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Started by #378158 [Ignore] 23,May,13 11:03
I have had a fanticy for a long time about watching my wife fuck another guy. My fanticy is that my innocent little wife gets in a situation where she is drinking and suduced or that she is in a situation where she is blackmailed into haveing sex with another guy. makes me hard as a rock to think about watching some guy take her pussy. Anyone else have fanticys about getting their wife fucked?

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By SexIsLife [Ignore] 03,Sep,23 00:46 other posts 
Me and wife have common friend and he's a closest and best friend for both of us. His wife died in a road accident. Later he's got so depressed then shared his strong desires for sex. Three of us were in a vacation and stayed in a hotel. He said that it would be a great relief if he could get at least a handjob until he cum. I suddenly proposed my wife to make his dream become true. She's shying so much and blushed a lot. He also felt embarrassed so much, couldn't make eye contact to both of us. But I keep continuing to manage both of them. Finally the situation became normal. She's gave him so intensed handjob. I watched the whole show sat very closed to them. During her handjob I touched all of her private parts, kissed her lips. Before he cums my wife got tremendous orgasm twice. I then made her nude, started to penetrate her while she's giving him handjob. Two cocks made her extremely horny. He cummed a lot first then few moments after I cummed inside her.

Next day we're ended up having wonderful MFM threesome.

By SexIsLife [Ignore] 02,Sep,23 23:57 other posts 
Yes, I have almost similar fantasy. This fantasy makes me such an incredibly excited that sometimes I came without touching my cock!

By Jamie [Ignore] 01,Sep,23 12:46 other posts 
Yes. like she was taken by my brother and cousin's and uncle.

By #562213 13,Mar,19 17:55
My fantasy,wife gets drunk passes out at party.I put her in upstairs bedroom on bed with herskirt raised enough to show her panties off,with door slightly open.Hoping every guy who goes to bathroom passing room sees her and goes in for more.At end of party I find her still passed out with her panties missing,her top pushed up tits hanging out,dried cum all over her face,tits,thighs and pussy.As I carry her out to go home ,the host and his buddies,thank us for coming,but I thank them .
By AusDevilMan [Ignore] 01,Sep,23 09:07 other posts 
So ****?

By lovetolickyou [Ignore] 01,Sep,23 02:26 other posts 
I don't have a special lady right now, but I think what would get me hot is watching her at a gloryhole, putting lots of different cocks in her mouth, knowing that I'm the guy who gets to take her home, and make love to her while I kiss those lips.

By Cruzxxx [Ignore] 01,Sep,23 01:53 other posts 
This can be tricky. A big cock could make her unrecognisable to you. If she is squealing as she cums over and over. Big cock pounding her so hard she squirts piss, cum she has no control. Even if she done her best not to hurt her feelings, that cock will have her making noises you never knew she had in her. Constantly cumming regardless, if you can give her a fucking like that, no problem. If not sheís gonna want that dick make her numb for a week after

By #695003 22,May,23 12:03
yes i do i love the thought of my 5ft 2 125 pound 36 b tited blond wife being used by a stranger or strangers as a cum bucket

By BigBootyBitch27 [Ignore] 04,May,23 17:37 other posts 
I had a guy on here that was wanting to fuck my wife (my wife is a picky girl so it takes a while for her to find the right guy) this guy said that he was coming to Ohio at the end of January they were talking from like November to January. Well moral of the story, he was ďso down to meet upĒ and everything and so into her then one day he just stopped talking to her lol. I hate when people talk like they wanna meet up but arenít even about it. I had a feeling it was going to be a fun time to considering it was both of our first time.

By biguyfunn [Ignore] 04,May,23 17:19 other posts 
Been on the cards for a while,just gotta find the right guy(or couple )

By WOODY58 [Ignore] 03,May,23 14:33 other posts 
Pa-Freddy, you are still a pile of shit even if you changed your name to Pitbull
[deleted image]

By #692792 03,May,23 06:31
I do but never could get her interested, love to watch her sucking and fucking other guys

By cumcouplessa [Ignore] 27,Apr,23 23:50 other posts 
Hubby here. Nothing in this world turns me on more than watching wifey ride a nice hard cock. Specially if the guy is sexy as fuck and leaves me a nice creampie. Sadly, we haven't had a 3'some in a while now, but DAMB, we did have some realy sexy fun in the past.

By #692872 26,Apr,23 22:06
Of course my wife is a bbw pig slut whore

By #656954 26,Dec,21 02:02
She has done

By #537100 10,Aug,17 07:06
Yes I would love to watch a guy fuck my wife, love to see a big thick dick fucking her,
By Alwayscum [Ignore] 22,Aug,21 11:39 other posts 
I agree. We talk dirty a lot and it makes me cum hard when she says she wants a big thick cock to fuck her.
By anyfun [Ignore] 23,Aug,21 11:54 other posts 
I agree. Watch her get pleasured and nice big cream pie at the end
By Lvphose [Ignore] 27,Sep,21 19:35 other posts 
Dirty talk during sex is very stimulating! After all the most important sex organ is the brain!

By rocket1 [Ignore] 25,Sep,21 10:29 other posts 
I love fucking different guys

By knewbi [Ignore] 20,Sep,21 12:59 other posts 
I know that I have answered this before but FUCK YES! As a matter of fact a friend of mine that has been fucking my wife for some time now stopped by and said that he would love working her over again real soon.. Asked her and she said that she is ready and will take him on any time...

