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Started by bella! [Ignore] 20,May,18 18:36  other posts
Please feel free to post miscellaneous subject matter, aka STUFF in this thread.

Please attempt to remain somewhat respectful to other members, ninnyhammers, dummies and folks you just don't like. Thank you.

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By bella! [Ignore] 24,Jul,21 13:38 other posts 
Why pay for what you want? Looks like California is the place that makes those dreams come true.

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By phart [Ignore] 24,Jul,21 13:45 other posts 
Welcome to biden's Amerika!
That is the liberals wet dream right there.Now,who pays in the end for all that stolen stuff? The customers in line at the cash register.Paying higher prices for the stuff they want.
Getting fired for trying to prevent theft? Sheesh,makes me not want to go to best buy if they don't appreciate their employees hard work any more than that.
By bella! [Ignore] 24,Jul,21 14:22 other posts 
That was a hoot that shoplifters were able to stroll out of the store because they knew no one would stop them. Gee, if the police got there or were involved, then the thieves could have used the customer's video to cry "excessive force".
By phart [Ignore] 24,Jul,21 21:23 other posts 
I am wondering if i hit I40 and head out that way, could I find a couple stores that "sell" some Georgia work boots and maby some new underware? sure would save me a couple 100 bucks!

Edit,I may be the wrong color,perhaps some shoe polish will help and a change in my slanguage
By cody8789 [Ignore] 25,Jul,21 02:16 other posts 
What you all dont understand, the theft that happens in the stores, it's not worth getting hurt trying to stop someone for a few bucks, and they don't get paid to stop shoplifters. Also the stores don't lose money from theft, after there inventories they total there loses and raise prices on there products and charge the customers extra to cover the loses, plus they can write it off as losses on there yearly taxes, no loss. They just charge dgraff and phart more money for shoes and food
By phart [Ignore] 25,Jul,21 09:09 other posts 
in other words if what I need is only a few 100 bucks worth, the store should just give it to me and be done with it?
By dgraff [Ignore] 25,Jul,21 10:09 other posts 
I donít wear shoes anymore Iím trying to stay barefoot and pregnant
By cody8789 [Ignore] 25,Jul,21 02:38 other posts 
Companies are not paying for injuries due to stopping shoplifting, and they don't want the legal expenses which would be so much more then just letting them go, and the thieves know this so there all out stealing knowing they won't be stopped. Where I shop at, if an employee even touches a shoplifter as they walk out the door,they will be terminated.
By bella! [Ignore] 25,Jul,21 07:54 other posts 
As you may have noticed at end of the video, an employee at a Best Buy in Houston was terminated for wrestling with a shoplifter.
By Jamie [Ignore] 25,Jul,21 08:37 other posts 
Probably they don't want to pay insurance if he got hurt or killed. So they fire him

By bella! [Ignore] 25,Jul,21 07:57 other posts 
How is it possible that a member could have an Activity Rating of over 4800? Are they on the site 24/7?
By Jamie [Ignore] 25,Jul,21 08:33 other posts 
Maybe the member is the owner of the site and is babysitting it .
By bella! [Ignore] 25,Jul,21 08:45 other posts 
You think tecsan could possibly be an owner? Nah! He spends too much time on Freddy and Skittles page.
By Jamie [Ignore] 25,Jul,21 09:12 other posts 
the love they have.
By dgraff [Ignore] 25,Jul,21 10:06 other posts 
He owns an early 80s fire bird I seen pictures of the old clunker some were on this site

By phart [Ignore] 23,Jul,21 13:42 other posts 
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I guess like cumo in new york she will get away with murder of old people. Which the virus was designed to kill off anyway by the chinese.
By dgraff [Ignore] 23,Jul,21 14:31 other posts 
Donít think for one minute that all the countries leaders werenít involved
By phart [Ignore] 24,Jul,21 21:35 other posts 
doj is dropping the ball on cumo as well.
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those 2 democrap governor's could write books like oj simpson did on how to get away with murder.
By dgraff [Ignore] 25,Jul,21 02:01 other posts 

By phart [Ignore] 24,Jul,21 10:00 other posts 
I could not help but laugh at this.
A page on how to get rid of gnats but the photo is reminding the gnats how to make more!
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By bella! [Ignore] 24,Jul,21 13:27 other posts 
Hey, it was an informative article if you have a gnat infestation!
By phart [Ignore] 24,Jul,21 17:18 other posts 

By SrCums [Ignore] 24,Jul,21 11:36 other posts 
Day by day become more and more intimate with the inner stillness, joy and love which is the fragrance of your own pure heart. Keep quiet.

By bella! [Ignore] 23,Jul,21 23:12 other posts 
A member submitted a snippet of something lix posted, I was curious enough to logout and read the entire post.

