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By overeight at 31,Mar,20 13:15
Look I dint agree with you that in order fir something to be credible it must be a member of the associated press. I read the UPI and find out more about our country there than ever gets printed in the AP. If the AP isn't worried about everything they print being the truth and they claim they report the entire story everytime why does it matter that they can only report stories from the AP and its a violation of their contract to report from any other source. Why is the AP worried about them reporting from the UPI or the BBC or even American Free press. I'll tell you why. As an example in the coast guard news one day I read just a month after the hurricane tore up Puerto Rico that after a 8 ton cocaine and heroine bust that happened in plain clear view if Youlin Cruz's office by the way. The helicopter noticed something's on a hill flying over assisting the cutters with the bust. Once they secured the drugs and smugglers the helicopter flew back and landed and found a million bottles of water and 14 tractor trailer containers full of food that Youlin Cruz signed for one day before she went in Good Morning America to say Trump hasn't sent us anything he doesn't care about Puerto Ricans. Now this was Coast guard news homeland security certified site. It was also in UPI that day along with the huge bust. However guess what was the biggest AP headline,Stormy Daniel's gets arrested by Trump supporting cops. Nothing about the bust not one word about the food and water found.

By overeight at 31,Mar,20 12:56
Well phart I'm not saying anyone in particular planted the virus but its just an odd thing that since the Georgia Guidestones was put up we have had first HIV hit then had our food supply genetically modified and a massive outbreak in cancer. Then we had one huge swine flu outbreak back around the time old Bill got caught getting sucked off in the oral office. Then we had multiple terrorist attacks that only a part of them were successful. Then once Obama got elected we had three different minipandemics in China. Then we had swine flu more aggressive this time in 2009 then the H1N1 back in what 2014-15. Mow we are encouraged to get flu shots almost demanded to get them. You must get them to be allowed in some jobs. Its just a little weird you know.

By overeight at 31,Mar,20 10:34
Thats bullshit he did not say that thing were going to be back open by Easter. I watched him in the press conference. What he said was hopefully we have this thing under control enough by Easter that we can get some parts of the country back to work where the pandemic isn't spreading. The press then came out and said Trump says he is going to open the country back up by Easter. Another example of how the press only tells a part of the story to make people think he is just a plain idiot. The next morning all over the news all they said was Trump says he is going to open the country by Easter,I was sitting here saying hell no he didn't.

By overeight at 31,Mar,20 03:47
Definitely rather fuck I love blowjobs but rather than that I would prefer a nice long slow lingam massage whole a woman talks sexy penis worship while doing the massage. It takes a little more intellectual prowess. I also like a nice long slow caring loving fuck but a blow job is just a blow job. Just my opinion.

By overeight at 30,Mar,20 13:35
Yo be honest I don't like to wish bad upon anyone by any means or wish them any misfortune but it wouldn't really hurt my feelings if Pelosi and George Soros dont have another birthday.

By overeight at 30,Mar,20 13:30
Oh yeah and CNN is the most upstanding most believed reliable source in the world right just ask any biased Democrat. They have never reported one thing that isn't 100% completely true oh unless you count the 47 news reports that the RNC and Fox news proved they just made up out of the blue to make Republicans look bad or things that they made a calculated guess to try and decide secret codes out I comments Trump made and then report them as the truth. Or the fact that they completely said the statements that Adam Schiff made in the impeachment hearing that he made up that Trump never said one word of and they swear it was verbatim exactly what Trump said in the transcript that every person who wants can up and read but are just to lazy to.

By overeight at 30,Mar,20 13:17
I would have the slightest idea never been to Russia why don't you ask Bernie he honeymooned there and even praised how great Cuba was for teaching people to read. Yea they only taught them to read so they didn't have to explain why they were so depressed and controlled by the government.

By overeight at 30,Mar,20 09:59
Get bent you your the dumb fuck asshole just trying to make an fucking argument just to disagree. I bet you can't even agree with your fucking fog asshole if a dog wouldn't run the fuck away because your such a dumb shithole of a dick. The only thing you want to do is arguing in not one to get pissed with anyone but you really are such a senseless fuck your not even worth argument

