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By sherryann 29,Apr,24 08:19
CAT without too much time now I do think our thoughts are due to our experience & dem republican lib conservatives are all the same anyway cause here they keep vote same one in but voting will change nothing now. What I said was mainly in answer to illegal and CAT yes it's not good or working with all illegal here. J know NYC LA other big cities are going thru same as here. Cat illegal and black commint hate crime too against white only never spoken. You're right I can't define that or nothing really & I'm trying to make point in short time but please try to look at the bigger picture of how things have changed since your Biden took over. I know
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Sorry hope you could read that

By sherryann 27,Apr,24 20:50
Oh yes that's a big one with that bacon ive heard of it. I do like their chili in wintertime but it is a bit spicy for me but with hot sauce it'd be too hot for me to handle

By sherryann 27,Apr,24 20:04
Wow that sounds so good! Especially on a summer day that's delicious. No I never heard of it.

By sherryann 27,Apr,24 19:03
yes I know you are right of course. Nothing better than home cooking. Too bad I never got good at it & too late now
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Oh dgraff no I actually am not but have cooked for years just never got good at it. But I know you're right about home cooking being better more nutritious and better for you than fast food. Even regular restaurant food is no good, too salty. I guess the work involved is what makes me choose to just pick up something.

By sherryann 27,Apr,24 18:42
Yeah I get that too. Mine is a Jr. whopper, fries, chicken nuggets and drink. Here they only have coke products like coke sprite etc but I bet sweet tea is good. I only had what they call iced tea here.
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I said whopper and that's Burger King not Wendy's. the 5 buck bag is a smaller cheeseburger deluxe. The whopper is a bigger burger from Burger King. Silly me

By sherryann 27,Apr,24 16:16
The majority of the public has no idea how dangerous these people are. I agree with you, that's the only way to stop them.

By sherryann 27,Apr,24 15:27
Hey phart I used to get stuff from the dollar menu which all fast foods joints discontinued.

By sherryann 27,Apr,24 08:20
the price of fast food now is enormous! Just incredible how much it is compared to a few years ago. Good reason to eat at home.

By sherryann 27,Apr,24 07:56
Yesmost people are low quality, or rather no quality people.

I used to believe in educating people but mow only if they're receptive or its wasted time. Good that you try and keep plugging away, you never know who may gain something from you!

By sherryann 26,Apr,24 23:10
Yes very confusing threads too bella! is very good to me, always has been!

By sherryann 26,Apr,24 23:02
It's impossible to talk to liberals because of their deep brainwashing and how they believe. They think WE'RE the ones indoctrinated too I don't dislike either of those 2 members at all. I just realize I can't and never will get through to them. I understand you and how you believe but I know you're not getting through. I don't fault or hate the people, just the crazy ideology. The problem is most people if not all think exactly like CAT & Anneas. Very few think like you or I or someone that agrees with us.

By sherryann 26,Apr,24 21:51
Oh I know my mistake I never was good at posting in fourm

By sherryann 26,Apr,24 21:49
Of course

By sherryann 26,Apr,24 21:26
Cowboys to girls The Intruders

By sherryann 26,Apr,24 17:37
Oh I didn't see phart, that was for bella!

By sherryann 26,Apr,24 17:36

By sherryann 25,Apr,24 22:40
That's terrible. She told of murder and **** and those that they shipped here where I am are doing the same thing and more. worst president ever is biden even worse than obama

By sherryann 25,Apr,24 22:32
well little is better than big (that's why I prefer not to downgrade little ones even if the guy likes that) cause not everyone goes wild for a huge dick.

By sherryann 25,Apr,24 18:01
A big penis hurts. No good.

By sherryann 18,Apr,24 21:52
Oh this is something important and so true! I had an old car with regular wind, the kind you roll down with your hand. I loved that old car especially the windows. I have a car and the power windows don't always work. I hate that piece of shit car!!!
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Windows not wind

By sherryann 13,Apr,24 20:10
yes he is a murderer! And yes he got away with it. I will never forget when the verdict was read all the blacks cheered hooting and hollering and carrying on like crazy. Two people were brutally murdered and they were celebrating. It was pathetic. For those that don't know, that's how blacks feel about whites, they want us dead! Believe it or not I don't care, I'm just trying to teach you something.

By sherryann 10,Apr,24 21:02
like that link, so glad that's over with.

By sherryann 08,Apr,24 21:13
that was a good read thanks. Making it illegal to discard clothes though...what next? I do have lots of clothes that I get rid of. Good to cut down on buying them instead.

By sherryann 08,Apr,24 12:40
Mind boggling.

By sherryann 08,Apr,24 12:22
Do people like seeing that, and what is the attraction? Is it because everyone else likes it? I an not smart enough to know much about it but like learning.

