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Alberta- It just sounds like it sucks ass

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 21,Sep,19 12:06  other posts
Found this on Urban Dictionary- Oh Canada, come suck my balls

A place where everyone fucks you over.... and nothing goes your way... People say that the Alberta economy "used" to be good... that's because of the high turn over that results from all the wrongful dismissals/terminations by Alberta employers...

Calgary - Perfect place to die of a fentanyl overdose, get pegged with bullshit tickets by corrupt cops, get wrongfully dismissed from your job, get legally robbed in court by your ex wife or partner, or commit suicide cause Calgary, and pretty much all of Alberta, has absolutely fucking nothing going on in this dead ass hick town. Its a city for name's sake.

Don't even try to bring up the Stampede cause that gets old real fast. Oh and forget about finding a good girlfriend to date here unless u driving high roller truck, and work in fort mac or on the Riggs. Cause that's exactly what the Albertan girls are all about. Its the Texas of Canada and basically, a frozen hell hole 8 months out of the year, and now that its economy is in the gutter, there is absolutely no reason to even live here. If ur really brave, try going north and live in Edmonton, which is practically a reserve. I wasted 20 years in this godforsaken hell hole. I hate you Alberta ! If you wanna move here, DON'T! unless you want to be miserable, and if you live here, MOVE!

In Calgary, Alberta, I worked for many companies, and when they let me go without cause, they didn't give me the money they owed me, so I had to sue. When I told people after it happened more than once, I was told this is normal in Alberta.

ps- Trudeau is another Black Face libtard hypocrite

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