By licksipsuckit...admin I have lots of people wanting to be verified ... so they can enter comps, but it seems just like before, VERIFIED MEMBERS WITH FAKE PICTURES are entering comps yet again.. so my question is, why do we have to verify all these other honest members to enter competitions, when the reason for being verified members to enter comps, was put on by a pair of fakes who needed an edge to win, and have now returned and again are entering FAKE PICTURES in the comps and are again verified by the same people as before, fully knowing they're FAKES???..
cuntrycouple54 aka alwaysfucking returned with the same pics and are again entering into competitions.. so when these pics are found and proven that they are video stills off pro porn videos, will the members who verified them again have their verifying rights revoke this time ??? or will the rest of the site have to follow the rules while this pair of fakes blatantly use these fakes pics in the comps, ruling out other people with real shots who would like a chance to win ???

By Jamie 23,Jul,21 17:32

I Google Alwaysfucking pictures and they are Real so I'm not losing my plrvige to verify.

By admin 23,Jul,21 20:34

If the images are really screenshots from videos that do not appear as individual images anywhere else, you won't find matches via google. Google can not index every keyframe from every video that exists out there.

By Jamie 23,Jul,21 20:50

Thanks Admin

By admin 23,Jul,21 18:58 ⤴ (his response to lix's claim)

If you prove what you say, I don't see how those who verified them can be excused.

By licksipsuckit 23,Jul,21 19:57

thanks admin, its only a matter of time before someone spots the video *lix*
--------------------------------------- added after 25 minutes

lix asserts that many members seek her out to become verified in order to enter "comps". Aussies seem to have a unique way of communicating, often times they choose to shorten words when speaking or writing. I will assume that "comps" means competitions and if I'm correct, the ONLY competition that a member needs verification for is the Pic of the Month. So why is lix moanin' and groanin'?

lix, why not verify all 2400 of your friends and blow up all the "comps"? I bet all your devotees, admirers, fans, whatever would love to be verified by you. But if you are bombarded by all these verification requests, it's going to cut into your ability to spend time searching the web for whatever you're searching for. lix, my guess is that you don't even recognize how venomous you've become and how desperate and hateful you appear.
By dgraff [Ignore] 24,Jul,21 06:32 other posts 
Is it not funny how someone can be so obsessed with proving someone has fake pictures yet has friends with fake profiles some times in life we need to stop and look in our own mirror to see if we like the image we possess
By Dev01 [Ignore] 24,Jul,21 07:09 other posts 
Agreed . It projects may 12 percent of what real Australians think. Not all Australians are like that. It lives on the central coast with a Mt druitt life style never amounts to nothing, not even central coast shit. I know where this cunt comes from and well the days of the body of a prawn is better than the head is yet to be proven. Fuck her. In Australia it is know as a deep sea racing mullet
By dgraff [Ignore] 24,Jul,21 07:29 other posts 
By bella! [Ignore] 24,Jul,21 09:09 other posts 
It seems like I've poked the bear(s) with my copy and paste. Both big momma bear and big momma bears old nasty retarded friend, a big bear wannabe in training, have "mentioned" me in their posts. I bet them bitches woke up with sand in their vaginas.
By dgraff [Ignore] 24,Jul,21 09:20 other posts 
I could tell them both were to pound sand
By bella! [Ignore] 24,Jul,21 09:03 other posts 
Dev, you're an Aussie, was my assumption about "comps" correct? "comps" is a short version of the word competition?

By Jamie [Ignore] 23,Jul,21 16:37 other posts 
I don't understand why she has one pic but hides all her pictures then reposted again. Does she does it for points. It's not the frist time..
By bella! [Ignore] 23,Jul,21 17:36 other posts 
Who are you speaking about?
By Jamie [Ignore] 23,Jul,21 17:39 other posts 
By bella! [Ignore] 23,Jul,21 23:04 other posts 
She has uploaded 226 pictures however only 25 pictures are visible. All pictures posted prior to and including May 9, 2021.

Yeah, she was the one that won a Free Theme Photo contest by submitting a nude which was a "private picture".

By Andthisisme [Ignore] 22,Jul,21 10:44 other posts 
I write the following in sadness and not for any other reason'

For 75 years following the end of WW2 the US was seen as,and indeed acted as the 'Policeman of the world' and the 'Protector of democracy'. Even though this was not always popular at home.
It is so sad then, that today the US is increasingly seen as irrelevant as China, for example, spreads it's tentacles and soft power round the world.
This may be a deliberate isolationist policy related to the idea of 'America First'. President Trump did in fact float the idea of pulling the US out of NATO. An idea that many US citizens might feel sympathy for, and of course that the US is fully entitled to do.

I just think that it is so sad that, at the moment, the US is widely seen as more of a joke than anything else, owing to the antics of self serving politicians and commentators who are prepared to prolong the 'National nightmare' that is playing out relating to the 2020 election and January 6th.
Nothing exemplifies this more than the ludicrous Republican selections to sit on the January 6th Commission, given the regularly espoused views by a number of those nominated by Kevin Mcarthy. A cynic might believe he nominated those people to achieve exactly this end.
And the world laughs even more.
By phart [Ignore] 22,Jul,21 11:46 other posts 
Well no matter who is on that panel,their minds are made up,Trump guilty of whatever charge they drum up.

