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Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by routemaster [Ignore] 09,Sep,15 07:58  other posts
Today, 9th September 2015, Queen Elizabeth II will usurp Queen Victoria's record of having the longest reign in British history. Victoria ascended the throne in June 1837 and died in January 1901. Elizabeth ascended in February 1952 and is still with us. I'm not a Royalist by any means but even I have to admit that this is quite an achievement

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By bella! [Ignore] 12,Sep,15 21:16 other posts 
There will come the day that Prince Charles will take the throne and become the King. How do you, the citizens of Great Britain, feel about about him?
By leopoldij [Ignore] 13,Sep,15 01:08 other posts 
Not just GB but the whole of the UK should be concerned. In any case, what they feel or not is irrelevant because they have no say. He is not elected. He is there because of his "royal bloood" (which might explain why he's an imbecile, like his father only registered users can see external links )
By #23212 13,Sep,15 01:29
Let's not forget that, in addition to the UK, Queen Elizabeth II is also the 'official' head of state of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and several other countries. There are, of course, 'mixed feelings' about this in these countries.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 13,Sep,15 07:08 other posts 
I'm very well aware of that.
These things are vestiges of a lost empire and of the monarchy.
Not that a "democracy", in the sense that it is today, is necessarily better.
By botanic [Ignore] 13,Sep,15 13:31 other posts 
I think he is great , slightly potty but like his father , he does speak out on some important matters even if he is not supposed to .
By bella! [Ignore] 13,Sep,15 14:57 other posts 
I was hoping that a citizen of Great Britain would respond. Thank you.
By botanic [Ignore] 13,Sep,15 15:44 other posts 
I AM a citizen of Great Britain Bella !
By bella! [Ignore] 13,Sep,15 17:12 other posts 
Yes, botanic, I am aware that you are a citizen of Great Britain. I apologize that I didn't make it clearer that I was thanking YOU.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 18,Sep,15 17:30 other posts 
Like I said before, americans care more about UK monarchy (which is not restricted to GB, it encompasses the whole of UK), and just as well: the Brits know that and make money from that. In fact, there are more royal family magazines sold in the US than in the UK. Which is an oxymoron, because the US fought to get rid of the English.

By leopoldij [Ignore] 09,Sep,15 19:16 other posts 
But it's not an achievement in the real sense because she had the right starting conditions: by an accident of birth , she was born into this royal family. I'm not saying that she's the only one who's had the right starting conditions. Many successful people, for instance, would not have been successful had they been born in a poor home. What makes Elizabeth successful is the irrational belief of billions of people that royals are special. If people did not attribute any special status to the queen, she would not have been a queen , much in the same way that a god exists as a construct of the imagination of those who believe in this concept. The queen, nowadays, generates income for the UK , be it because Americans care more about her tan Brits like yourself, or through a hard-to-break hype that makes, e.g., products approved by her majesty the queen more prestigious than those that are approved by me, for instance. The imaginary constructs of society are still acting like powerful drugs for those who do not possess the ability to think critically and by themselves.

Nevertheless, it's remarkable that she's been on the throne more than other people who had that role, also because of accidents of birth. So congrats to Liz.
By #485312 10,Sep,15 06:46
hey without her, we wouldn't have that hottie harry, and his royal rangar cock...ld shag the randy red head any day *lix*
By leopoldij [Ignore] 12,Sep,15 19:24 other posts 
What do you know about his cock?
--------------------------------------- added after 5 hours

I prefer the ass of his ****-in-law
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only registered users can see external links
only registered users can see external links
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*** = ****.ter
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***.ter =
By #6568 10,Sep,15 09:50
Personally I take the opposite view to you.......She never asked to be a queen it was thrown upon her and she has brought a dedication to it that is unequalled in the world. She was 24 and now she is nearly 90 and she has made it abundantly clear that its a life sentence of dedication that she is under. She has made a fantastic success of her lot and earned the respect of all true Britons....

......Sbe does not rule by either power or birthright,..she rules by grace, love, dedication, and actually bloody hard work!....things that the detractors don't 'get'
By leopoldij [Ignore] 10,Sep,15 17:31 other posts 
The funniest thing is not the queen per se but the billions of people who see something special in her.
By #485312 11,Sep,15 04:03
they'll do anything to sell a tea towel *Lix*
By leopoldij [Ignore] 11,Sep,15 19:06 other posts 
Yes. That's just about the only use of the monarchs. Selling tea towels and mints, all appointed by her majesty the queen.
--------------------------------------- added after 104 seconds

Oh, I forgot. It's fashion and art too. The queen promotes these fashionable hats and the prince of whales promotes art.
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

And let's not forget that she's representing the English god on earth: she's the CEO of the Anglican church.
By milesbferry [Ignore] 11,Sep,15 19:38 other posts 
leopold is a thick twat, not most of the time, but he is, now
By botanic [Ignore] 13,Sep,15 15:50 other posts 
leopold , can I ask you , what country are you from ?
By leopoldij [Ignore] 13,Sep,15 18:54 other posts 
I'd rather not say. But I'm familiar with a number of countries.
By #281008 18,Sep,15 17:16
By leopoldij [Ignore] 18,Sep,15 17:26 other posts 
sorry? please elaborate!
By botanic [Ignore] 13,Sep,15 15:46 other posts 
well said oldbugle

By #452019 18,Sep,15 09:07
vive la revolution!

a bunch of german parasites, the uk is a joke.
By #281008 18,Sep,15 17:16

By #495036 12,Sep,15 18:12
When Liz was young she was a stone cold fox!

By palunko [Ignore] 10,Sep,15 11:39 other posts 
I am disgusted by all royal families in the world, especially with British one. They are bunch of degenerates
By #6568 10,Sep,15 15:06
Yes, I'm also disgusted by unearned privalege and useless royals, especially the British ones......

.......But I know the real thing when I see it!
By leopoldij [Ignore] 11,Sep,15 19:22 other posts 
Like the king of sweden. He liked to have sex with (very young) bookers. only registered users can see external links

By botanic [Ignore] 09,Sep,15 19:52 other posts 
well put old bugle, hear hear !

By palunko [Ignore] 09,Sep,15 09:42 other posts 
So what is her achievement? that she is still alive and that she was born as "special royal ass" ?

only registered users can see external links
By #6568 09,Sep,15 10:22
Her resounding achievement is that she has earned almost total respect and honour in a country that has lost it's way and become an unwilling melting pot of the worlds human detritus.

In her 60 plus years she has had to stsand bye and watch as her kingdom has been betrayed and the indigenous population humiliated and disrespected. She has kept station while her communities have been sold into the slavery of poverty from once happy purpose and industry that supplied a way of life that has changed the world for the better.

She has had to stand and care while her country has been sold to foreigners and spat on by a powerful group of traitors who pretended to offer an honourable future while atually betraying all that is good....andn there was much to celebrate.

She has not put a foot wrong and has worried and fretted in private along with her real subjects. ALL REAL BRITONS will ALWAYS rise to her support as she has unselfishly risen to theirs......Few people in the world enjoy such genuine respect.......She IS the living figurehead of the kingdom that we all have lost......

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