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Started by #492456 [Ignore] 16,Feb,19 19:21
What is your sexual fantasy ? Males and females and be discriptive !

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By Dick60 [Ignore] 22,Dec,21 12:39 other posts 
To suck a man's dick and him fucking me in the ass and me doing it to him

By #608810 21,Sep,20 11:41
My fantasy is to tongue fuck her ass while you fuck my ass fill it with cum and have her piss over my asshole and cock

By j0shua [Ignore] 19,Sep,20 05:08 other posts 
I have this fantasy of an older woman dominating me and locking me in a chastity. She would sit on my face and call me degrading things while a group of men take turns using and abusing my ass blowing load after load deeper and deeper into me. Eventually my asshole is gaped and twitching and a trail of cum is leaking out.
By #623140 21,Sep,20 09:41
Hell yeah but have her gangbanged by several guys and all of them would unload in her pussy or ass then I could eat/lick up the sloppy mess while fucked by all the guys.

By Lilboi [Ignore] 31,Oct,19 01:24 other posts 
6 men with huge cocks grabbing me and stripping me naked in the woods. Id stuggle and resist while begging the men not to fuck me. They use force to hold me in position and take turns destroying my ass. Crying and begging the men to stop, they get rougher and fuck deeper making me scream.
By #623140 08,Sep,20 12:41
Very hot sounding I have a similar fantasy except there would be ten guys and I would swallow a load from each and take a load as deep as they could deliver it into my ass.
By earthy [Ignore] 18,Sep,20 22:01 other posts 
BOTH of these! Hell yes

By cody8789 [Ignore] 08,Sep,20 23:04 other posts 
I would luv to be the last and only guy on earth and it would be up to me to repopulate the planet. Having girls after me trying to have sex. I don't think I would ever get tired of that

By Italian8 [Ignore] 08,Sep,20 20:31 other posts 
I would love a threesome with my wife and another women.

Second one would be I would like to fuck a guys wife / girlfriend while he watches her take my big cock.

By #603065 29,Oct,19 04:41
I have this coworker older 30 more years than me.She is blonde and good looking mature lady.She has a big round juicy ass.Everytime I see her I can't stop dreaming about her sitting on my face with her big ass.

By #585760 03,May,19 23:55
Fuck my ex-girlfriend but it's only a fantasy hahaha if I really did it that would be weird.

fucking one of my female friends would be good too but also would be weird if it really happened. More of a fantasy while jacking off then for real.
By Lvphose [Ignore] 29,Aug,19 03:03 other posts 
I can relate to those! Iíd go for it too!

By Jrbowen2016 [Ignore] 23,Aug,19 09:53 other posts 
Love eating a creampie after a huge dick has fucked my girlfriend

By Jrbowen2016 [Ignore] 23,Aug,19 09:53 other posts 
I would like to do that with my girlfriend she is a nympho and loves fucking

By hotcock33 [Ignore] 02,May,19 00:28 other posts 
Find a RELIABLE black bull to fuck my sexy bbw wife, and cuckold me and allow me to serve. He'd have full say over what goes into my wife's sweet cunt, and they'd make me dress as a sissy and suck his big black cock hard before I guide it into her eager, tight slit. After he fucked her proper with his giant cock, he'd cum in her pussy and force my head down into her gaping hole to suck their juices out like a good sissy cuck. Making me hard to write this!
By Jrbowen2016 [Ignore] 23,Aug,19 09:50 other posts 
I love that I want that to!!!

By soharditspurple [Ignore] 06,Jul,19 22:20 other posts 
Have my BBW wife be a cum guzzling adult theater / glory hole / dogging slut. Canít get enough cock and cum! All while I film of course
By Jrbowen2016 [Ignore] 23,Aug,19 09:48 other posts 
I would love to videos of that

By #596089 19,Aug,19 22:10
To be tied up and dominated by a bisexual couple

By Bottimmy [Ignore] 19,Aug,19 22:08 other posts 
Going to my boyfriends house on a Friday night and he tells me to strip when I get there. He takes my clothes and tells me I can't have them back until Monday morning and I will be his sex slave for the entire weekend.He then invites guys over and I have to satisfy everyone while he films the action.

By #595926 19,Aug,19 15:01
I wish i watch pissing of ladys from near mmm

By #595926 19,Aug,19 14:59
I love to shave the pussy of a pretty shy girl in the bath 🙊👄

By #478298 18,Aug,19 17:15
Having my girl watch while I make out with another man

[deleted image]

By #590925 11,Aug,19 21:28
My fantasy is when I am at gloryhole. On my knees sucking cocks.I want to blow at least 10 huge cocks and swallow their loads.

