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Describe your first ejaculation experience age and how

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by Cummingforyou [Ignore] 24,Jan,23 18:29  other posts
As a late starter despite getting constant hard ons , it took a complete stranger to give me my first ejaculation and one I will never forget. I had just turned 15 when I came across this guy one evening in the park and we got chatting. He asked how other do I wank off and although I have seen others shoot the cum . I was so naive and tbh clueless. It was the. He took out his cock which was huge and got me to put my hand on it . First time ever feeling another cock and guess he figured I was not experienced. He then asked me to show my member and after a little I took my penis out and got some good compliments . He grabbed hold of my uncut member studying it and pulling the fore skin back and forth which gave me good feelings it became very hard when he picked up the pace when I got this tingly feeling that I was going to pee, I had warned him but he just got faster and Jen this huge rush of pleasure caused me arch my back legs became weak and 5 ropes of this white stuff shot out of my penis. Was the most incredible feeling I ever had . The day I learned this new pleasure

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By LGA6969 [Ignore] 29,Jan,23 09:04 other posts 
when I was young around 11 or 12 I use to get naked and hump my pillow at night. This one night I was going at it and humping fast and furious and it happened. All of a sudden this feeling came over me and I shot a big creamy load all over my sheets. Man what a feeling. This was my first time having a real orgasm. Needless to say I had to get up extra early to wash my sheets from the sticky mess. Lol

By mrseveninches [Ignore] 27,Jan,23 23:02 other posts 
At age 13 I was alone at home jacking off. I was completely naked as I sat at the end of my bed. I learned how to masturbate at age 5 and have had plenty of dry orgasms, but I it felt different this time as I jerked my 5 incher. I got a strange feeling in my stomach and balls, then suddenly cum shot out my dick. I was happy I was finally able to cum, because my friends and cousin could shoot cum and I now I could too.
By 4438cr [Ignore] 29,Jan,23 01:00 other posts 
Your nuts finally droped!!

By Thicky [Ignore] 28,Jan,23 18:27 other posts 
It came unexpectedly. In fact, I've had quite an erection since I was 8 years old, but nothing else. No dry orgasms. It wasn't until I was 10 or 11 that I woke up at night with a very pleasurable feeling. Down there was a strange, thick substance with a strong odor. The development of my sex life was helped by a nurse during an examination at school who diagnosed phimosis, as I wrote in another thread:
/forum/thread.php?id=30836 And the avalanche of masturbation began. Any reason was good

By thebeewolf [Ignore] 28,Jan,23 17:55 other posts 
I was 12, maybe 13. I had just gone to bed after watching an episode of Charlie's Angels. I was touching my penis and thinking about Jaclyn Smith's lipsticked lips and next thing you know I have a handful of semen. I think I did it every night after that for years to cum.

By Hrnyboy90 [Ignore] 27,Jan,23 17:22 other posts 
I started masturbating a few years before I could ejaculate. I liked to rub blankets or pillows on my penis or lay on top of them and hump. It felt really good and would give me an erection and I could eventually orgasm from it but they were always dry nothing came out. I started to associate it with sex more as I got older. I think I was about 11 when I actually ejaculated for the first time. I remember humping my pillow and being really hard. It seemed to be taking awhile this time. Normally I could get a dry orgasm in a minute or two but this time I remember it being well over 10 minutes and I just couldn't get there for some reason. Finally I felt it building and could tell something was different. The feeling coming on felt stronger than normal. When I came it was super intense and lasted longer than it ever had before. When I sat up there was a huge wet spot on my pillow. It threw me off I thought something was wrong. It was like that from then on though and eventually knew it to be normal

By XJacker [Ignore] 25,Jan,23 04:38 other posts 
I had my first masturbation ejaculation experience at age 13. I was getting good hard erections pushing out about 5 1/2Ē of stiff cock. I had found fingering my erect cock felt good but I hadnít masturbated. Boys at school were all talking about wanking and I guessed it meant my penis but I didnít know what.

One summer night I was sitting, half laying in my bed naked fingering my erect cock. Quite by accident I got the tugging, stroking action with my hand round my cock just right tugging it up and down. I remember thinking this feels real good. After a few minutes of enjoying that my cock suddenly got incredibly stiff and unbelievable pleasure welled up in my cock. The pleasure peaked, my cock jerked and spurted about a spoonful of white creamy liquid over my belly and chest. I felt exhilarated and knew instantly Iíd wanked. After that I wanked most nights.

My first ejaculation masturbation experience with another boy was at school. We were sitting in a darkened lecture theatre watching a historical movie. In the dark the boy sitting next to me put his hand on my thigh. Iíd heard about boys wanking each other and I knew he wanted that. I spread my legs to show him I was interested.

He felt the ridge of my erect cock then he unzipped my trousers and I let him get my cock out of my briefs. My erect penis was sticking straight up hard. He wrapped his thumb and forefinger round my cock shaft and stroked up and down. It was exquisite, better than wanking myself. After a few minutes I shot my load. It went all over my trousers and I frantically tried to clean it up before the lesson finished!

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