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Embarrassing moments

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Started by #296159 [Ignore] 26,Aug,12 15:16
Have u ever been in a verry embarrassing situation? (Caught wanking, havin erection in public ...)

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By #662360 29,Jan,23 12:55
Once in my twenties I was at a social evening at a neighbours house. There was a girl there who fancied me. We were all sitting round the room and she came and sat on my lap. She was a pretty blonde and she was in a thin dress.

To my horror that gave me a rock hard erection that she couldnít have missed feeling drilling its way up into her soft bottom. She moved about a bit on my lap as if she knew I was having a boner for her and was teasing me.

The friction of her bottom on my shaft just made it worse for me and I jerked a load in my pants. Though I managed to stifle my grunt and my involuntary judder when I came I felt my face go red and she must have realised what had happened. I was so embarrassed.

She was very pretty but not my type and that was the closest I ever got with her. It was embarrassing but it was also nice!
By wycowboy [Ignore] 30,Jan,23 09:43 other posts 
This reminded me of a similar situation I had about 15-20 years ago. The church I belonged to then had a young missionary that was helping in our youth group. She was about 19 and very well endowed. I would, on my day off, stop by the church office to see if there was any work that needed done. Another man, a friend, was in the habit of stopping in also.

Heather liked to come over and plop her ample ass in my lap and sit there for several minutes. Usually I could prevent the erection that wanted to arrive but one day I was just too horny to keep it at bay. The longer she sat there the harder it got. I know she could feel it, and just before I was ready to explode she got up and went to the bathroom.

We are still friends to this day but she now lives back in Nashville so we can only converse via Facebook. I asked her about that day once. She said she could feel my cock poking her ass and it got her very wet. When she got up she went to the bathroom to finger her cunt until she came. I then confessed that when I left I went a couple of blocks and pulled on my cock until I exploded. We laughed and wondered how it would have been if we had hooked up back then. Since, we have exchanged nude pics. She is still pretty hot.
By #662360 30,Jan,23 12:38
Nice experience! I certainly wanked lots thinking of the girl who sat on my lap. Though she wasnít my type she was very pretty and had a good figure. She liked to wear thin dresses and in those days of miniskirts I saw her panties a few times. We lost touch long ago and I know she married some lucky guy.

By iluvcox [Ignore] 12,Nov,22 02:38 other posts 
Back before I was driving my JO buddy was visiting me at my parents home and we started up in my bedroom. We were sixty nining on my bed ,sucking each other's cocks when we heard two of my other friends coming upstairs.They did'nt know about our shenanigans and it was quite a scramble to get dressed and composed before they came in the room.I answered the door kind of out of breath and face flushed. I don't know if they knew what was going on but I am sure the room smelled like dickbreath.

By Louis [Ignore] 10,Nov,22 07:07 other posts 
Just about every time I get a physical I end up getting fully hard. Itís embarrassing but kind of hot at the same time.
By Hrnyboy90 [Ignore] 10,Nov,22 07:16 other posts 
This happened to me once also. After I had to pull my pants down and he was examining my stomach. I could feel my erection growing and was really scared at the moment but super turned on after. I remember going home and jerking off thinking about it
By Louis [Ignore] 11,Nov,22 06:40 other posts 
Yes, Iíve had some very good wank sessions after a physical, especially now that Iím over forty and my prostate gets checked!

By #682523 10,Nov,22 06:42
That was years ago. Vacation, hot and my shorts, tight and loose at the same time. I rode my bike in them because it was cooler and more comfortable that way. I would drop by the lot to relax in the shade of the trees. Once when I was sitting with my aunt I noticed that she was watching me closely but smiling at me and in fact at my shorts. I drifted off in my thoughts and didn't notice one thing.... My penis hardened like a rock, experienced a powerful erection and.... large patches of preejaculate appeared on my shorts. Really big ones. I didn't know what to do. I was very embarrassed.
By #662360 10,Nov,22 10:43
Reminds me of school sports swimming classes at my all boys school. We all wore school regulation dark blue speedo style swim trunks. The tight material clung to the outline of our sex kit like a second skin. Lots of times Iíd have an erection seeing the near naked boys around me and knowing Iíd probably be having some cock play later. I would get an erection and the thin cloth showing the outline of my shaft and cock head made it very obvious. I always got embarrassed even though I could see lots of other boys were in the same position.