By #423426 11,Jul,19 04:51
To take part in a huge free for all bisexual orgy, sucking, licking, fingering and fucking everything in sight, and of course to be sucked, licked, fingered and fucked by all.

By wycowboy [Ignore] 10,Jul,19 17:00 other posts 
Have my wife and her best friend be my sex slaves for a weekend........or longer!

By #593709 06,Jul,19 18:38
I would love to play in young/old gay porns.

By #583549 07,Jun,19 21:19
I would love to live in a nudist town and never have to wear clothes again!

By #589799 07,Jun,19 10:59
Have a woman sit on my face wearing tights and panties mmmmm

By #585606 07,Jun,19 09:56
Walking alone in a wooded area.
A group of young scally lads block the path....they decide to drag me into the woods.
There's like 10 of them all between the ages of 16-18.
They beat me up a bit then strip me naked.
Every lad there rapes my arse bareback.
I'm then made to suck every single one of their dicks.
10 loads in my arse an 10 shot over my face an body.
Left there with cum dripping all over my body and out of my wrecked hole!

By #566246 07,Jun,19 08:21
I would so love to have a CFNM experience, or two, or three.....!

By Lilboi [Ignore] 07,Jun,19 04:17 other posts 
Id love a group of about 8 guys to take me into the woods and make me their fuck toy.

By Apantyhoselovr [Ignore] 07,May,19 13:55 other posts 
two guys nude spread my legs and start feeling my pantyhose and take my hands and put on theirs and i stroke both and make me on all 4s let both finger me together as they take turns in front of me and then make me do both dicks together

By cruz69696969 [Ignore] 04,May,19 03:45 other posts 
My sexual fantasies are so detailed that my fingers would wear out typing, but my mouth and my desire are unquenchable

By #583549 28,Apr,19 19:09
I want too make love to a smooth shaven redheaded woman!
By #578931 02,May,19 14:20
A redhead is missing from my cv too, I came close once but she chickened out.

By #586396 22,Apr,19 00:43
well i work at a restaurant and i have to go to the back with a list and fetch more beer for the shelves and on this list it says how many of each beer and instead of writing kokanee we just writ kok. and when i read 5 kok it makes me really REALLY horny so.. gang bang? i geuss..
By JackHammer [Ignore] 02,May,19 09:04 other posts 
Haven't had a Kokanee in a long time, good beer. I could go for 5 or 6 Kok's right now.

By #586753 25,Apr,19 23:37
I want to fuck a female midget!!
By JackHammer [Ignore] 02,May,19 09:00 other posts 
Me too and I want to suck a male midgets cock while I'm doing it.

By bil47 [Ignore] 02,May,19 07:41 other posts 
Sexually submissive to a dominant woman.... BDSM, pegging, etc.

By Robben [Ignore] 02,May,19 07:26 other posts 
To receive a four hands cock massage in oil by two sexy Asian women - until I cum.

By #584938 02,May,19 04:23
My roommate enters into the tub while I'm in there and fucks with me without saying a word

By #586443 27,Apr,19 19:53
tied up naked loads of girls couple of guys then they all take turns with me

By #181785 26,Apr,19 00:11
I want to suck 25 guys until they can't cum any more. That would take about 24 hours I'm guessing. But if it takes longer o'well. I love cum so the more the better.

By metro1000 [Ignore] 25,Apr,19 19:47 other posts 
I always imagine being asked by a couple to visit them at their home to have threesome with them. I just wanna try it out and see how it feels to slip my dick inside another man's woman and cum inside of her the suck his dick and her pussy.
By stiffone4u [Ignore] 25,Apr,19 21:29 other posts 
mmf 3some is a fantasy of mine as well. I'd like it to be slow and explore things I have not tried but might like.

By nekekal [Ignore] 25,Apr,19 18:19 other posts 
My fantasy is to find a woman who wants to fuck. My wife has not let me put my cock in her for over 15 years, and back when she let me fuck her,it was obvious that she didn't want to.

But to find someone who would grab my cock and say "I love your cock, let me suck it, let me fuck it, you just lay back and let me get on it and fuck" would be heaven.

Not happening anytime soon, but it is a nice fantasy.

By Plexus [Ignore] 24,Apr,19 01:07 other posts 
Being fucked in the ass hard, and pissing inside me..

By onthelose [Ignore] 23,Apr,19 18:11 other posts 
I often dream of finding someone male or female who enjoys sex. Crazy , huh, you would be amazed how many of us are out here who are married and haven't had sex of any kind for years. I personally haven't had my dick in a whole of any kind for 15 years.
By #578610 23,Apr,19 18:25
It's a beautiful dream, lollipop. I'm sorry if you are one of those. Why don't you have sex?

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