By nekekal [Ignore] 20,Sep,21 01:06 other posts 
I would be happy using my big cock to fuck someones wife. You can watch and take pictures. If anyone wants.

By #651489 17,Sep,21 22:36
I would love to watch my wife with another. So far she just likes being an exhibitionist.
[deleted image]

By #574505 16,Sep,21 16:58
Sure why not and one in her mouth too

By Strongmember# [Ignore] 16,Sep,21 16:39 other posts 
ya. always thinking about other things going in tht same pussy

By #651326 16,Sep,21 08:01
Yes,I would love to watch my wife fucking and sucking other guys,I brought it up over the yrs about 3some, but she wouldn't

By anyfun [Ignore] 23,Aug,21 14:35 other posts 
Yes I do

By Havinfun [Ignore] 13,Mar,19 17:33 other posts 
I have had a 3some with my wife and a male friend of ours, an myself, my wife, and her sister
Its is hot stimulating an when i did i shot more cum than i ever have masturbating. Was AWESOME as hell. I do it every chance i get.
By Lvphose [Ignore] 17,Aug,21 17:07 other posts 
A gf & I would talk about scenarios during sex play. Like this one she mentions my friend and I fucking her!

By #510409 22,Jan,17 10:15
Not fucking but i would love to see her wanking another cock.
By #515432 26,Jan,17 18:07
I've seen my wife jack another guy off and it was amazing
By t-rex [Ignore] 18,May,17 22:46 other posts 
I'm sure it was, love the one of her doing your cock with her feet
By Lvphose [Ignore] 17,Aug,21 16:59 other posts 
Would like to see the pic your talking about.
By t-rex [Ignore] 11,Jun,17 19:30 other posts 
Did they know you were watching ? Would love to hear the details

By tecsan [Ignore] 16,Aug,21 05:50 other posts 
Fantasy is what I think you meant...But, only a gay would want to see his beautiful wife screwed by another man...That is just gay as hell...

By curious10 [Ignore] 13,Aug,21 08:30 other posts 
i would love to see my significant other getting fucked by a big black cock anally while her big titties swing back and forth. I would lay under and eat her pussy and suck his balls until he blew all over inside her.

By #648872 13,Aug,21 06:04
Will love that.

By #555896 11,Aug,19 08:52
i would love that

By #578610 11,Aug,19 08:33
In my home we are all BI. Why start with that? Well, I live with 3 guys. One is mt husband and the other two are LIKE husbands. The guys fuck other women (and men) and I fuck other men (and women). My friends are mostly in open relationships/marriages. They all say the same. They like their partners to have other partners so they can play with them too. Only the ones that are still unsure about their sexuality say, "I think it's so sexy to watch my wife get fucked by another guy." What you are really saying is, "I'd love to have a gay experience but don't know how. I can use my wife as bait." Well, baby, there's nothing wrong with being BI or, even, gay. Just don't fool yourself

By #522126 11,Aug,19 02:55
Wife just come back from Hen party in Ibiza,took 12 condoms with her,came back with 2.Kept the used ones in a plastic bag to prove how many guys she fucked in 3 days! Very sore pussy too,licked it better!

By #591974 31,Jul,19 09:13
Yes love to watch her take on big dicks

By bigguy [Ignore] 30,Jul,19 19:26 other posts 
I have a girlfriend and it's not a fantasy. Lol

By TinyLittleGuy [Ignore] 30,Jul,19 18:39 other posts 
i do everyday . my dick is very tiny and my wife doesn't feel it when i enter her pussy. i see how much she can enjoy sex when i use her dildo and my dick in her at the same time. i would love to see her get pleasured but a real thick cock, she likes thickness over length. her perfect sized cock would be 5 inches long and 6.5 inches around at minimum. she loves a thick cock. i would love to see her get pleasured since i can't do it for it

By soharditspurple [Ignore] 29,Jul,19 01:20 other posts 
I would be ok with it. I think itís hot. Love to film She gets propositioned frequently but I just canít seem to get her to come around to the idea

By wycowboy [Ignore] 28,Jul,19 09:57 other posts 
If it something that my wife wants then I want her to go for it.

By Kingbbc [Ignore] 27,Jul,19 16:51 other posts 
Gift for your lovely wifeís

By leopoldij [Ignore] 05,Jun,19 02:41 other posts 
If you want your wife fucked, let me know. I'll fuck her for free.

By #588313 05,Jun,19 00:50
Yes i want my wife to fuck another guy suck his dick let her go at it she would like it

By #522791 29,May,19 15:59
I have lived that fantasy and hope you get the chance as well...course you 2 could always try swinging

By #537181 01,Sep,17 02:49
Be careful ,my wife turned it around so I was left out and she was fucking guys by herself
By #578931 26,May,19 15:00
It happens, a long time ago my mate was proud that he had an open relationship with his wife,he thought that meant he could fuck anyone he liked. He was gobsmacked to find that his wife had been fucking all of his mates when he was out shagging. I'm pleased to say that she fucked me several times and she was a hot fuck. I could never understand why he needed to look elsewhere.
By #551745 29,May,19 12:54
Glad Iím not the only one this happened to. Going on 9 years now for us.

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