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Bisexual preference

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #364467 [Ignore] 09,Apr,13 14:32
It has been my experience that most bisexual men are attracted more to one sex then the other. As for myself I am totally attracted to women, Love the scent and touch of a woman and I am parcel to long gorgeous legs with a nice tight ass. I would rather a blow job from a woman and I would rather fuck a cunt then a man's ass. Although I am pretty proficient at eating pussy and I do love it so, If there was a woman and a man lying naked on a bed I would probably jump all over his cock after all I am bisexual and the feeling I get from sucking cock and tasting his cum I can't get from a woman. That's my story, what about you.

Ladies please share your bisexual preference with us as well.

For the record, I am married (to a woman)

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By #upnorth6969 [Ignore] 10,Jun,21 20:44 other posts 
I love women, been married for years, But I do love getting naked with a guy a licking every inch of him

By hornyoap [Ignore] 06,Jun,21 13:03 other posts 
A great question, i have been mostly hetero all my life and I love to fuck and suck and do anything with a woman, I've cum in women's asses and it is great to but I do prefer cumming in a pussy. I have never fucked a man so I don't know about that. I have sucked and wanked off just on man, a very longtime friend and vice versa, we both liked it and repeated. I think a woman gives a better blow job 'cos she seems to want the cum, a man seems half afraid of the cum shot, I know I was and I chickened out and let him cum on his belly. for me a man gives a better hand job, he has practiced so often on himself, that he knows exactly what a dick wants. I have found most women go at it sometimes too hard, they want the cum and try to get it out too quickly and it can hurt at times.

By #6437 18,May,13 11:20
I turned to being a cocksucker i would rather have co0ck than pussy anymore
By monroe [Ignore] 05,Jun,21 02:43 other posts 

By mpmforce [Ignore] 17,Nov,18 09:38 other posts 
I love women, but I also love cock. I prefer the feel of a woman's soft skin and being intimate, I love everything about them. But I also like a nice cock in my hand and enough time wrap my lips around it and enjoy. One thing a woman can't provide is a warm facial.
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I'm also not ashamed to think a man is good looking, I just won't say it out loud cause some ppl can
be judgy as fuck

By bil47 [Ignore] 17,Nov,18 07:17 other posts 
I'm totally bisexual, and my preferences are something like this:
I'd rather snuggle and make out with a woman.
I'd rather suck a cock than lick a pussy.
I'd rather fuck a cunt than an ass.
I'd rather be sucked by a man, because they're almost always better at it.
I'd rather by fucked by a hard cock than a strap-on... not that I've ever been fucked by a strap-on.

By hotcock33 [Ignore] 17,Nov,18 04:52 other posts 
Been with about 15 women in my lifetime, and 2 guys full out, plus a few mutual BJs.
I prefer women. Or am more naturally attracted to them I find. I have been in a hetero relationship for almost 12 years now. When I'm out in the street girls get my attention all the time(younger and curvier ideally)...draw my eyes I mean. I never or very rarely will check out a guy. However, in a setting where everyone is mostly nude(nude beach, lifestyle club), it's a little closer battle as to where my eyes might focus, lol. On guys I mostly just like their cocks, and sometimes bodies. With women it's usually their faces first that draw me, but also a nice curvy body.
I like to explain my bisexuality like this...If I were some ancient king or sultan, and could have a haram of 100 people...most would be women...BUT...I'd definitely have a few guys thrown in for some different kinda fun every once in a while...say an 85/15 breakdown aprx.

By knewbi [Ignore] 12,Nov,18 13:30 other posts 
For making love give me a woman. For pure sex give me a guy. I've had many women over the years but a dozen or so guys. I just want trying something different. But I would have sex with almost anyone at the drop of the hat. I am just addicted to it.

By bigone21 [Ignore] 02,Aug,13 19:24 other posts 
i think, you, a lot of heterosexual guys (that want to suck cock), maybe even bisexaul guys also, are fucked up about their sexuality!

you want your cake and eat it too! let me explain:

you live your live as a (normal...) hetero, wife and kids and all that, nobody knows, and here in this forum you want to tell EVERYBODY that you want to suck cock!!

well, being a cocksucker, and surely if that's the corebusiness of your sexlife (aka: being gay) has some serious political and social consequenses!

did you know that new laws in Russia make gays some kind of second rate people? they can be arrested for "promoting" a gay lifestyle, and at the same time, they stand trial for all the people in the street: this new law is there for SOME reason! thanks mr. Poetin!

so: if you want to make cocksucking part of your "heterosexual" lifestyle, take part in being loadmouthed about queer rights too please!

(and of course, this is not only to member #364467 that is allready gone, it's to all the guys that... suck cock!

By #547532 12,Nov,18 10:11
I am not some heterosexual that likes to suck cock. I am bisexual and when I with my boyfriend I am 100% homosexual.

By #547532 12,Nov,18 10:06
If made to pick I would pick my wife every single time. But I am not made to pick & that is good because I love my gay boyfriend.

By #571467 12,Nov,18 08:18
I would prefer a bit of both at the same time

By #359283 25,Sep,13 03:31
I prefer women more than I prefer a man but if he plays his cards right he'll have my attention.
By Arexa [Ignore] 25,Sep,13 19:22 other posts 
I agree 100%! I much prefer women. It's very rare a man tickles my fancy, but when one does, I'm hooked.

By andrew999999999 [Ignore] 24,Sep,13 19:55 other posts 
I'm more into women than men. I love womens legs and a shaved snatch.

By 67malibu [Ignore] 18,May,13 21:27 other posts 
Yeah I love sucking dick, in fact I sucked two today. But I love to eat pussy too.

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