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By botanic 23,Jun,22 14:57
obviously I dont know , but the pics were great and I would love to see them again !

By botanic 06,Dec,17 10:16
take a compass and a machete then

By botanic 06,Dec,17 10:15

By botanic 01,Mar,17 12:30
cant wait to see that

By botanic 18,Feb,17 07:33
no pics ???

By botanic 18,Jan,17 19:31
love hairy cunts

By botanic 03,Jan,17 13:54
yep but how many of us are 'carriers' ?

By botanic 11,Dec,16 16:19
but what is the substance of your guilt . Do you feel guilty if you watch a film with someone else of have a meal or go for a drink ? What is guilt exactly ? It is certainly a learned behaviour and often religion is behind it either directly or culturally / traditionally .

By botanic 11,Dec,16 16:16
Correct ... it is no threat to her . She wants to try a Fem on Fem encounter and I have no probs with that either . Life is for living and you only get one try at it. Of course we are all different and behave accordingly .

By botanic 08,Dec,16 18:53
I dont feel any guilt . If I am doing it for fun and not for love I have no problem with it .

By botanic 07,Dec,16 04:15
when a student I put a flatmate's black lacy knickers on when she was out and wanked off , but came in them .... ended up having to steal them as I could hardly put them back in that state ... always wonder if she noticed they were missing .

By botanic 16,Nov,16 18:46
oh yes I find pregnant women extremely sexy

By botanic 09,Nov,16 19:42
yep , years back I was about to undergo a hernia op and v attractive nurse came to shave me , she held my cock while she shaved me and I could not stop it getting harder and harder , she just grinned at me.

By botanic 07,Nov,16 18:44
yes yes yes !

By botanic 30,Oct,16 08:26
absolutely !

By botanic 28,Oct,16 19:14

By botanic 28,Oct,16 19:13
I do occasionally though havent for years now .

By botanic 21,Oct,16 16:18
gigarettes ... that is a billion cigarettes ! That is excessive by any standards !

By botanic 20,Oct,16 18:50
I am sure you are a real person and very beautiful too , but honestly if a guy really has $2,500 to blow on a night of passion he could get that anywhere without risking a punch in the gob from the lady's partner .

By botanic 20,Oct,16 18:47
didnt they make a movie of this ?

By botanic 18,Oct,16 19:13
I am frankly amazed that at such an early age you even knew how to give a girl an orgasm ... many men struggle with that one after 40 years of sex !

By botanic 11,Oct,16 15:38
I remember the armature in the motors of my toy trains giving me a lot of trouble as a ****

By botanic 03,Oct,16 18:35
around the Agricultural Expo Centre in Ciney .

By botanic 28,Sep,16 19:48
OK ... but strange I have never noticed it , though have seen it in Belgium and Germany

By botanic 28,Sep,16 19:47
yes but great fun no doubt

By botanic 17,Aug,16 19:15
well I have lived in Britain for 63 years and have never seen that happen ... where was this ?

By botanic 17,Aug,16 03:14
I used to shag a woman whose cunt lips were so enlarged it was difficult to penetrate her as her lips would scrunch up and block her vagina unless she held them apart as I slid in

By botanic 17,Aug,16 03:09
he is 'standing' of course !

By botanic 16,Aug,16 10:03
me too , anyday

By botanic 14,Jul,16 19:50
often , started when college and never really stopped !

By botanic 22,Jun,16 10:22
yep they are pretty

By botanic 16,Jun,16 18:11
ha ha , lucky you , mine has declined somewhat

By botanic 16,Jun,16 03:37
but does it give you a dick like a bull ?

By botanic 09,Jun,16 18:53
I love it , just doesnt happen often enough !

By botanic 07,Jun,16 06:54
when we were teenagers we used to play spin the bottle ... we sat in a circle and the bottle was spun, whoever it pointed to had to remove 1 item of clothing. Once a person was naked they had to accept a forfeit if the bottle pointed at them. We were all allowed to write 1 forfeit at the start of the game and they all went in a hat to be randomly selected by naked losers. It was great , it was the first time I had seen a cunt in real life .... and I remember it to this day nearly 50 years on .. plump lips and lightly downed with ginger hair !

By botanic 04,Jun,16 17:30
1. on a pool table in a hotel bar , after the bar had closed for the evening though.
2. on the roof of a canal barge
3. in the local vicars carport

By botanic 13,Apr,16 19:31
obviously !

By botanic 04,Mar,16 13:48
I agree , me too !

By botanic 21,Jan,16 03:53
no , that is a beautiful cunt as it is !

By botanic 16,Dec,15 10:14
I would recommend it , i was v nervous but really curious so gave it a go. My advice would be to meet up with the guy on neutral ground , a coffee shop etc and see how you feel about it having chatted together. You will be able to assess how you feel much better then , rather than diving in at the deep end . If you feel comfortable after that , then make an arrangement for a later date , and enjoy yourself. It may well be that it is not for you , but better to have explored than to live your life wondering what it would have been like.

By botanic 09,Dec,15 05:02
Legal ownership of self loading rifles was banned in the UK in 1988 and pistols in 1996 . Nevertheless the criminal use of both these types of guns has risen in the UK since those dates .

By botanic 18,Nov,15 20:09
I take it that that was ironic Unicorn ?

By botanic 26,Oct,15 19:38
From what I have read when studying human biology, approx 50% of males have sensitive nipples .

By botanic 07,Oct,15 07:10
yes , my **** had one in the 60s ... what a brilliant machine .

By botanic 22,Sep,15 12:47
Brighton is normally considered a haven for this .

By botanic 14,Sep,15 17:58
but Amazons only have one breast , the other is cut off to facilitate drawing a bow , so from your pics I would say she is not an Amazon.

By botanic 14,Sep,15 05:26
Ah John , I am sure he will , he is afterall so generous with his most prized possession !

By botanic 13,Sep,15 15:53
yes , sadly you are spot on in this instance leopold .

By botanic 13,Sep,15 15:50
leopold , can I ask you , what country are you from ?

By botanic 13,Sep,15 15:46
well said oldbugle