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Started by JustWill [Ignore] 18,May,19 20:13  other posts
This is a Forum Topic.
You can tell because right up at the top it says "A Forum Topic".
That's a pretty clear indication that this is, in fact, a Forum Topic.
It's in fairly big letters, too, so it's kinda hard to miss.
Anyway, this is NOT a "Stuff" topic.
It has nothing to do with "Stuff", and there will be no "Stuff" of any kind in this topic.
Keep your fuckin' "Stuff" to yourself.
It is not welcome here.
Not under any circumstances.
I am not sure yet what will be posted in this Topic.
I will let you know as soon as I figure that out.
You can bet your ass, though, that it won't be any goddamn "Stuff".

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By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 26,Jul,21 14:04 other posts 
The Saggy Granny and White Precious still need more specific instructions
By SrCums [Ignore] 26,Jul,21 14:13 other posts 
They need to try a little harder by not being singled out as fakes and stupid fakes.

By Dev01 [Ignore] 02,Jun,21 22:28 other posts 
Glad you are back. Hope all is okay
By bella! [Ignore] 02,Jun,21 23:35 other posts 
Good to see that you returned, too!
By Dev01 [Ignore] 02,Jun,21 23:59 other posts 
Thankyou . Sometimes life gets busy.
By JustWill [Ignore] 03,Jun,21 16:59 other posts 
All is going well, thanks.
Glad to see you're here, too.
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 26,Jul,21 14:03 other posts 

By #642199 02,Jun,21 22:07
How is the hottest girl on this site, give me a chuckle. Like how does one measure the hotness in Fahrenheit or Celsius? How hot does she have to be to be considered the hottest girl on the site? Once that is determined, at that point can we ask how she is?
By JustWill [Ignore] 03,Jun,21 16:58 other posts 
Spontaneous Human Combustion?
I saw that on an episode of the X-Files, I think.
By #642199 03,Jun,21 17:24
I remember that episode.
By phart [Ignore] 03,Jun,21 20:54 other posts 
Like i said in that thread ,unless i can check them with my "thermometer" I have no way of knowing if they are hot or not.

By JustWill [Ignore] 26,Jun,20 16:46 other posts 
In case you are wondering:

The Forum topic PUFFY PUSSY LIPS is NOT about a cat having some type of allergic reaction.
By #642199 02,Jun,21 22:08
Damn it. I do love a good cat allergy tale.

By JustWill [Ignore] 09,Jun,20 21:16 other posts 
I just found this old comment another member made about me in the Forum:

"He is the epitaph of stupidity."

I'll just let that speak for itself.
By bella! [Ignore] 09,Jun,20 23:06 other posts 
Seriously, someone said you're the "epitaph of stupidity"? That's really funny, in a STOOOPID way!
By JustWill [Ignore] 10,Jun,20 06:48 other posts 

By bigg [Ignore] 10,Jun,20 13:23 other posts 
Iīd rather be the epitaph of stupidity

than the upiditaph of ependipidopity

or something like that

time for more beer

By JustWill [Ignore] 04,Jun,20 20:03 other posts 
There is a Forum Topic labeled "LOOSE PUSSY!".

It is not about an escaped cat.
By #551147 10,Jun,20 03:20
ROFLMAO 😄😆🤣😂 Good one!
By JustWill [Ignore] 10,Jun,20 06:37 other posts 
It made me sad.
I thought I was going to read a charming story about someone's pet.

By JustWill [Ignore] 04,Jun,20 19:58 other posts 
Regarding the "How many cocks your wife sucked?" topic:

No matter what number she told you, she is lying.
By bella! [Ignore] 09,Jun,20 23:01 other posts 
Really, JustWill, she's lying?

By JustWill [Ignore] 27,May,20 08:42 other posts 
The Forum Topic "Show Me Your Erected Dick" has always made my head kinda hurty.
Not because of the content (I love a nice picture of a handsome stiffy!), but because "erected" doesn't mean what the original poster THINKS it means.
Unless, of course, his intent was to see photos of "constructed" peckers and everyone else just got it wrong...
By bella! [Ignore] 27,May,20 12:58 other posts 
To date, do you think that it is possible that 486 posters got it wrong? The members continue to post pictures of their erected dicks, so much for your head being kinda hurty.


By the way, as a child, did you ever receive an erector set? If so, how did you utilize it? Hmmmmmmm......????
By JustWill [Ignore] 27,May,20 16:57 other posts 
Of course I believe that all 486 posters got it wrong. Do you think that my views about the intelligence of the human race changed while I was away?

