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Started by #601496 [Ignore] 07,Jan,20 17:42
The elections are coming (Nov. 3, 2020). By the tittle you'll guess whom i WONT vote for, but that got me thinking. Who would I vote for? And why? That gave me an idea. Why not ask whom you'll vote for and why? You can come back and change your choice as many times as you like. Republicans can substitute some other Republican for Trump. Hopefully he will be gone forever by that time. It would be nice if you identify your political party (Ex: I'm R or I'm D) Lets see who gets it right on Nov 4.

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By tecsan [Ignore] 17,Aug,22 01:44 other posts 
TRUMP 2024.

By #675701 16,Aug,22 20:41
the Dem liberals have change their party's name to Democracy National Communist Party-DNCP

By cumonme1 [Ignore] 28,Jul,22 06:59 other posts 
The presidential election is 2024 not 2022.
By Love2show2 [Ignore] 01,Aug,22 15:14 other posts 
The midterms of 2022 will determine whether our country can be saved or not.. If the house and senate are taken over Joe Biden will die of covid-99 in the fake news but in reality he would be executed for high treason.
By phart [Ignore] 01,Aug,22 17:02 other posts 
2022 will be the only chance America has left. And the liberals are bringing back the wuhan virus ,and really ratcheting up the monkey virus to help interfere with the election process just as the wuhan did in 2020.
2022 is a chance to neuter the dems before they really fuck things up.the following 2 years will be boring, inactive and perhaps a down right recession, but at least our country as a whole will survive.
By tecsan [Ignore] 08,Aug,22 03:48 other posts 
By definition we are already in a recession and will stay there for about 2.5 more years until a Republican repairs all the crap that brandon has done. This woke crap has gone way overboard.
By CAT [Ignore] 15,Aug,22 09:53 other posts 
If we prevail in 2022, we'll gloat. If we don't, we'll be sure to win 2024 because you Republicans can't do anything except whine about Trump and 2020. Win-Win
By tecsan [Ignore] 08,Aug,22 03:43 other posts 
Confused here. 11-03-2020 stated above and you state 2024. Yes, the presidential election is 2024. But where did 11-03-2020 come from. Living in the past. Yes, I got the meaning. Guess who I am voting for?

By Love2show2 [Ignore] 31,Jul,22 22:00 other posts 
Spare me child..

By PITBULL [Ignore] 30,Jul,22 10:37 other posts 
This is a fake Trump.

By #675701 24,Jul,22 17:58
and how is Biden working out for you
By phart [Ignore] 24,Jul,22 22:59 other posts 
Not to gud! ehehheeheeeee, and we tried to tell em but the hate was just so strong, they couldn't resist!
By CAT [Ignore] 28,Jul,22 06:19 other posts 
Really? Have you been listening to the January 6 Congressional investigation? The people testifying are Republicans. Biden is working out as best as could be despite the economy.
By dgraff [Ignore] 28,Jul,22 08:08 other posts 
The best thing Biden could do for our country now is drop over dead 💀 then all we have to do is figure out how to get rid of that lesbian and wanta be Pelosi Kamala Harris
By CAT [Ignore] 28,Jul,22 08:22 other posts 
She's married
By dgraff [Ignore] 28,Jul,22 08:29 other posts 
Yeah to a woman 👩
By dgraff [Ignore] 28,Jul,22 08:27 other posts 
Fuck joe Biden heís not my president
By CAT [Ignore] 30,Jul,22 09:19 other posts 
Then you should go back to your country

By CAT [Ignore] 12,Mar,20 13:23 other posts 
The Worst Outcome
If somebody other than Donald Trump were in the White House, the coronavirus crisis would not be unfolding this way.

MARCH 11, 2020
President Donald Trump
At every turn, President Trumpís policy regarding coronavirus has unfolded as if guided by one rule: How can I make this crisis worse?

Presidents are not all-powerful, especially not in the case of pandemic disease. There are limits to what they can do, for good or ill. But within those limits, at every juncture, Trumpís actions have ensured the worst possible outcomes. The worst outcome for public health. The worst outcome for the American economy. The worst outcome for American global leadership.

Read: Trumpís dangerously effective coronavirus propaganda

Trumpís Oval Office speech of March 11 was the worst action yet in a string of bad actions.

Here are the things the president did not do in that speech.

He offered no guidance or policy on how to prevent the spread of the disease inside the United States. Should your town cancel its St. Patrickís Day parade? What about theatrical productions and sporting events? Classes at schools and colleges? Nothing.

He offered no explanation of what went wrong with the U.S. testing system, nor any assurance of when testing would become more widely available. His own previous promises of testing for anyone who needs it have been exploded as false. So what is true? Nothing.

Layoffs are coming, probably on a very large scale, as travel collapses and people hunker down at home. Any word for those about to lose their jobs? Only the vaguest indication that something might be announced sometime soon.

Itís good to hear that there will be no co-pays on the tests nobody seems able to get. What about other health-care coverage? Any word on that? Nothing.