By routemaster [Ignore] 29,Aug,22 03:52 other posts 
My late dad caught me wanking when I was about 15. He just smiled and walked away.
By LGA6969 [Ignore] 29,Aug,22 08:19 other posts 
my dad caught me to. I was about 15 or 16 and lying naked in my bed. I threw my legs over my head and was jerking off and I was cumming into my mouth my dad walked into my bedroom. I nearly died of embarassment. After he just laughed to.

By #675771 28,Aug,22 21:54
My older bro had a mate with him, i asked him to sit hes wierd

By #655976 17,May,22 13:02
Iím a pig slut who will eat strangers assholes while people watching, I sucked cock to a total stranger in an xrated theater while guys jerking off to my show , and got pissed on by 3 guys at a nude beach In Miami while circled by a crowd. Pigs sluts donít get embarrassed

By #662360 16,May,22 10:54
I was undressing my girl. She was down to her bra and panties, I was in my briefs. I was so rock hard erect and aroused from undressing her and foreplay in our underwear the friction of my briefs on my cock head set me off and I came in my briefs. My briefs were soaked and I was so embarrassed. That was the end of our fun for a while. But later we made up for it.
By #64328 17,May,22 09:35

By lillboybell [Ignore] 16,May,22 01:00 other posts 
no bpxers forskin pulled back and in the shoping center i got an erection and as the tip rubed my pants my erection got harder and cumed in my pants at the store betwin people . this happened a few times

By #660539 12,May,22 11:59
Yes, when I was 13 my mother caught me jacking off while sniffing a pair of her panties from the hamper. When I saw her there, she looked for a few seconds and left. She never said anything about it to me.

By #652988 16,Oct,21 16:57
I'm never imbararresd

By PSerect [Ignore] 20,Jun,21 07:08 other posts 
Going thru Ft Meyers airport, security flagged me at the baggage scanner and these two female security officers grabbed my bag and directed me to follow them into a plexiglass room set up in the middle of the scanners. Another Male security officer was already there waiting. I stood on one side of a long table and the security folk on The other and they started taking things out of my bag and laying them on the table. I was so embarrassed because my bag was full of sex toys as I was coming from Fantasy Fest in Key West, the plexiglass room was clear so everyone going through security could see, and they kept asking me to confirm each toy was mine as they pulled them out of my bag. This whole episode lasted over 10 minutes, Sooo Embarrassed.
By tb1 [Ignore] 20,Jun,21 08:36 other posts 
fucking arseholes

By #631189 17,Jun,21 18:07
Once when I was 16 and I went to the doctors with my mum (!) suffering from foreskin problems.
And the second was when I was naked on a bed in hospital about six years later being examined before a hernia operation. The doctors walked out and left the door open leaving me lying there with my pants around my ankles

By Lvphose [Ignore] 17,Jun,21 08:05 other posts 
Iíve had a pantyhose and nylon fetish forever it seems. I discovered it when they were dog sitting for a friend of mine when I was about 11-12 years old I fed & let out a friends dog while they were on vacation I started looking through his momĎs dresser drawer and found her pantyhose. So I started rubbing them on my cock in wasnít long before I got hard and came. Next time I went over to check on the dog I put them on and rubbed my cock and balls through the pantyhose again getting hard and coming. Thatís how it all began. But I hadnít found a gal girlfriend who understood this fetish and would indulge me. In 1990 I turned to a phone sex line to act out on my pantyhose fetish because after all youíre paying so theyíll go along whatever turns you on. I did have a live in girlfriend at the time that I hadnt shared my fetish with yet and one time I was on the phone since she was gone and they had me put on pantyhose and talk dirty to me why pleasuring myself and unbeknownst to me my girlfriend came home walk down the hall into the bedroom where I was jerking in my pantyhose saw me she was shocked to say the least and a little pissed because she wasnít sure whoever is on the other end of the phone. That was pretty embarrassing to me being in my pantyhose, jerking off on the phone sex line being caught by a live in girlfriend!

