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Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by bella! [Ignore] 20,Nov,22 20:58  other posts
Several days ago I referred to another member as an "Abo Princess" and in my ignorance, had no idea that the term "abo" was considered a racial slur.

It is apparent that I unintentionally offended a number of members and for that, I sincerely apologize.

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By Dev01 [Ignore] 21,Nov,22 17:48 other posts 
Bella is certainly not a racist. Make no mistake this was all about a hidden agenda and an axe to grind against her and a frivolous referral to the panel.

Given some of the names members are given around here seems a little weak ass playing the racist card. And coming from an import.... Case closed

By pifad [Ignore] 21,Nov,22 16:10 other posts 
I know you well enough to know youíre not racist nor intentionally mean to anyone.

By JustWill [Ignore] 21,Nov,22 15:17 other posts 
Mistakes happen.
I am sure that the Aboriginal People of Australia would accept your apology. They seem like decent and forgiving folks

By 1cock [Ignore] 21,Nov,22 13:07 other posts 

By phart [Ignore] 21,Nov,22 10:04 other posts 
I will copy and paste this here in case there are those that are banned may not be able to read it.

She should apologize but don't expect one from her.....early poll results show 78.9% think Bella is in the wrong.
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By leopoldij [Ignore] 18hr ago other posts

She will never apologise.
She's religious and self-righteous.
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By phart just recently other posts Edit

Uh, wrong, she did.
NOW, even though you HATE religion, 1 thing it teaches is to forgive and turn the other cheek.
Are YOU LEO or Undercover angel, willing to do that?
No religion necessary. Just being a kind human being with a heart and soul and willingness to work towards PEACE.

By phart [Ignore] 21,Nov,22 09:48 other posts 
Well I posted your apology directly to her thread.
And I have been frank about how I feel about it.Even googled the "word" abo,which until all this,I had no idea what the hell it meant.
I feel like people now adays are just offended because it is the trending thing to do and said she needed to just flip ye the bird,and move along and quit making a stink over a word.

By Gh2012 [Ignore] 21,Nov,22 07:18 other posts 

By steve3095 [Ignore] 21,Nov,22 06:03 other posts 
Hi Bella. I respect that you're strong enough to apologise. You weren't to know that it is a very offensive word in Australia. I hope you and the aggrieved member, a friend of mine, will come together following this.
By bella! [Ignore] 21,Nov,22 06:54 other posts 
I'm going to share a personal story with you. Years ago, there was an incident at my job where I was attempting to resolve a problem that needed immediate attention. In order to solve the problem I needed to place a phone call to a partner in business and in the course of my conversation, I said something like, "I have the "gal" in my office yaddah, yaddah, yaddah....". Unbeknownst to me, the term gal was viewed as an offensive term by African Americans that grew up in the South in the 1950's & 60's during the Civil Rights movement. I later found out that referring to an African American female as a "gal" was much like calling an African American man a "boy". I didn't grow up in the South, always lived in Michigan and unknowingly had truly insulted another person and that was not my intention...

Again, without getting into any "blow-by-blow", my post was intended to be mean spirited but not insensitive. I do hope that my apology and explanation make reasonable sense.

By #275407 21,Nov,22 00:23
I had to google what this meant and I personally had thought it wasn't much more then laughable name calling. It's understandable that you didn't know how offensive it might have been, gee, I've heard many othe members say what I would think was over the top shit. I think your apology is sincere and would expect an apology from the other involved. Because the other involved is no angel like most of us have been one time or another including myself.
By dgraff [Ignore] 21,Nov,22 06:37 other posts 
If I remember correctly old lix had an Abo son she openly admitted to even as racist as she was just goes to show you every one loves a little cup of cocoa every now and then

By decatur212 [Ignore] 21,Nov,22 02:00 other posts 
Hello Bella we know you and we love you and we know that you have a good heart and you are very sincere so we would never ever think anything you said was that mean mean or insensitive thank you for all you do we love you
By bella! [Ignore] 21,Nov,22 06:29 other posts 
Thank you for your kind words however, there is a "but". Without going into the "blow-by-blow" that lead up to my post, the words I used were intended to be mean but not meant to be intentionally insensitive.

By dgraff [Ignore] 20,Nov,22 21:05 other posts 
Itís ok Bella I will get over it
By bella! [Ignore] 20,Nov,22 21:05 other posts 
By PITBULL [Ignore] 20,Nov,22 21:56 other posts 
you have the right to express your feelings
By bella! [Ignore] 20,Nov,22 23:07 other posts 
Gee, thanks.
By #275407 21,Nov,22 02:13

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