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I wanna fuck my wife and her friend

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #101908 [Ignore] 04,Jan,11 14:58
Never did a threesome before but the chance may be here. My wife's hot girlfriend is bi and expresses interest in my wife jokingly but behind every joke is some truth... My wife has expressed bi interest in passing in the past... I love my wife but the thought of this possibility is cool as hell. How do I help promote this? Am I wrong?

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By knewbi [Ignore] 23,Mar,20 10:57 other posts 
Being swingers I have had this opportunity many times and more. My wife and I have had the best sexual experiences of our lives after deciding to start fucking others as part of our lifestyle. After all, it is only sex and not love. We only feel love for one aother and the sexual part is what we share with others. Go for it!! You will have the time of your life. But only if you have a strong relationship with your wife.

By overeight [Ignore] 23,Mar,20 01:34 other posts 
Dont trick her into it at all but have a conversation in private before you do it and be sure she wants it dont push of suggests just ask her if she wants to try it. If she says she does want to try it then just tell her your ok with it if she wants to but you want to be in the room and each time it has to be both of you there and only do it together. Then tell her you only want to be in the room and naked with both of them. Set limits for both of you and stick to it. Tell her you can just watch and enjoy if thats what her and the other girl wants but that you would like to be involved if its ok. Worst case she decides not yo go thru with it. If she does follow what you told her or agree to. Ask her before if the other girl wants you if she would be ok with that,but you have to be ok if she doesn't too. Basically you both have to be open and honest. Tell her you would like a threesome if she wants it but if she just wants to try it with a girl you will just be there and watch. If she agrees to the threesome just make sure you pay her as much or more attention than the friend. Just be careful and smart about it. And above all both be open with each other.

By Cumking6986 [Ignore] 22,Mar,20 06:26 other posts 
I wish i had the chance to fuck my wife and her sister

By #412225 18,Sep,13 11:58
I wish I had the chance, she has some hot friends

By botanic [Ignore] 17,Sep,13 04:43 other posts 
take my advice , have a 3 some by all means but as was said , make sure its with 2 women who are strangers to you . Anything else will likely turn out sour. It can start in a little way ... your wife will have noticed something you did to her friend that you dont do together or the look on your face when you are with the other girl. Tiny things will be begin to nag , comparisons etc etc and in the end it tends to go bad. Keep it as a fantasy or do it with 2 strangers .

By #59855 04,Jan,11 16:00
From Matt's Wife: I would just be sure that it is something that you and your wife want together and I would do it the way Matt and I do it....only together

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