As for the US being policeman of the world,it is way PAST time to stop keeping up that charade.It cost us Millions of dollars for no gain.
Europe is no longer damaged by the war,they have rebuilt better than before and have funds to pay for their own defense now.At the time nato was thought up,europe was in ruins,it made sense to help them.
Pulling out of Nato was mentioned to get the other members motivated to pay their fair share of expense's for the job.
By Andthisisme [Ignore] 22,Jul,21 12:31 other posts 
I do understand that point of view concerning NATO and some European countries failing to pay their fair share of NATOs costs.
My concern about the two separate January 6th commissions is that they will deliver two reports that are irreconcilable. The panel members put up and rejected have made it quite clear what their agenda is. I do accept that Trump supporters will feel the same about the Pelosi commission. Which is why it is a shame that McCarthy didnít do the big thing and put up people Pelosi would not object to.
By phart [Ignore] 22,Jul,21 13:33 other posts 
Well it should be dropped all together.People have been arrested,in jail,trials are taking place.
If wrong was done by a judges ruling then punishment will be rendered,I see no need for a panel to do anything.The only purpose the panel serves is to extend the media coverage of it as long as possiable.
By Andthisisme [Ignore] 22,Jul,21 14:36 other posts 
I do agree that many of those involved in the events of January 6th are now facing the consequences of their actions in courts.
I think that the argument for a commission would be that as so much misinformation is being spread about what happened or did not happen then an independent commission could get to the facts.
Alas a bipartisan commission was not possible.
By phart [Ignore] 22,Jul,21 18:24 other posts 
Due to it not being bipartisan, it should not be at all.
By Andthisisme [Ignore] 23,Jul,21 09:37 other posts 
Don't you think it important for the truth about those events to be discovered and untruths disproved on whichever side?
By phart [Ignore] 23,Jul,21 16:22 other posts 
I don't have a issue with the truth being found.But I do not trust democrats alone to find and broadcast the truth.They are biased.

Should be a even number of democrats and republicans and 2 independents for balance.
The US has never been the policeman of the world. That would mean the US respects international law and acts accordingly, to protect the victims of international law breakers.

The US has always acted on it's self interest. The Nazis, Russians, Chinese, etc were/are all rivaling superpowers, fighting the US over control of land, people and resources. If Europe ever trusted the US to protect them, that was very naive.
I agree we should ramp up our own defense. However, I don't mean paying the US
for their protection (like Trump suggested), I mean Europe having a strong military
of it's own and not being dependent on the US for anything.

If you think the wars in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria are policing wars, you are kidding yourself. It's good the US fought against the Nazis, but you were not the only one. Even the Russians fought them.
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 23,Jul,21 10:52 other posts 
Well, the Dutch just laid down in WWII, so thankfully others stepped up.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 23,Jul,21 11:39 other posts 
That is not far from the truth. According to Wikipedia: "After the war broke out,
the Netherlands declared neutrality. The country was subsequently invaded and occupied.". We resisted a short while, which resulted in 2,300 military and 3,000 civilian deaths, but when Rotterdam and Amsterdam were bombed to smithereens, we decided to bravely chicken out and our queen decided to valiantly run off to England. Then the Netherlands lived (and died (a lot)) under German rule for five years.
Some people helped the Germans by betraying the Jews, but a lot were in the resistance to save a lot of Jews and fight the Germans covertly.
I would like to state that the Germans had 13.6 million soldiers and the total population of The Netherlands was 8.8 million.
By dgraff [Ignore] 22,Jul,21 22:32 other posts 
I hope the United States does pull out of nato the rest of the world will be lost as we the people sit back and laugh 😂
By Andthisisme [Ignore] 23,Jul,21 09:42 other posts 
The US could certainly do that and sit back laughing as Russia and China take a stranglehold on Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia.
I just wonder if that is in the US's best interests. It may well be. Certainly in the 1930's that was the view taken by many many Americans. Events on the other side of the world were nothing to do with the US.. then came Pearl Harbour !!!
By dgraff [Ignore] 23,Jul,21 11:07 other posts 
I think the Japanese will never try that again after we delivered the big one hell to this day people over there are still dying of radiation poisoning
By phart [Ignore] 23,Jul,21 13:45 other posts 
Very sad they were so hard headed it took 2 nukes to explain to them they screwed up waking a sleeping giant.
By Andthisisme [Ignore] 23,Jul,21 15:59 other posts 
I wasn't suggesting that it would be the Japanese who would cause the problem, just that you never know where the danger may come from.
By phart [Ignore] 23,Jul,21 16:24 other posts 
I think the real danger lies within country's that put a high value on dyeing for their cause, such as those in the middle east .With nuclear weapons those type folks could hurt millions.
By dgraff [Ignore] 23,Jul,21 17:23 other posts 
The only ones that have not tried to start shit with the United States is China and thatís coming my grandma borne in 1883 used to read me scripture out of her old bible and she would say in the end of times the bear and the eagle will fight the dragon so at least we know the end is distant because joe Biden has his nose so far up the Chinese ass that he has a brown ring around his chin

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