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What is the biggest dick you have sucked?

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Started by #347248 [Ignore] 16,Mar,13 08:29
I met a guy in a bar in Miami Beach and went to his condo. He had a 9 1/2 or 10 inch, thick cock which I loved sucking on. I had to be careful not to gag on it. Tell me about the biggest dick you have ever sucked on.

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By MilaBoobs [Ignore] 12,Apr,24 19:06 other posts 
the biggest was 9,5 inches and very thick

By wirda [Ignore] 12,Apr,24 16:55 other posts 
Bbc 11 in cock I hooked up with

I worshiped his cock trying to fit in my whole mouth inside haha

It wasnít successful but I was able to swallow all his milky loads 😉

By SluttySarah069 [Ignore] 12,Apr,24 12:29 other posts 
A 10" black cock - wonderful - and buckets loads of spunk.

By Threesome [Ignore] 12,Apr,24 11:16 other posts 
I don't know yet!

By thicknsmooth [Ignore] 24,Mar,24 16:50 other posts 
The biggest cock I ever had was a 19 year old skinny smooth black guy. His cock was 9 1/4 inches long and 7 inches around in circumference. A beautiful cut cock with a nice circumcision scar I sucked on him regularly for a couple of years.
By tb1 [Ignore] 25,Mar,24 23:34 other posts 
Lucky you and him of course

By Tempp [Ignore] 25,Mar,24 23:16 other posts 
7 1/2" and moderate thickness. Sadly I was young and hadn't figured out to just relax and take it in. Now I know better.

I have a big mouth and have recently had a man that was 7" and kinda thinnish. I've also had a man who was 6x6, very thick, and his cock filled my mouth more than the other guy. But I loved them both, as I love smaller men.

By wankme [Ignore] 25,Mar,24 16:45 other posts 
About 8 inches, I'd guess. Didn't measure. Cut and very thick. Just the head alone was a mouthful. I sucked as much as I could, but basically jacked him off to get his cum.

By Wrath [Ignore] 21,Mar,24 10:14 other posts 
Prob 8 inches

By cocklvr [Ignore] 20,Mar,24 19:38 other posts 
The longest I have ever sucked was about 7.5". The thickest so thick I could barely get it in my mouth without straining my jaw. Big cocks are a lot of fun, but so are the smaller ones that fit nice and easy in my mouth.

By kebmo [Ignore] 29,Aug,19 21:30 other posts 
This one! 7.5 or 8 inches. A mouth full for sure!
By cocklvr [Ignore] 20,Mar,24 19:36 other posts 
Those both look like wonderful cocks to suck!

By Panda696973 [Ignore] 19,Mar,24 17:26 other posts 
7 in, and same size as me, cut and only a few times, and was fun, heís about 7 hard and thatís big to me!

By #712074 19,Mar,24 09:50
i once had a BBC when hard i measured it at 12Ē

By Zainn122 [Ignore] 19,Mar,24 06:34 other posts 
Honestly I love playing with big dicks, but some guys can be ďbig dicksĒ too as they will grab your head and make you gag on it but itís almost impossible to put it in ya mouth. Iíve only met two guys where I had to back away from a blowjob as the cock was supposedly 9/10inches

Not sure if they was exaggerating their size as I believe they was just slightly over 8 but was pretty thick however, but could barely fit the tip in my mouth but you can tell those guys never had a great blowjob cuz itís too big for any female or man. They get desperate and try to force it down ya I love long big cocks, itís more fun to play with them

By spunkluvr [Ignore] 17,Mar,24 05:39 other posts 
One was 8.5 inches and as thick as my wrist. Nearly got lock-jaw sucking him off!

The other was 9.5 inches of thick black meat. Apart from giving me mouthfuls of thick black spunk, he fucked me like a steam-hammer.

By corby [Ignore] 11,Mar,24 14:49 other posts 
I met an American guy in the male sauna on a cruise ship. Eventually, he came over and asked if I wanted to suck his dick.
Well, he was a larger guy, and his cock matched, was around 8 inches soft long, but oh so thick.
I have never sucked a cock so large.
He had huge balls too, I had a full mouth and hands.
Huge load too.

By Bicockwhore [Ignore] 10,Mar,24 14:33 other posts 
The biggest dick I ever sucked was 12 in Colombian dick my coworker Jose fucked my throat deep and hard sregthing my throat out

By Fixittight [Ignore] 29,Nov,23 00:55 other posts 
A 10" cock from craigslist. And took my sweet time doing it. Pausing every so often to make it last. About 45 to 50 minutes into it and I could hardly get the head to my gag point. That was when I found out that I actually get turned on when I choke on cock. Right close to an hour and he shot the first load of cum in my mouth. The only regret I have was that he wasn't aggressive at all. I'm hoping to find a couple of nice cocks at least 8" one day and have them use my mouth for a night or longer. Making me a dick sucking cock catcher. Using me for the hottest messiest cock sucking they can think of

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 14,Feb,21 09:13 other posts 

By Strongmember# [Ignore] 13,Feb,21 06:15 other posts 
in a few threesomes or orgies ive seen or touched some big 9-10 inchers. That was just thrilling visually to see. As for blowjob there were 2 times, 2 different men, but similar in body type with black skin over six feet and muscular. Both had 8.5 with idk normal thickness for the length. first time i was more of a noob. The second time i was on some strong party favors and went to town on it.. for at least an hour or more. It was kinda funny because he was fully gay and I was acting that way so he was joking with me and calling me faggot.
By tb1 [Ignore] 13,Feb,21 06:45 other posts 
sad to say, I have never seen a cock bigger than 8 inches

By #625564 12,Feb,21 02:22
10 inches to completion. I also played with a 12 inch and licked it but was so fat below the head, I couldn't get anything but the head in my mouth.

