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Sniffing Ladies Panties

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #236861 [Ignore] 11,Jun,13 14:44
Hi, who else here has my obsession of sniffing a ladies panties after she's worn them? When I stay over at friends I like to raid the laundry basket - the youngest I've ever sniffed was a friend of mines 12 year old daughter. Her panties smelled slightly like pee. The smell makes me cum really hard

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By #566722 08,Sep,18 08:42
I enjoy sniffing dirty ladies panties too.The smell of her sweaty pussy turns me on hard.I cum so fast knowing that those panties touched her pussy for so long and now they are in my face.

By #371104 13,Jun,13 03:33
This site is getting to the low end of the barrel now most of the good guy's have gone think I will be packing my bags soon
By #328554 13,Jun,13 04:50
I can only agree, I fear that I might be riding off into the sunset soon too...
By Sickboy [Ignore] 13,Jun,13 15:16 other posts 
you no leave!
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By Sickboy [Ignore] 13,Jun,13 14:43 other posts 
You are one fucked up CUNT. Get a fucking life you dirty fucking prick, you need to hand yourself in you sick fuck

By #358797 13,Jun,13 14:05
This shit seriously made me sick. Fucking repulsive. Nasty bastard needs denutted. Definitely dont need pigs like that spawning offspring.

By #136427 12,Jun,13 19:55
I cant jerk off unless my wifes panties are on my head
By Ray10754 [Ignore] 12,Jun,13 20:36 other posts 
See a Doctor, you have a serious problem

By #360835 12,Jun,13 13:42
good I also love to smell bra & panties of young girls
By bella! [Ignore] 12,Jun,13 17:27 other posts 
And I would like to kick you in your balls!

By Ray10754 [Ignore] 12,Jun,13 13:07 other posts 
People like you are not needed or welcome here Pervert!
By #274357 12,Jun,13 13:23
Completely agree, Ray.

I graciously gifted the filthy chap a pair of panties to "sniff" at his leisure on his profile.
By Ray10754 [Ignore] 12,Jun,13 13:30 other posts 

By #316255 11,Jun,13 14:49
You're kidding about the young girl's panties, right? That's disgusting.
By bella! [Ignore] 11,Jun,13 15:26 other posts 
Yeah, I have to agree with Emm on this matter. I know if I was your "friend" and I caught you sniffing my 12 year old daughters panties, I would kick your nuts so far up into you, people would think you had a second adam's apple. What a breach of trust.

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