The financial markets have plunged into a 2008-style crash, auguring a recession, perhaps a severe one. The Trump administration has had almost two months to think about this crisis. It has trial-ballooned some ideas. But, of course, fiscal policy would require assent from the House of Representatives. Trump is still pouting at Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Soóaside from some preposterously unconvincing happy talk about the economyóagain: nothing.


The Best Thing Bernie Sanders Can Do Is Drop Out

Donald Trump
Trump Is Counting on the Supreme Court to Save Him

Bernie Sanders
How Democrats Can Solve Their Bernie Sanders Problem

Bernie Sanders
The Price of a Sanders Nomination

Conor Friedersdorf: You will adjust to the new normal

There was one something in the speech: a ban on travel from Europe, but not the United Kingdom. Itís a classic Trump formulation. It seeks to protect America by erecting a wall against the world, without thinking very hard how or whether the wall can work. The disease is already here. The numbers only look low because of our prior failure to provide adequate testing. They will not look low even four days from now. And those infected with the virus can travel from other countries and on other routes. Trump himself has already met some.

The travel ban is an act of panic. Financial futures began crashing even as Trump was talking, perhaps shocked by his lack of an economic plan, perhaps aghast at his latest attack on world trade. (The speech seemed to suggest an embargo on European-sourced cargo as well, but that looks more like a mental lapse of Trumpís than a real policy announcement. The ban on cargo was retracted by a post-speech tweet, although the ban remains in the posted transcript of the speech.) Among other things, the ban represents one more refutation by Trump of any idea of collective security against collective threats. While China offers medical assistance to Italy, he wants to sever ties to former friendsóisolating America and abandoning the world.

This crisis is not of Trumpís making. What he is responsible for is his failure to respond promptly, and then his perverse and counterproductive choice of how to respond when action could be avoided no longer. Trump, in his speech, pleaded for an end to finger-pointing. Itís a strange thing for this president of all presidents to say. No American president, and precious few American politicians, have ever pointed so many fingers or hurled so much abuse as Donald Trump. What he means, of course, is: Donít hold me to account for the things I did.

But he did do them, and he owns responsibility for those things. He cannot escape it, and he will not escape it.

More people will get sick because of his presidency than if somebody else were in charge. More people will suffer the financial hardship of sickness because of his presidency than if somebody else were in charge. The medical crisis will arrive faster and last longer than if somebody else were in charge. So, too, the economic crisis. More people will lose their jobs than if somebody else were in charge. More businesses will be pushed into bankruptcy than if somebody else were in charge. More savers will lose more savings than if somebody else were in charge. The damage to Americaís global leadership will be greater than if somebody else were in charge.

Meghan OíRourke: The shift Americans must make to fight the coronavirus

There is always something malign in Trumpís incompetence. He has no care or concern for others; he cannot absorb the trouble and suffering of others as real. He monotones his way through words of love and compassion, but those words plainly have no content or meaning for him. The only thing that is real is his squalid vanity. This virus threatens to pierce that vanity, so he denied it as long as he could. What he refuses to acknowledge cannot be real, can it?

And even now that he has acknowledged the crisis, he still cannot act, because he does not know what to do. His only goal now is to shove blame onto others. Americans have to face the fact that in the grip of this pandemic, the Oval Office is for all practical purposes as empty as the glazed eyes of the man who spoke from that office tonight.
--------------------------------------- added after 5 minutes

By phart [Ignore] 12,Mar,20 13:47 other posts 
It is the job of local and state governments to decide what to close and leave open.He said so today.
I haven't heard any blame onto others lately from Trump
He did say this morning to the media that the deal Dems are pushing has some goodies in it not related to the virus is the reason he is not for it.
Shame they would try to squeeze in something. Should be a bare bones, address the issues at hand deal.
Trump is no saint. Anyone in that office would be stared at and badmouthed about something.
I don't think Trump wants us dead
By CAT [Ignore] 12,Mar,20 18:20 other posts 
He doesnít know what he says. This man is the most ignorant man weíve had as president. Itís not that he wants us dead. Itís that he doesnít care. Itís only ďMe Me MeĒ
By phart [Ignore] 12,Mar,20 19:15 other posts 
Well I have to question some of the peoples inteligence.I had the Fox on the satilite radio today and people were bitching because Trump called it a Foreign virus last night.What the hell else is it? It came from China.
When you have to dig that deep to find something to talk shit about,it erases other crap ye say.NOT You in this discussion ,I am talking about the critics.