By #637531 10,Mar,21 13:34
When I was much younger and I didn't have a phone, I'd sometimes use my mom's phone to search for porn. And once, she walked in on me with her phone in my hand. She didn't catch me in the 'act', but I wasn't allowed to be on her phone, so she was upset at that. Anyways, she tried to snatch it away, but I still had certain sites open in the tabs, and I needed to clear all the history. So here I am, running around the room screaming "JUST GIVE ME ONE SECOND!" while my mom is chasing me trying to get her phone back. Needless to say it was a very awkward scenario. What's worse however is that even though I cleared the browsing history, I forgot to clear the google search history. So she found what I was looking at anyways.

By #610901 16,Feb,20 15:51
Was early 20ís. First marriage breaking up. Went to,visit an Old GF where she was going to college. We went for a hike down this creek and strarted to make out . She pulled my pants down and started sucking me. My boner s a good 8Ē . She sucked me off and I shot my wad on her tits. Then I was licking them off when she giggled and I noticed a group of hiker watching. She held my dick, still hard to show it off to,them . I was embarrassed.
By #637485 09,Mar,21 15:42
This sounds eerily familiar

By Pantyhose1 [Ignore] 04,Mar,21 02:58 other posts 
I actually got busted on this website at work. This girl found my phone and started going through it.... she saw me wearing pantyhose and heels and she saw my penis. I had to quit
By #633353 04,Mar,21 10:14
Ohhh... that's too bad. None of her business to be going thru your phone...
By Pantyhose1 [Ignore] 04,Mar,21 12:48 other posts 
Your right. I have never been so embarrassed before. She didnít mind me wearing pantyhose and she did still try talking to me but I was way to embarrassed.

By #636792 02,Mar,21 15:40
Two years ago I had finished working on the deck out the backdoor. I decided that since I had hung privacy material I would lay out and soak up some sunshine. So I took off my clothes and lay down on the outdoor rug we have out on the deck. I got an erection and soon I was jacking off and about to cum when I heard a drone fly overhead. It landed on the edge of my roof and I slowly reached for the nail gun while continuing to beat off. My dick felt hard as steel and I came on my chest and stomach jumped up and shot the drone with the nailer and broke one of its impellers. It fell at my feet. Who ever was at the other end of it kept trying to get it to take off. I yelled out "if you want your drone back prove to me you have no video or pics of me and I will think about it" too which I heard a female voice say"ok" but that was the most exotic thing I've seen give me a minute to finish my self off" she came to my front door about ten minutes later and I answered the door nude and hard. She took one look got on her knees and sucked me off. She gave me the chip and said that's everything. I gave her the drone and closed the door.
By #633353 04,Mar,21 10:15
That is a good story, but it stretches credibility....
By #636792 04,Mar,21 12:43
It really did happen.

By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 04,Mar,21 08:10 other posts 
Tecsan was seen by many people taking a slash out his bedroom window. This was observed on Skype. What a hillbilly!

By #589016 15,Feb,21 16:05
When my buddies older sis and her 4 freinds made me and my buddy show them our cocks, my buddies cock was big and mine was tiny and hairless, i was 16 and had a baby cock...i didnt wanna show them my cock but my buddy had his out already and pulled down my oants. The girls laughed at me and teased me.