By sherryann 05,Apr,24 18:46
You are everything Stylistics

By sherryann 04,Apr,24 22:25
yes your last sentence is very true!
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By sherryann 04,Apr,24 22:19
I can understand your point but have to agree with CAT, there's no excuse for **** whatever the woman is wearing. I see why people complain and blame the women who are barely dressed but **** happens even if the woman has baggy clothes fully covered maybe not even looking feminine at all. I've heard young women say they try not to look pretty or they wear rags and I think that's sadly very telling of a sick society that we now live in. Why should a pretty young woman dress ratty, not wear makeup etc. just because she's scared of being raped? I too can understand your point of being safe and not dressing to stand out to a would be rapist but again take cats side on this, no one should get raped. I don't care what she wears, she doesn't deserve to get raped.

By sherryann 04,Apr,24 21:41
sorry bella! you went through that. I can just hear her on the line not even being courteous, it really burns me up cause I've had the same experience too many times to mention. The USPS is beyond horrible & I wish the mail system would fold completely. Even though I'm not good at online stuff I'd welcome just email instead of regular mail. I know it won't happen but there's too many problems with USPS. I will now look at link. I'm not too familiar with those names.
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oh they're funny yes I haven't watched that show much. But him having those packages in that closet reminds me of real life stories of mailman hoarding all the mail somewhere never delivering it.

By sherryann 04,Apr,24 19:06

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And if you have packages coming they never deliver them. They either steal them, put it on the wrong house then someone else steals them, or they may but not likely, leave them out in the open somewhere so passersby see them and snatch them cause the opportunity is given. Now I said it all! But if you want to get your package safely don't use USPS! Go with FedEx, they are good. Or UPS, NOT to be confused with the United States Postal Service, USPS. UPS is very good along with FedEx, they are both ok. But the post offices here and the mailman, females too, are the worst most lazy incompetent do nothing rats in the world. And anyone who relies on them knows I'm right!

By sherryann 04,Apr,24 17:46
oh how true this is and I hate the USPS! First, the workers getting paid exorbitant amounts of pay for not doing shit, those imbeciles can't even read one dam name in the English language! They're disgusting trash no good piece of garbage so called workers. For over 40 years they have never put the mail in the correct boxes!!! If those idiots can't read then go work cleaning toilets. They never deliver properly, never look at the names, just throw that crap anywhere cause they don't care and are never held accountable. They are thieving rats too, they steal the mail! They are the worst system in this whole nation and it all boils down to the incompetent employees. They sure as hell don't work. They're rude as hell too. Nothing people, they're trash thinking they're normal.

By sherryann 03,Apr,24 21:28
I discovered long ago there's a time & place to not wear revealing clothes, women complain the most, not men.

By sherryann 26,Mar,24 22:00
Trump supporter, thank you your eloquent reply means so much

By sherryann 26,Mar,24 15:34
we're in bad times. I'm hoping you're my same Trump supporter. Have a good day.

By sherryann 26,Mar,24 00:17

By sherryann 24,Mar,24 20:03
Yes me too, I'd buy it yes!

By sherryann 23,Mar,24 22:43
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Thank you Trump supporter. You bring true wisdom to this site and it doesn't go unnoticed. Thank you. For those of us who understand you and your points we appreciate your input here.

By sherryann 23,Mar,24 22:28
Your last sentence is so true, I'm in one of those dem cities, a real shithole!!! Disease place, crime out of control with disgusting low IQ rotten degenerate lowlife rats thinking they're actually human! These people disgust me!
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Trump supporter, I meant your last sentence of your first paragraph.

By sherryann 23,Mar,24 22:18
How I agree! I was just reading some and made my Saturday night. I needed to laugh for a change
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Those bus driver descriptions and the predator just released from prison is truly realistic among other characters... In the NYC stories.

By sherryann 23,Mar,24 21:39
I am

By sherryann 23,Mar,24 20:54
I agree

By sherryann 23,Mar,24 20:46

By sherryann 23,Mar,24 16:55

By sherryann 23,Mar,24 16:53
I couldn't watch this one in full

By sherryann 23,Mar,24 16:51
Oh wow

By sherryann 23,Mar,24 16:49

By sherryann 23,Mar,24 16:46

By sherryann 23,Mar,24 10:24
agree with that last guy sorry I'm just being honest.

By sherryann 23,Mar,24 10:19
bad but I have no pity for drug users, no one's forcing them to take drugs.

By sherryann 23,Mar,24 10:16
Yes sadly that's how people are, she never was a "best friend" which I've never had anyway, but we knew each other for several years. That's how Trump affected people, it brought out their hate in my real life experiences but I see it's all people given the abuse I took here on this site simply because I like Trump.