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watching guys jerk there cock off

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

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Started by #590537 [Ignore] 02,Jun,19 10:42

what do you boys and girls think about watching guys jerk there cock off and cumming?

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By Paktax [Ignore] 19,Oct,22 18:05 other posts 

By All469ernow [Ignore] 17,Oct,22 09:38 other posts 
Volume down warning
I moan a bit as I explode

By routemaster [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 04:25 other posts 
I love watching other guys jerk off and guys watching me jerk off too. Been in the centre of lots of circle jerks too, so horny watching guys cum and all their spunk landing on me!
By cumcouplessa [Ignore] 06,Oct,22 15:15 other posts 
Hubby here. Best ever

By #677376 06,Oct,22 12:58
I absolutely love the thought of someone watching me jerk off! Also really love jerk off sites where I can get verbal or written reaction from the person thatís watching me.

By #680589 06,Oct,22 00:28
Im a straight guy but will let a guy watch me jack off n. Even jack off with me wana watch mee cum

By #574505 01,Oct,22 10:08
I like to have some one watch me jerkoff

By PITBULL [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 09:50 other posts 
I love to watch guy jerk off and cum.

By #677376 01,Oct,22 02:10
I regularly go to jerk off live sites so I can jerk off with someone. Itís awesome!

By Lvphose [Ignore] 29,Sep,22 04:19 other posts 
Donít have any guy friends willing to do in person so one reason on this site is to see some of that and hope someone watches me do it!

By thebeewolf [Ignore] 18,Sep,22 11:21 other posts 
It's fucking awesome. There's great videos of it on major porn sites. I like the ones where the guy pumps is rod through a fleshlight quick shot.
By thickswingercock [Ignore] 19,Sep,22 03:39 other posts 
i do that lol.

By #625826 18,Sep,22 23:44
Mmmmmmm ,makes me Horny ,Moaning mmmmm

By Strongmember# [Ignore] 14,Sep,22 18:33 other posts 
ya we should prob just circle jerk?

By APBay [Ignore] 12,Sep,22 13:47 other posts 
I love love watching guys jerking off.

By thickswingercock [Ignore] 11,Sep,22 01:24 other posts 
i think people like it, i webcam and sell vids and make most of my living from people watching me jerk my cock and serve it up
By #662360 11,Sep,22 03:05
Nice work if you can get it! Iíd love to watch you in action or be a prop for you to cum over in your videos.

By #662360 10,Sep,22 17:19
Soon after I started wanking I discovered wanking with other boys watching me as they wanked too was even more exciting. Even better was student parties wanking with girls watching. I always tried to put on a good show. This is what they saw. [deleted image]

By bobdick1960 [Ignore] 10,Sep,22 16:25 other posts 
I love to masturbate watching guys wank and cum

Here's me wanking and cuming

By leopoldij [Ignore] 02,Sep,22 23:48 other posts 
only registered users can see external links

By HoneyLips [Ignore] 27,Jul,20 20:40 other posts 
LOVE watching guys jerking and cumming..... but donít have time to watch you stroking for hours..... Give me 15-20 minutes, topped off by a great cumshot!!
By Shroom [Ignore] 28,Jul,20 03:38 other posts 
How about 30 seconds?
By HoneyLips [Ignore] 29,Jul,20 03:28 other posts 
Thatís good too...
By Lvphose [Ignore] 30,Aug,21 04:10 other posts 
Here you go honey lips, this should meet your brevity request!
By Lvphose [Ignore] 02,Sep,22 23:24 other posts 
Like this maybe?

By cumcouplessa [Ignore] 02,Sep,22 20:58 other posts 
Hubby here. Doubt I'll ever be able to watch a guy wanking without at least trying to get my hands or mouth on his cock, and if he cums, I'm definatelly going in for a taste 🙈🙈
By #677384 02,Sep,22 21:18
[deleted image]mmmmm, I would love to get naked with you both..I agree...soo sexy to watch someone touching and cumming.

By Welshbloke [Ignore] 05,Sep,21 10:04 other posts 
Love the idea of a bloke jerking off in front of me,, would also love a wank mate to watch porn with, chat, have a beer and bash one out- much harder to find that I thought.
By #463848 31,Aug,22 04:21
When you have found a guy who lets you watch him wank his dick; it is not such a big progression to let you wank it for him - or vice versa.

By #64328 08,Sep,21 15:34
Something about seeing other guys masturbate has always being a major turn on for me
By Ksguy961 [Ignore] 08,Sep,21 15:48 other posts 
Seeing a guy with a hard on is a turn on by itself watching them masterbate is a bonus on its own
By #631189 08,Sep,21 16:24
Oh yes, love seeing a man naked with his penis fully erect. Such a turn on, seen it a few times on holiday

By german_guy [Ignore] 08,Sep,21 14:45 other posts 
I like to watch a guy play with his disk or mine and jerk off

By #650653 08,Sep,21 14:14
I love to watch a guy jack off. I love to see the cum shoot, ooze or dibble out the end of a swollen cock head. The only thing better is if it's 8MY* hand jackin' him off.
By #64328 08,Sep,21 14:32

By #619313 07,Sep,21 00:03
My wife finds it disgusting and sick.
By thickswingercock [Ignore] 07,Sep,21 21:31 other posts 
she sounds boring

By massco [Ignore] 06,Sep,21 21:34 other posts 
I like to watch a big thick cock being brought to the edge over and over. I donít think I could just sit and watch without taking care of myself.

By #625826 03,Sep,21 14:51
Like to watch , like to be watched
By SluttySarah069 [Ignore] 05,Sep,21 11:19 other posts 
Me as well - love watching and being watched while wanking

By jeeno [Ignore] 04,Sep,21 03:22 other posts 
i love watching and like a mutual handjob

By thickswingercock [Ignore] 04,Sep,21 01:29 other posts 
i love being watched while i jerk my cock 💦💦

i webcam and sell vids of it so it works out lol

and i love doing it to just get off like on this site

i should post some jerk and cumshot vids. i blow pretty big loads 😉

By #647941 04,Sep,21 00:04
Love watching a guy jack his cock and then cum, especially if I am there jacking too!

By #631189 03,Sep,21 13:09
Love it, one of my favourite things to watch when Iím wanking my own cock
By #64328 03,Sep,21 14:45
I would have to agree. Watching others masturbate while jacking off is always hot
By #631189 03,Sep,21 15:31
I also love watching the different ways we all wank our cocks too

By #623135 03,Sep,21 13:14
This is one of JustWillĎs favorite threads

By kebmo [Ignore] 30,Aug,21 18:58 other posts 
You will find some great videos and photos here!


By LGA6969 [Ignore] 30,Aug,21 16:51 other posts 
Love watching

By Narcan [Ignore] 31,Aug,20 11:05 other posts 
Love watching other men cum. Huge turn-on

By yellowman [Ignore] 31,Aug,20 08:11 other posts 

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