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Vitiligo cock

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by Czech_circumcised [Ignore] 18,Nov,23 09:06  other posts
Hi. Dnes anyone have a vitiligo on cock? I have vitiligo circa one year. I have yet two white spots on cock. Spots gets bigger every day.

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By PITBULL [Ignore] 19,Nov,23 19:16 other posts 
There is medication to stop this condition from spreading all over your body. Sometimes this condition goes away. If it doesn't you will need to see your doctor. As for the white spots on your penis, I won't worry about it.
By Czech_circumcised [Ignore] 20,Nov,23 00:53 other posts 
Thanks. Im ok with my vitiligo cock. I like my cock looking ať different.

By german_guy [Ignore] 19,Nov,23 13:39 other posts 
don't worry about it....your cock looks great

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