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By pifad 11,Jan,23 23:35
Thatís a real beauty! 10

By pifad 06,Jan,23 10:35
Impressive cock. Itís 9 for me

By pifad 30,Dec,22 17:57
Big dick. Itís a 10 for me

By pifad 22,Dec,22 23:21
Big, thick and curved. I like it. Itís a 10 for me

By pifad 20,Dec,22 23:22
I donít think they are AND youíve a big beautiful cock!

By pifad 18,Dec,22 23:24
Itís a 10 for me

By pifad 18,Dec,22 23:24
It would be a whole lot easier if youíd post your pic!!

By pifad 16,Dec,22 16:57

By pifad 16,Dec,22 09:31
I think itís beautiful. Great length and thickness. 10 from me

By pifad 16,Dec,22 09:27
Whatís not to like! Nice length and thickness. Intact foreskin. Most definitely a 10.

By pifad 16,Dec,22 09:24
I sure hope youíre getting what you need. Definitely a solid 10.

By pifad 12,Dec,22 09:59
Heavy duty cock. Nice and thick.

By pifad 26,Nov,22 23:49
Beautiful cock

By pifad 21,Nov,22 21:53
Mmmmm yeah

By pifad 21,Nov,22 16:10
I know you well enough to know youíre not racist nor intentionally mean to anyone.

By pifad 20,Nov,22 10:55
Thatís a real beauty

By pifad 18,Nov,22 11:20
Iíve got two hungry holes for you.

By pifad 17,Nov,22 16:00
Magnificent! 10

By pifad 17,Nov,22 15:58

By pifad 10,Nov,22 08:57
Nice thick cock

By pifad 09,Nov,22 03:04
Nice cock

By pifad 02,Nov,22 23:45
Itís a real beauty 10

By pifad 01,Nov,22 12:30
A solid 10 for your big beautiful cock

By pifad 27,Oct,22 21:46
Beautiful cock. 7

By pifad 27,Oct,22 21:45
Fuck yeah!! 10

By pifad 27,Oct,22 21:44
Nice cock. 8

By pifad 14,Oct,22 08:57
Hell yeah! Repeatedly

By pifad 12,Oct,22 00:21
Wonderful actress. R.I.P.

By pifad 11,Oct,22 23:54

By pifad 05,Oct,22 07:16

By pifad 04,Oct,22 01:06

By pifad 28,Sep,22 09:12
So sexy and hot as fuck

By pifad 28,Sep,22 09:11
Big beautiful cock

By pifad 23,Sep,22 00:49
Solid 10+

By pifad 23,Sep,22 00:47

By pifad 21,Sep,22 03:33
8 for length, 10 for thickness

By pifad 08,Sep,22 12:36
Sexy as hell and hot as fuck!!

By pifad 04,Sep,22 02:57
Hung and thick

By pifad 04,Sep,22 02:56
Man, that is THICK!

By pifad 04,Sep,22 02:54

By pifad 04,Sep,22 02:54
Hell yeah!

By pifad 04,Sep,22 02:53
Big and thick.

By pifad 03,Sep,22 08:24
I find itís not a necessity but there are times.....

By pifad 29,Jul,22 11:30
A solid 8

By pifad 29,Jul,22 11:29
Thatís a real beauty. Perfectly curved too. 10

By pifad 25,Jul,22 08:01

By pifad 25,Jul,22 08:00

By pifad 25,Jul,22 07:59
10 babe. Absolutely irresistible

By pifad 25,Jul,22 07:59
A solid 8

By pifad 25,Jul,22 07:58
Youíve the perfect cock for a lasting impression