By dickswanger [Ignore] 19,Jul,20 22:37 other posts 

By overeight [Ignore] 25,Jun,20 17:29 other posts 
Way back when I was with my sons mother I got home one day after a very hot day working outside and my lady wasn't home. So I stripped and hopped in the shower and took a good cool shower and cleaned up and washed my hair just took a very good shower. I was a rough plumber so I worked putting plumbing in slabs before the concrete got poured. Once I got out of the shower and dried off I walked up the hallway and turned the ac temp down a couple of degrees. Then I stepped in the living room but I hadn't gotten dressed at all yet. I turned on the tv because the news was about to come on. Just then the door opened up and it swung in. So I figured it was my lady because I saw her car in the driveway so I walked toward the door to see if she had like groceries or something she might need help with. Well I was about Five feet from the door and my mother in law stepped in the door and she looked directly at .my cock and she said ohhhh my goodness I didn't expect this kind of greeting and she chuckled a bit. Well I figured its to late she already got an eyeful so I just turned around and walked back toward the hall not in a hurry. She then said wow this is better than Chippendales dancers haha. My lady walked in and saw me walking across the living room naked and busted out laughing. I went and put some shorts on and walked back into the living room and her mom said well I guess its obvious exactly why my daughter feel in live with you huh. We laughed about it but that woman loved me to death before she died. It was a pretty embarrassing situation though. Once more my lady was gone out with her girlfriends and I feel asleep naked on the couch and when she came home her girlfriends all saw me laying there and do my lady played with my cock a bit me still asleep and got me very hard for her friends to see. Then I woke up and she said I thought I would embarrass you really good for my friends if your going to sleep naked in the couch. Her friends were all standing there just watching. So I just said well dint stop. She said what? I said don't stop keep going. She said your not going to run hide I mean they are looking at your hard cock. I stood up and stuck my cock in her face stroking it. And I said if your going to get it hard your going to finish it. Two of her girlfriends left two more said well he does have a point once you get a guy hard you have to make him cum or its just a tease. So she said what are you daring me they both said yeah we dare you. So she said your living this aren't you. I said not until its in your mouth. She sucked me off while her friends watched and then said ok now go get dome shorts on. I smiled and walked to the bedroom.

By overeight [Ignore] 23,Jun,20 00:10 other posts 
Well I never really had enough modesty to be so embarrassed before so growing up and all I rarely got embarrassed. However just before the virus or the kung-flu hit I went for a walk to exercise my hip after this bad wreck I have to regain strength and flexibility. Well I also have to wear compression pants to stop cramps and not bring modest no underwear and no shorts over the pants. Well I finished my walk and went to the coffee shop to have a cup. Well I'm in a college town and these hot coeds sat at the table next to mine. Its been a very very long time since I've had sex but I usually have great control hell I'm over 50 so I usually have great control. Well these girls were really wicked ass hot,absolutely beautiful girls. They were wearing pretty much see thru yoga pants and sports bras and I couldn't look away because it was like sitting next to two naked hot young models more ir less I could see right thru their sweaty exercise clothing. So I noticed the girls stopped talking and i looked at them and they were staring at my crotch. I looked and noticed I had probably the hardest erection I've had probably in years. It was full very very hard and so hard it was pulsating and the girls only about five feet from me had full view of my throbbing cock. Also I was wearin my under armor brand and the crotch is perforated so with my erection they are pretty much transparent so they were just staring right at my hard throbbing cock. Well I drank my coffee down pretty fast I wasn't really to worried that these two girls saw it and I figured it would go down in just a few minutes but I was sooo wrong. It got worse. It started jumping and the head flaring and the girls giggled and one even I heard her say thats a nice cock and its pierced too do you see it. Well once she said that I figured I may as well leave because honestly I just needed to go stroke one out. Well I stood up and me a 50ish guy with a very hard erection had to walk back to the counter to drop off my cup and out the door. On the way I had to walk past a line of college girls and a few professional folks with this super hard on. So I walked to the counter gave the girl my cup and down the line I walk with each woman just staring at my hard very visible cock in these super tight pants turning to watch as I walked out. I was so excited by the time I got to my truck I had to back up under a shade tree and just jack off. The girls that had been sitting next to me ironically also were parked two spots away from me and no car was between us,so I'm sure they knew exactly what I was doing as they got in their car to leave. Hell they nigh have even got a glance at it too while I stoked it up but by then I did not care one bit in the world. They could have opened my door and I would have kept right on without missing one stroke. But I finally blew one and got on my way. That was pretty embarrassing to be a guy this old and have hot college girls watch me walk by them with a rock hard cock just pointing at them.

