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The Saggy Granny- Twowarmstts2 aka Hotpussy

Discussion Forum on Show It Off   [Drama Queens Fighting section]

Started by Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 12,Aug,19 16:07  other posts
Post your true thoughts about this old saggy granny. No positive comments will be allowed

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By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 11,Jul,22 20:18 other posts 
Member Cat A true saggy granny of the site! A failure in life and a failure on the site!

By CAT [Ignore] 11,Jan,22 08:36 other posts 
Manchild is a cunt, Can not think for himself, he is a shadow account. Makes a blog so he can filter responses.. I screenshot all. He loves the Dom game hence why his activity meter is high. Only deletes my posts so who is he 🤣. As long as he lights my wick I will respond. Asked for 20 more shit gifts so I obliged... ungrateful cunt. BTW those emojis are what I sent when I r@ped his page and can only copy and paste. A true princess Dev01

By Jamie [Ignore] 12,Aug,19 19:52 other posts 
Why is this here in the dumpster...?
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 13,Aug,19 19:24 other posts 
Because that is where anything about Twowarm truly belongs.
By Jamie [Ignore] 13,Aug,19 22:24 other posts 
By #623135 25,May,21 01:20
How true. Anything Skittles or Jamie has to say belongs in the dumpster
By phart [Ignore] 07,Nov,21 17:28 other posts 
Why is this in the dumpster?

By #623135 20,May,21 09:46
[deleted image]

for your pleasure

By phart [Ignore] 12,Aug,19 23:31 other posts 
The "member" has numerous issues and I can only hope the "member" gets help. At 1 time we communicated and got along but things got negitive on the "members" end quickly becuase of how I voted in 2016.

I have stopped griping about the "member",I have also stopped giving a shit about the "member" or what the " member" says. if the "member" says something negitive about me,just consider the source and go forward.I don't feel like mentioning that I feel like the "member" has issues is a problem or slander because it could arouse some thoughts that would promote them to seek help.As long as a person is alive,there is hope for them.

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