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wearing panties

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

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Started by #266546 [Ignore] 05,Jul,12 15:59
I think you should be fully .shaved of you wear panties I think the look of a freshly shaven cock in panties is so hot .

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By #691730 24,Jul,23 07:27
[deleted image]
By #662360 24,Jul,23 10:39
Nice panty bulge!

By Lvphose [Ignore] 03,Sep,22 00:58 other posts 
I prefer pantyhose!

By #662360 11,Aug,22 16:44
Panties can look good with pubic hair too. [deleted image] Here is my hairy sex kit in my wife’s panties.

By #675224 11,Aug,22 16:41
I luv jerking with panties. Who's do Yall use?

By twisted1975 [Ignore] 07,Aug,22 20:46 other posts 

By neednopants [Ignore] 07,Aug,22 12:11 other posts 

By lancerlarue [Ignore] 02,Aug,22 17:19 other posts 
They make me feel so slutty!
By #662360 06,Aug,22 05:40
Let me play with your slutty cock!
By lancerlarue [Ignore] 07,Aug,22 03:15 other posts 
That would be fantastic.

By #662360 17,Jul,22 10:12
I disagree. Here’s a gorgeous boy (not me) wearing white panties. They contrast with and show off his dark pubes very erotically. [deleted image]

By Harrym [Ignore] 17,Jul,22 09:13 other posts 
I leave a little above but cock and balls all smooth

By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 03,Oct,21 09:27 other posts 
Lady Tecsan - you should be careful and select the right panties. We don't want to see your rat Merkin
By tecsan [Ignore] 04,Oct,21 05:57 other posts 
Think plumber shittles needs to rethink this...Hell it is the faggot and probably commando as the bitch probably likes...

By #652718 03,Oct,21 00:19
Idk why but I luv seeing guys wearing or jerking off with girls panties that they live with. I think Just something about it the more purvy the harder the dicks are 😉😍😊

By ArsenSlade [Ignore] 12,Aug,21 10:14 other posts 

I'm addicted to panties...

By drew [Ignore] 03,Aug,21 17:07 other posts 

By BirdDog [Ignore] 25,Jul,21 10:24 other posts 

By #613564 16,Jun,21 01:14
It's so much more EROTIC, when she wants to shave you, and you trust her, with a razor, near your dick!! Then she takes you shopping for things SHE wants to see you in, and you just play along, even if you feel like a sissy, because you KNOW it is going to ROCK your WORLD, later!!

By Pantyboy [Ignore] 24,May,21 08:45 other posts 

By #448354 04,Dec,20 19:13

--------------------------------------- added after 65 seconds

[deleted image]

By Nottsplaymate [Ignore] 04,Dec,20 14:51 other posts 
I've just treated myself to loads of new lingerie , their will be loads of pictures to share soon
By #621517 04,Dec,20 16:26
I’ll look forward to seeing your big hard cock in tiny panties!

By #621517 03,Dec,20 07:09
Hairy cocks can look good in panties too. [deleted image]

By Samcro619 [Ignore] 03,Dec,20 05:58 other posts 
I don't wear them everyday but I certainly love wearing my thongs. Just love the way they feel and look.

By #578680 02,Dec,20 17:49
[deleted image] Wifes panties

By #500100 30,Nov,18 17:11
Must admit I love wearing them. Not been brave enough to post a pic yet though. Should I?
By #554098 05,Dec,18 23:25
I think maybe you are a little too 'gifted' to be able to fit into pretty pink panties!!
I have a rather smaller one, and one past GF teased me into trying on panties, for her joy, but they felt good! I liked how they felt, the colors, the different styles, and so on!
Nothing near what you are packing, though!!
I think if you post, you should post picks with balls falling out, or your erection out, at the elastic top! Could be really hot for some!!
By #500100 08,Jan,19 06:05
I'll give it a go then. Any prefs on colour? My wife has quite a few pairs i can squeeze into
By #579156 07,Feb,19 17:06
How about PINK!

By #543717 08,May,18 11:07
Wet panties: [deleted image]
By pipcock [Ignore] 10,May,18 17:49 other posts 
Ooooh! So so nice!
By #560814 22,Sep,18 10:46
id suck it dry BoyLover
By #571688 11,Nov,18 23:48
Damn that is very hot view
By #576459 09,Jan,19 02:37

By #566488 08,Jan,19 06:24
i think you should be shaved

[deleted image]

By #575802 05,Jan,19 23:17
[deleted image] do u like it like this then?

By bil47 [Ignore] 01,Jan,19 10:30 other posts 

By t-rex [Ignore] 01,Jan,19 16:12 other posts 
Nice 👍

By #575378 01,Jan,19 09:24
[deleted image]

[deleted image]
I know I need to shave, but those panties feels so good on me

By panties1 [Ignore] 01,Dec,18 16:34 other posts 
What's not to enjoy every day

By #501472 24,Nov,18 16:51
I prefer to waer sheer blac k tights against my penis looks good in the mirror feels and helps to get your penis hard rubbing on it

By mylilpenis [Ignore] 22,Nov,18 21:26 other posts 

I absolutely love wearing my sisters thongs and panties. They’re so tight on me. More pics on my page

By ScottsCock [Ignore] 21,Jun,18 09:41 other posts 

By #560814 22,Sep,18 10:45
Damn i luv it

By #562567 20,Jul,18 05:32
I agree too.When I see shaved cock in panties I can't resist and I need to suck it

By #556372 20,Jun,18 10:09
[deleted image]
24/7 or nude

By #559915 20,Jun,18 06:01
I agree.All those cocks in tight panties looks so hot.

By pipcock [Ignore] 13,May,18 05:03 other posts 
By #489480 17,May,18 17:26
Very hot!!

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