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By 2nice 02,Jul,21 10:03
I wonder if she still has her penis?

By 2nice 28,Jun,21 11:12
I would agree, kebmo.

By 2nice 24,Jun,21 20:24
Word for Friday June 25th: SUNSET

Highly Suspect - Serotonia

I wish that everyone I knew was dead
So that I'd never have to pick up the phone
I just wanna be naked
And masturbate all day at home

Of california dreamin'
Oh my heart just started screamin'
I think I want to be alive

I wish I lived on top of the SUNSET
Yeah cause Hollywood you know my type
I'll get stoned all night with Lana
Half in and half out of the light

It's California dreamin'
Oh my heart just started screamin'
I think I wanna be alive

I can feel it too
So what am I waiting for?
I'm afraid of you
It's just I'm not that good of a person
But I might be enough for you

I'm gonna move to California
I'm gonna melt into the sand
Slow dance with Elizabeth Taylor
And Audrey
Bum a cigarette from Cary Grant
Now New York you know I love you
Because you made me who…

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By 2nice 18,Jun,21 00:00
And...just when you think you know someone.

By 2nice 17,Jun,21 21:22
Bella is not, in the domination game.

By 2nice 09,Jun,21 21:27
No fish flies on my side of Michigan, Bella. You need to move to the west side. We have much better beaches, far less traffic, and oh, no fish flies.

By 2nice 07,Jun,21 20:31
Why. Why. Why???

By 2nice 05,Jun,21 02:29
JustWill is a GOD.

By 2nice 03,Jun,21 21:14
You are a classy one, indeed.

By 2nice 03,Jun,21 21:11
There is nothing sexy about poop.

By 2nice 01,Jun,21 20:40
Angel, I go out of my way to disregard your comments in this forum, but I must comment now.

The way you recklessly throw around the word, "HOMO".

You do it an such a derogatory and disrespectful manner. Like it is a bad thing. A shameful thing. There are many people here, including myself that do experiment with the same sex, and I do find it offensive.

By 2nice 01,Jun,21 18:59
Yes,...indeed, who would want to see that camel toe?

By 2nice 28,May,21 11:58
I miss him too.

By 2nice 25,May,21 11:58

By 2nice 23,May,21 20:27
Summer is finally peeking it’s head out in Michigan.

By 2nice 23,May,21 20:18

By 2nice 11,May,21 16:51
How colorful. Hence your username.

By 2nice 09,May,21 11:44
Our country is really stupid right now. On so many levels of fucktardedness.

By 2nice 08,May,21 15:27
She had to read your post more than once. I guess you shouldn’t have used such big words.

By 2nice 05,May,21 17:03

By 2nice 05,May,21 16:58
Thank you, Joe Biden.

By 2nice 28,Apr,21 20:44
I’m still holding you to our hot dog date. 😊

By 2nice 28,Apr,21 20:42
Pickles and hot dogs!

By 2nice 28,Apr,21 19:07
I usually go for dill.

By 2nice 24,Apr,21 13:54
Bad form, and so what? Your tits are saggier than your ass.

Glass houses.
--------------------------------------- added after 3 hours

A coward, hmmmm...

Lix, you certainly know a lot about being a coward. A true coward, like yourself, blacklists someone, and then talks shit about them. Afraid you are, and you are pathetic.

By 2nice 21,Apr,21 20:28
That’s crazy. I haven’t seen one of those in years!

By 2nice 20,Apr,21 17:01
Yes, Jamaica’s climate is much better this time of year.

I wear flip flops year round in Michigan, you wimp.

By 2nice 19,Apr,21 19:47
You enable her.

By 2nice 19,Apr,21 18:39
For the life of me. I do not understand why you and Bella continue to interact with this thing?

By 2nice 14,Apr,21 09:36
Amber Lynn.

By 2nice 10,Apr,21 17:08
I was wearing everything.

By 2nice 10,Apr,21 16:35
It is an opportunity to reduce the chance of infection. Absolutely.

By 2nice 10,Apr,21 16:30
Quite bad form, and you ARE an ass, sir.

By 2nice 05,Apr,21 00:39
I went through airport security this morning. No issues.

By 2nice 03,Apr,21 19:04
I’m getting it. Why, wouldn’t you?

By 2nice 26,Mar,21 16:28
Visit my profile for your answer. 😊

By 2nice 25,Mar,21 20:38
You are replying to a post that is two years old.

By 2nice 21,Mar,21 18:48
I’d like to see those “studies” that straight women prefer a jungle cock.

By 2nice 18,Mar,21 17:00
Yeah? Well, he still hasn’t fessed up about that girl under his balls.

By 2nice 17,Mar,21 18:49
Some things never change.

By 2nice 14,Mar,21 10:08
That is not a sexual experience. It is a medical physical exam, and there is nothing sexual about it.

By 2nice 23,Feb,21 14:01
Based on my trips to Hedonism, 80% of the men were shaved or trimmed short there.

By 2nice 03,Feb,21 05:04
It’s an app that allows you to send money to someone.

By 2nice 22,Jan,21 19:01

By 2nice 06,Jan,21 17:53
I’m confused, because I believe we are saying the same thing. In regards to protests.

The despicable behavior of this crowd of protesters do not represent the American public of Trump supporters. They are less than a size of an gnat against the majority.

By 2nice 06,Jan,21 17:29
Did I not say that I do not condone violent protests?

By 2nice 06,Jan,21 16:49
First of all, I do not condone any sort of violent protest. There is always a better way. I keep hearing on the news that this activity is “UnAmerican”.

Storming the Capital building is “UnAmerican”. Which I do agree.

But, how is upholding a fraudulent election, “American”?

Both sides of this country are at fault.

By 2nice 05,Jan,21 19:26
I have my favorite, but I'll never tell.

By 2nice 03,Jan,21 15:20
Well, I guess I’m not familiar with driving on the correct side of the road. I am quite familiar with roundabouts though, we have those here.

By 2nice 03,Jan,21 14:18
I’ve never seen that sign in Michigan, or any other place for that matter. You want to talk about strange street signs, I took a vacation to the UK once. I was completely lost. There was no way I was driving anywhere.