!
Since discovering this site I have found there are MANY other guys out there like me that feel the same. Always nice to chat with people who have a mutual interest, especially when it's not exactly something you can bring up at the water cooler at work, .
Have also cum to realize that I like looking at other men in panties, etc. I know some of us look a little silly in the womens clothes, but for me personally Im not trying to pass as a girl. I just get really turned on wearing sexy womens clothing, and I know there are others like me out there that like seeing it. That and the fact that Im a natural exhibitionist, is likely why I have so many pics and enjoy the panty thing so much.
Not sure if that explains anything, but that's my personal take on it all.

By hotcock33 29,Dec,09 11:38
I love panties, and have had the fetish since I was a young boy! I love the way it feels on my cock! I love to wear them and wrap them around my cock and jerk off with them. They just feel so soft...mmmmmmm