By earthy [Ignore] 18,Jun,20 17:59 other posts 
9 inches and really thick. TOO big really. I could only get about 2 inches into my mouth

By andrew999999999 [Ignore] 16,Mar,17 16:22 other posts 
At least 8.5'', maybe 9'' long, and thick too.
By SluttySarah069 [Ignore] 02,Jun,19 11:41 other posts 
There's a couple of older guys who go to our local adult cinema - they are both about 92 and very thick. They both produce huge amounts of nice hot spunk for me to swallow
By bikev [Ignore] 02,Jun,19 14:21 other posts 
Were is this adult cinema please.
By SluttySarah069 [Ignore] 11,Jun,20 15:30 other posts 
Taboo in Birmingham UK
By andrew999999999 [Ignore] 12,Jun,20 10:49 other posts 
I sucked the cock I described above in the dry sauna in a men's sauna complex in Manchester called Basement.

By #612966 11,Jun,20 12:00
The first cock was immediately the longest and thickest one.
8,5" and 2,5" in perimeter.

The second guy was as long but 2" in perimeter.

The third cock was 5,5" long and 2" in perimeter.

I sucked the second guy several times.

By #545468 21,Sep,19 23:04
Second guy I slept with had a nine inch cock. Felt so nice when he fucked me. Not so easy when he face-fucked me though unless I could be ready for him. A few times I woke up to his cock sliding inch by delicious inch into my ass.

By anyfun [Ignore] 21,Sep,19 20:49 other posts 

By Allalexallday [Ignore] 21,Sep,19 17:24 other posts 
about 8" uncut....he is perfect

By #591016 29,Aug,19 20:25
an 11" bbc was so thick

By #551147 29,Aug,19 08:00
6 incher 😋😋😋

By #591016 29,Aug,19 05:19
i sucked an 11"bbc

By #586705 27,Aug,19 23:10
6 inches. Maybe that will change soon

By Ablaze [Ignore] 27,Aug,19 17:35 other posts 
About 8-9 inches and he was so thick I couldn't close my fingers around it. It was a real monster. It was impossible to use a condom, all we tryed was too small for him. We fucked each other anyway. I felt my ass as huge black hole after it. I love that experience anyway.

By Passivo [Ignore] 27,Aug,19 17:06 other posts 
About 8 inches.

By #64328 27,Aug,19 14:49
I have only suck 4 diffrent guys and all were 6 inches or less. I had one friend that probably sucked me over 200 times over a 4 year period but I only sucked him once. He always preferred being jacked of instead. So we traded handjobs for blowjobs.

By Lookingtosee [Ignore] 27,Aug,19 02:54 other posts 
The biggest dick I ever sucked was 8" also it was the biggest cock that fucked my ass

By #590925 12,Aug,19 00:11
About 8 inches.

By #585606 07,Jun,19 01:35
Had a boyfriend few years ago that was 9 1/2 inches and mega thick down there.
Hurt my jaw sucking him tho with him being so thick and he only came a dribble.

Loved it stretching my arse tho 😝

By yellowman [Ignore] 27,Oct,13 18:29 other posts 
I've been sucking cock for more years than I care to count, however, in all of that time I have never had a tape measure with me.
By #436014 27,Oct,13 18:43
you don't need a tape measure to make a reasonably good estimate. those 8-inchers i smoked, i didnt have or need a tape measure
By #588373 06,Jun,19 23:21
My throat is the most accurate tape measure around.

By liccalottapussy2 [Ignore] 02,Jun,19 14:46 other posts 
I've had a few 10 plus over the years. Guys with big dicks aren't always good cummers. I've sucked some small cocks that came like a volcano.

By fatcock66 [Ignore] 02,Jun,19 14:31 other posts 
I don't usually carry a ruler when a sexual opportunity arises. Literally, arises.

By #535819 02,Jun,19 09:43
8 inches and thick. Full balls that sag sometimes a little, sometimes alot. Big, purplish cockhead that grows bigger as I continue to suck him. And yes, a very heavy cummer. Overwhelmingly a few times.

By #588373 30,May,19 23:39
A big 6'3" married white trucker, flaccid 6◊ 5 1/2" uc? He was so big so when he was lying nakedcon his cab bed; it looked small. Grew to (he told me) 10 " and It lay against his chest just short of his nipples. He had a hairy auburn color wide chest. He had very thick big hands and his shoes were like a clowns. Small hairless butt and thick legs.
My jaws felt like they would tear on the sides of my mouth once he got hard. His cock wss bigger than his wrist. My guess 71/2 maybe even 8 inches girth uc.
I sucked him about 45 min.yeah my mouth hurt but I was determined to get that big cock down my tbroat and or esophagus. Hecsaid he'd never been throated. All the more reason r me to get him down to his big nuts. And about 45 min later I DID IT; I couldn't breath unless I backed off of himm at least 6 inches.
That's when he started thrusting his cock up into my throat in a regular rhythm which he increased in speed and power before he unloaded the biggest load I ever had or even thought possible in my life.
It was cumming out my nose and I tried to pull him out, he still was cumming in my mouth, then shot in my ear, hair and ear as I turned my head and then finished by shaking the rest off across my face.
From the way he grew to when he cum,and my mouth stretched like a snake's when they eat something big, it was all very surreal and awesome. All that cock in my throat even when he pulled out on his outstroke, it was like he was pulling a plunger loose. Truly awesome. At the time, there were Beeper numbers, he gave me his.

By 3fdfd [Ignore] 04,Jul,18 13:30 other posts 
Guy said he was 7" .... it probably was or was close to it. Just one time, however. Not especially thick but rather long. He was cut.

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