By Hrnyboy90 [Ignore] 22,Jun,20 17:53 other posts 
I got an erection once in front of the Dr. I was naked accept for a gown and he had to examine me. I remember laying down on the table and him pulling the gown up exposing all of me. He slowly pushed on my stomach and moved his hands down my waste. Not sure why but the sensation made me get a raging erection right in front of him. Nothing was said about it though but I felt rather embarrassed

By #589692 01,Jun,20 14:39
When I lived with my parents my dad had no since of privacy in the bathroom. I was usually never seen nude by him or always got embraced. He would barge in the bathroom while I showered to use the toilet and sometimes Iíd wait and wait for him to finish. Or if we were in a hurry he would wait for me to get out so he could hop right in. Even as an adult itís still embracing being seen naked by my dad. He doesnít know I have a fully hairy body now just like him. Iím hoping I can be comfortable being nude around him. I want him to see my chest hair just like his. Should I just tell him one day? Hey dad I have chest hair like you?

By #378339 16,Jun,13 12:21
Hey all new to the site but I recently had a pretty mortifying experierence.

I was sitting in a parking lot a few months ago waiting for a shop I was a regular at to open. The lot is secluded and I was parked facing the only entrance to the lot so I felt safe to unzip and rub a little. I got hard and was stroking while pretty focused on my phone when out of nowhere the store owner approached my car (he'd been in the store which is why I never saw a car pull in). He had come out bc he recognized my car and was going to let me in.

He got within a few feet of my car before I saw him and I'm certain he saw what I was doing. I quickly zipped, exchanged hellos, and told him I that I needed to run another errand. I pulled out and never returned
By Blade [Ignore] 30,Nov,14 22:37 other posts 
yikes, I feel your pain.
By #606576 01,Jun,20 08:26
Wasn't your morning I would guess.
By onthelose [Ignore] 23,Feb,20 23:57 other posts 
Isn't it sad that you were made to feel embarrassed about something so natural. I am sure he jacks off to. Well, maybe he didn't care, he was just caught off guard.
By SAGGY_GRANNY [Ignore] 01,Jun,20 08:41 other posts 
[deleted image] that happened to this lady

By #612798 11,Mar,20 01:33
I remember I was about ten my sister friends wanted to see a cock cum four of them my sis made five so I did they where so happy and horny so I tried fucking the red head wouldnít fit so I spit and shoved the others watch I was so excited I told them to grasp my balls tight I cured so hard it rolled out

By Lookingtosee [Ignore] 04,Mar,20 12:05 other posts 
I was in my 20s a friend of mine was house sitting for his sister for a week. It was a great week ended up staying there all week.on the last day we hung out and went to bed she was to return by noon the next the morning we woke up and knowing we only had a few hours left to ourselves we had sex. After we took a shower together then went downstairs ate and was watching tv about 20 minutes later his sister walked downstairs and told us with a big smile she got home late in the morning. The guest room is right next to her room she heard us having sex

By #485312 23,Feb,20 03:57
only registered users can see external links

By Ayeee [Ignore] 17,Feb,20 03:11 other posts 
Had my sexy, sexy ass ex gf riding me and climax snuck up on me. I pushed her off of me right before I SHOT a load right over my shoulder. I couldnt stop there though. We went for round two that night and she got me again..this time my beard took the full force load on my chin.....

By leopoldij [Ignore] 15,Feb,20 14:42 other posts 
One embarrassing moment this week, for the candidate as a Parisian mayor, Benjamin Griveaux, ally of the conservative president Macron, was when a video clip of him masturbating was leaked. He then withdrew his candidacy. only registered users can see external links

The funny, but completely expected thing, was that this guy was all for traditional family values and other super conservative shit. However, he had, besides his wife, a mistress and his was exchanging pics and vids. In fact, he had send the leaked video with his dick to her.

The most "unethical" people are those who promote "morality". The people who break the law first are the once who talk about it a lot. The worst criminals are those who talk about justice. And so on. lol
By new2day [Ignore] 16,Feb,20 07:39 other posts 
Haven't there been a number of televangelists caught in compromising positions? Not exactly practicing what they preach.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 16,Feb,20 08:50 other posts 
Most of them, if not all, are like that. Three only reason they preach is to make money and have more sex.

But the problem is with the millions of idiots who follow them and support them financially and otherwise.

By #486048 15,Feb,20 18:40
i was caught having a wank

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