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Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #523970 [Ignore] 08,Dec,16 18:48
I'm wondering if the married/involved guys here feel guilty about playing with guys. After giving a guy a blow job I felt unbelievably bad for the next week at least. The guilt still bothers me. How do you rationalize it or deal with it? Thanks

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By botanic [Ignore] 08,Dec,16 18:53 other posts 
I dont feel any guilt . If I am doing it for fun and not for love I have no problem with it .
By bella! [Ignore] 08,Dec,16 21:05 other posts 
Your profile states you are straight so is your spouse okay that you're indulging in this element of "fun"? Just curious, thank you.
By spermkiss [Ignore] 09,Dec,16 00:53 other posts 
For what it's worth, bella!, a surprisingly large number of women have no problem with their husbands doing a little switch hitting. They might be upset if he were to go out and fuck another woman, but they find it titillating and exciting that he's sucking off another man.

Now I don't know what these gentlemen's wives think of this, but there is a very real possibility that they don't care.
By bella! [Ignore] 11,Dec,16 17:33 other posts 
Thank you for your reply, spermkiss!
By botanic [Ignore] 11,Dec,16 16:16 other posts 
Correct ... it is no threat to her . She wants to try a Fem on Fem encounter and I have no probs with that either . Life is for living and you only get one try at it. Of course we are all different and behave accordingly .
By bella! [Ignore] 11,Dec,16 17:33 other posts 
Thank you, botanic!
By #523970 11,Dec,16 19:42
No my spouse has no idea. I don't know if the guilt is more intense because I'm cheating on her by sucking on a mans cock. I don't know if would feel the same if it was a woman. I have no emotional attachment and I am not attracted to men the same way I am to women. There is no romance involved. I have no desire to kiss a man I just want to suck their cock. I'm sure there are others that feel the same way. I'm sure there is some deep psychological reason for it. I rationalized it that it's something I can't get from her.

By cumjohn [Ignore] 11,Dec,16 16:30 other posts 
I have a boyfriend but i can do whatever i like. But i need to tell him before if im having sex with someone else.

However, last weeks wednesday i had busy day and forgot to tell my boyfriend that i was about to get my dick sucked by someone else.

i didnt feel much guilt, even tough i knew i did the wrong thing.

By #523970 09,Dec,16 11:34
I guess I wasn't clear. I'm married and trying to deal with the guilt
By botanic [Ignore] 11,Dec,16 16:19 other posts 
but what is the substance of your guilt . Do you feel guilty if you watch a film with someone else of have a meal or go for a drink ? What is guilt exactly ? It is certainly a learned behaviour and often religion is behind it either directly or culturally / traditionally .

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