The sad thing is,I am afraid I our Prez may have been set up to be exsposed to the virus.THat brazilian tested positive that was hovering all around Trump over the weekend. Sadly the dems would be dancing in the streets if he died from it instead of being angry about our President dieing.
By phart [Ignore] 27,Jul,22 21:35 other posts 
Someone must have replied to this that banned me as it was up on the list and I see no changes.
You know ol biden said he was going to SHUT DOWN the virus.
It about shut him down instead.
He must be on some powerful shit to have recovered so well. Most people his age croak out with it.
If he ever had it.Could have been a batch of bad test.
By bella! [Ignore] 27,Jul,22 22:49 other posts 
Gntlmn gave a two thumbs up response to CAT's 12,Mar,20 post (28 months after the fact) at 20:55. Were you blacklisted by him?
By CAT [Ignore] 28,Jul,22 06:15 other posts 
Yes, Phart, he did have powerful meds. Four COVID shots and some new crap. Nothing that you would be interested in.
By CAT [Ignore] 30,Jul,22 09:18 other posts 
only registered users can see external links
By dgraff [Ignore] 28,Jul,22 08:15 other posts 
And certainly you donít think that Biden on a day to day basis knows what he says Christ he canít even read his lines properly
By Gntlmn [Ignore] 27,Jul,22 20:55 other posts 
By dgraff [Ignore] 28,Jul,22 08:26 other posts 
Jesus Christ what are you writing a book I have the attention span of a 5 year old you will never get me to read long drug out propaganda like this
By CAT [Ignore] 28,Jul,22 13:52 other posts 
Copy/paste of an article just before 2020 election

By leopoldij [Ignore] 29,Jul,22 11:35 other posts 
Trump goes back to Washington:
only registered users can see external links

By leopoldij [Ignore] 03,Mar,20 18:19 other posts 
The next president of the United States is going to be

only registered users can see external links
By CAT [Ignore] 03,Mar,20 21:14 other posts 
If it was Homer against Trumpo I'd vote for Homer
By leopoldij [Ignore] 03,Mar,20 21:18 other posts 
That's obvious.
By #675701 28,Jul,22 22:45
you are so right, his name is Joe Biden
By leopoldij [Ignore] 29,Jul,22 02:18 other posts 
I was right then. Thanks.

By Gntlmn [Ignore] 25,Jul,22 00:57 other posts 
Piss on that naziboy coprophagia addict, who eats Putin's vomit.
--------------------------------------- added after 383 hours

Fat shit little naziboy coprophagia addict will be maggot food soon.
--------------------------------------- added after 554 hours

When it comes to naziboy coprophagia addicts, I shoot first, ask questions never

By #502711 05,Mar,20 00:16
Trump is going to be grabbing pussy & assassinating more generals for another four years, motherfuckers. Get used to it
By phart [Ignore] 05,Mar,20 14:33 other posts 
By #502711 05,Mar,20 19:25

This emoji looks like Donald Trump with a beer

By phart [Ignore] 03,Mar,20 19:49 other posts 
How do you Trump haters feel about this?
only registered users can see external links
Frankly,She should be under the jail for threatening people.
By CAT [Ignore] 03,Mar,20 21:13 other posts 
She's an idiot. She should be locked up. Republicans don't have a monopoly on crazies
By phart [Ignore] 04,Mar,20 09:50 other posts 
Well I'll be darn! You and I agree on something!
I think regardless of political views,to blantantly threaten others with a virus that could kill,should be treated as a crime.
By CAT [Ignore] 04,Mar,20 09:54 other posts 
Donít they do that with HIV people that donít warn partners? That lady should be in the looney bin
By phart [Ignore] 04,Mar,20 09:55 other posts 
Not in california,it is no longer a crime there.I had to google it to believe it.
Apparently not in her state either.
By CAT [Ignore] 04,Mar,20 10:26 other posts 
That is unbelievable. You and I disagree about politics and guns (although I would be very happy to share a few Buds with you at the local pub) but, this is criminal. This is not acceptable. Sometimes, I think the legislators are all nuts.
By phart [Ignore] 04,Mar,20 15:04 other posts 
Sweet tea or Mountain dew for me, no alcohol.
By CAT [Ignore] 04,Mar,20 17:38 other posts 
By #502711 05,Mar,20 00:14
Ugh, a communist. Kill it with fire!

By phart [Ignore] 02,Mar,20 08:40 other posts 
Well Considering that Trump and his arch enemy Two Warm are both in Florida,it is now confirmed 2 cases of Corona virus have been found at Sarasota hospital. So both Trump and Two Warm need to be careful and not be getting sick.
By CAT [Ignore] 02,Mar,20 12:05 other posts 
By #460385 02,Mar,20 13:00
And there is one confirmed case at Baptist Kendall.
By CAT [Ignore] 02,Mar,20 15:13 other posts 
By #460385 02,Mar,20 15:15
For real. Actually it's was at South Miami not Kendall.
By CAT [Ignore] 02,Mar,20 15:20 other posts 
I need a longer vacation.
By phart [Ignore] 02,Mar,20 17:21 other posts 
All bullshit aside,be careful and don't none of ye be getting sick with that shit.
There was a supposed case 2 hours from me a week or 2 ago but it has disappeared off the radar. Alot of info that was on the web 2 days ago,is not avaliable anymore.There is reason for concern.
By CAT [Ignore] 03,Mar,20 16:03 other posts 
The government, under Secret Trumpo's orders, is disappearing most victims of this plague. Too many to do all. There's been over 35K dead and buried at sea.

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