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By Wantsome 22,Apr,24 01:23
Thinking of sucking someone’s cock

By Wantsome 09,Apr,24 00:08
When I was in my 20s, I got an apartment what a friend I grew up with since first grade, when night went out drinking, and he got very very drunk, so we got home. I had to help him in the house and to his room and laid on his bed, and he passed out cold, so I unzipped his pants looking at his cock and I started touching it and started licking it. I put it in my mouth and then it started growing. It was really nice looking cock. It was like 9 inches long. I couldn’t believe I was doing this I sucked on his cock and put it all the way down my throat I had never even touched anybody’s cock before but I was blowing him like a pro after about ten minutes he started to come I kept him in my mouth and I could feel his come filling my mouth I moved my tongue around and then I swallowed all of it and kept blowing him till he came again I really enjoyed it I didn’t want to stop but I was so nervous that he might wake up after blowing him for about 45 minutes I licked him dry put his bedspread on him and went to my room and jerk of no thirty years later we still hang out and he still doesn’t know that I sucked him off and swallowed two of his loads

By Wantsome 19,Dec,23 23:34
Looking at these pictures makes me horny

By Wantsome 01,Dec,23 01:07
I would rather suck someone nothing better than having a nice big cock in your mouth

By Wantsome 19,Oct,23 01:18
I live with a friend years ago he fucked this girl when he took her home I see his condom in the bathroom it was almost half full of his come I picked it up I couldn’t believe how much come was in it I put it up to my mouth and sucked out all of the come and swallowed it

By Wantsome 26,Sep,23 23:13
I have many pictures and videos and love showing them to strangers