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Does your wife sticks dildo in your butt when she give you bjs?

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Started by #427539 [Ignore] 16,Sep,13 11:23
My wife likes to fuck my ass with a dildo same time she give me a bj. Is this normal? How many wives do that? She olso sucks me when guys are fucking my ass, she say that when i get fucked and she sucks it i cumm a lot and she loves it. Does anyone have a wife that does that?

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By leopoldij [Ignore] 31,May,21 11:33 other posts 

By #261269 23,Sep,13 15:18
Whats a BJ?

By pornlover59 [Ignore] 23,Sep,13 06:31 other posts 
my wife loves to fuck me with her strap on.she also lves when I get fucked and eat her cunt never had her suck me as she used dildo on me but I will suggest it

By Exrated [Ignore] 22,Sep,13 17:19 other posts 
My first Mrs. [ super hot slut wife]
Used to shove a dildo in my ass when sucking my shaved cock.
Even better when one of her Boy friends cock was fucking me

By jl5150 [Ignore] 22,Sep,13 13:00 other posts 
My wife is totally into this, both with the dildos and other guys fucking me while she sucks me. She loves seeing me take lots of cock in me!

By #392675 20,Sep,13 22:11
This topic/thread has traumatised me.
By #23212 21,Sep,13 22:01
I'm sure Ulissis can "straghten" you out.

By #6437 21,Sep,13 08:42
My wife fucks my asshole with a strapon cock. I would rather have the rreal thing but its ok if no real cock is avaliable.

By #376736 17,Sep,13 12:58
Well of course, and I make him suck it too
By #23212 20,Sep,13 02:56
l-c-n-c, I believe he thinks ATM is something found in banks.

By lilbuttlvr [Ignore] 16,Sep,13 17:21 other posts 
dildo no...when he takes too long to cum, two fingers works the best

By spermkiss [Ignore] 16,Sep,13 12:10 other posts 
Why worry if it's normal for other people? If you and your wife enjoy doing these things, then it's normal for you. So do them, enjoy them and don't worry about it.

OK, now to give you some information which I hope is useful to you. Obviously you enjoy taking things in the ass, both dildos and real dicks. Does this make you gay or bisexual? Maybe, but probably not. A lot of straight men like to take it in the ass because prostate gland stimulation thru anal penetration is very pleasurable for many men. How many? Somewhere between a third and a half of all men. This has nothing what-so-ever to do with sexual orientation.

I can readily understand why you wife would enjoy sucking you while you are being fucked, either with the dildo or a real dick. The dual stimulation you are getting from the dick (or dildo) in your ass stimulating your prostate and her mouth on your dick is going to drive you to a very intense climax and you'll shoot her a nice big load.

It sounds as though you have a dream wife and she has a dream husband. So enjoy each other and each other's bodies and the bodies of the men you invite to join you in your bed. Cheers.
By #427539 16,Sep,13 12:15
Whaoo thanks. You really explained my situation well. I allways wondered if i was straigth or gay. I do like cocks but i am not really into gay lifestyle. So i guess i am just a straigth guy that likes anal stimulation. And as for my wife she loves having lots sex. And inviting other guys is a good idea. I could not satisfay her sex drive all by myself
--------------------------------------- added after 17 minutes

She likes cumm a lot. In her and on her few guys can really fill her up to the brim
By spermkiss [Ignore] 16,Sep,13 13:59 other posts 
So you're just a very sexual guy and your wife is a very sexual woman. You and she were made for each other.

As for liking dicks, a lot of straight guys do. You sound like a straight cocksucker and there are a lot of them. These are guys who have no romantic interest in other men, but who like to suck guys off. Do it, enjoy it and don't feel bad about it. And about enjoying taking it in the ass, well I pretty much covered that in my last note.

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