Until one of those pics displays a dingus made of lumber or bricks, the whole thing is just WRONG!

I did have an erector set as a child. I used it for a while, then moved on to microscopes and chemistry sets. They were much more interesting.
I used it to make the sort of stuff that erector sets were created to make. However, I was not allowed to play with my erections at the dinner table...
By bella! [Ignore] 27,May,20 17:28 other posts 
Well, I guess if you are required to put your hands on your lap to avoid elbows on the table, whatever happens, happens!
By bella! [Ignore] 30,May,20 13:25 other posts 
If you found "Show Me Your Erected Dick" curious, there seems to be a companion thread, "how do you rate an erected dick.....".

By JustWill [Ignore] 30,May,20 20:25 other posts 
You rate it by the quality of the craftsmanship that went into building it.
By bella! [Ignore] 30,May,20 22:36 other posts 
Oh, no you don't! You make it sound as though the rating process is something that everyone is aware of and mister, I'm here to tell you that you would be wrong! Where is it documented, the quality and craftsmanship "standards" of an erected dick? There aren't any, that's why! GOTCHA!
By JustWill [Ignore] 31,May,20 08:48 other posts 
The "standards" are all determined by local and state law.
Ignorance of the law is no excuse!
Before erecting a dick, make sure you have the proper permits, and that your construction is to local and state code.
A person can be fined for a poorly erected penis.
By bella! [Ignore] 31,May,20 09:23 other posts 
There you go, flipping it back onto me!
By JustWill [Ignore] 04,Jun,20 16:00 other posts 
Of course.
What's your point?

By JustWill [Ignore] 27,May,20 17:02 other posts 
A weird Forum Topic:

"If you secretly own sex toys, where do you hide them?"

If I told you that, they wouldn't be SECRET anymore, now would they?
By bella! [Ignore] 27,May,20 17:29 other posts 
It's just impossible for you to keep a secret! Why do you seem to enjoy stirring things up?
By Ray10754 [Ignore] 27,May,20 17:49 other posts 
Best place to hide them would be with the other STUFF!!
By bella! [Ignore] 27,May,20 19:04 other posts 
Uh, the best place to stir crap up is definitely there!
By JustWill [Ignore] 27,May,20 21:34 other posts 
Ray, just because it is you, I am not going to get all ranty about how you snuck some damn "stuff" in here...
By JustWill [Ignore] 27,May,20 21:38 other posts 
I do not "stir things up".
I merely point out goofy crap, and things just get all stirred up around me.

It is not my fault that my World View is a tad left of center...
By bella! [Ignore] 27,May,20 19:12 other posts 
By the way, one of my favorite thread titles is; Married? Does your wife know?

Could it even be possible that she wouldn't? And if she was unaware, what could have possibly happened that would leave her clueless?
By JustWill [Ignore] 27,May,20 21:36 other posts 
Maybe she is a mail-order bride who doesn't speak the same language and just thinks she is on a really long vacation?
By bella! [Ignore] 27,May,20 21:38 other posts 
Oh, now that IS a possibility! Good answer!
By JustWill [Ignore] 27,May,20 21:45 other posts 
"Good Answer" is my middle name.
No, wait...Ian is my middle name.
I need a nap...
By bella! [Ignore] 27,May,20 21:52 other posts 
It's 21:51 where you are. Forget the nap, pack it in and call it a day.
By 2nice [Ignore] 27,May,20 23:16 other posts 
Ian, is not your middle name.
By JustWill [Ignore] 28,May,20 06:48 other posts 
It's not?
Oh, hell, I have been a forger all these years...

By kebmo [Ignore] 27,May,20 20:34 other posts 
Wind can not be seen.
By bella! [Ignore] 27,May,20 20:39 other posts 
By kebmo [Ignore] 27,May,20 21:02 other posts 
That's all. The next time someone says that they can see the wind or look at the wind you'll remember it.
By dgraff [Ignore] 27,May,20 21:06 other posts 
But itís moves the tree limbs so in a sense I can see it
By kebmo [Ignore] 27,May,20 21:08 other posts 
You see the effects of the wind but not the wind itself. If there were no trees there you wouldn't see anything but the wind would still be blowing.
--------------------------------------- added after 39 seconds

Deep thoughts, by Kebmo.
By dgraff [Ignore] 27,May,20 21:12 other posts 
True but I would know itís there
By #583549 27,May,20 21:19
And the clouds are moved by it also.In a sense it can be seen by it's effect on the earth and sky.
By JustWill [Ignore] 27,May,20 21:33 other posts 
I can see the wind.
Then again, I have voices in my head, so what the hell do I know?

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