By overeight at 30,Mar,20 00:16
Huxley your just trying to hook things in yourself,as bad as the liberal media. All I did was state the percentages that were posted on political shows today,if you have a problem with those percentage that meet the press posted today on their show then harass their ass. All I said was it was particularly to me that they came up with those numbers in their percentages. I'm not the one that calculated those numbers it was someone in their information calculations dept. That did that. You just assumed that link. What I said was the press has been so used to feeding the public bullshit for so damn long telling people shit that hasn't happened or half of what happens in a way that makes them assume something that is completely wrong and putting words in Trumps mouth. Hell I even saw it this week here with the governor. He had a press conference and said that a retirement home here had one confirmed case of the virus of one person who died from it. Then two other people in that same home died also but tested negative from the virus. Five minutes later when he took questions from the press the reporter started off Mr. Governor about those three cases in the retirement home. He asked what three cases in a retirement home. She said well you said three people died from the virus in a retirement home. He then told the press look let me get this clear there was not three cases in any retirement home there was only one case. Two more people died in that retirement home but they did not have the virus they tested negative,is that clear now there was only one case I'm the retirement home period. Then ten minutes later after the press conference ended it went back to regular local news. Well guess what they reported on the same channel even. Three people died in a retirement home from the coronovirus today. So right there tells you they were reporting bullshit. Let me ask this why is it the state infection chart map of the state and actual cases in my immediate viewing area has a total for 5 surrounding counties 8 total cases. So why does my local news channel have a total of 25 total cases in those same counties. Well for one one guy who grew up here but is stationed in the army in California has it. Boom one case in my county he hasn't been here,doesn't live here and is clear across the country from here but they claim that gives us a case in my county. 4 people from the next county over are on a cruise ship that is still in Panama at the canal. They aren't here they are on the ship still in panama bang 4 more cases counted in that county. Two more people were on the ship that docked last week in California they haven't been home yet and tested negative but are in Georgia under quarantine currently,bang two more cases in that county. Another man is ip in New York has it not here but under quarantine there bang smother case. Now right there thats 8 cases the media has counted as being in my viewing area and not one of those people are here,have been here or even under quarantine here. But just because they live here or were born here that adds a case in those counties.

By overeight at 29,Mar,20 18:38
One more thing you also have to calculate in is media mathematics. For example one man who grew up here in my town, local news reported one case in my county. However the guy was in California and has been there for 8 months but that's a case they counted in my county and one in California,then the guy got moved to quarantine in Arizona they added a case there. Thats only one case that counts as three. Ok next a retirement home about 25 miles from here. One person died from it two others died but tested negative for the virus the press counted that as 3 deaths from it. Now in only two local reports from here in my area thats four cases that don't and never have existed and two deaths that weren't caused by it. I'm not saying things aren't serious but they are adding every single digit they can try to so it sounds worse. Now multiply that times every tv coverage area across the nation how many cases would that add. Like I said media mathematics.

By overeight at 29,Mar,20 18:23
Exactly my point,three months ago Trump shut down travel from China during his impeachment and requested congress and the press help him spread the word that the virus was spreading faster than China claimed it was. However The associated press only then reported that Trump was shutting down travel from China because he was racist and thought it would help his trade agreement. Not one single word then and tho was January 22 CBS,ABC,NBC all reports the same thing that it was racist and to help his trade deal. Nancy Pelosi got asked about I and she said something to the effect that was Trumps racist deal ir something not one word about the virus then. Then when Trump put in for congress to act on it Nancy Pelosi held the vote off the floor for 2 weeks and then blamed Trump because it was more important to Impeach him than to worry about funds to buy medical supplies thats two weeks for funding for supplies because of Nancy holding the vote off the floor for funding the supplies. Then it went to senate and Chuck Shummer tried yo block voting on it for three more days then waited the weekend out then didn't come back till Tuesday,held up one more day it finally got passed that Wednesday night. Do it got signed Thursday. Do now that makes it Feb. 18th before funding for medical supplies was approved because of democrats bullshitting around. By then it was all over the place with the press encouraging people to get out to parades,all associated press encouraging people go to Mardi Gras in New,Orleans got to your doing celebrations go here go there. New York then started getting hit hard but by then no telling how many people had it or had been exposed. Then people started hauling ass from New York. Now Florida Governor has troopers posted to stop anyone from New York or Louisiana tags and hold them for national guard to come check them for fever. The press what I said in the last post was causing the confusion. I watched each press conference each day then not 30 minutes later saw the news on the same channel report something completely different from what I heard in the press conference for a solid week.

By overeight at 29,Mar,20 17:59
I heard that on CBS nightly news during the press conference they had with Trump. When a reporter asked a question he said it himself that those news organizations were banned from China,SKorea,Saudia Arabia,Malaysia and NYT was thrown out of Italy all for reporting fake news reports.

By overeight at 29,Mar,20 14:32
Well in the first place I actually have a dick to show and not a cunt and you depending on your sex when you sign up have to join one or the other. Basically I'm not here to look at cock but to show mine and to at pics on syc. Simple enough?

By overeight at 29,Mar,20 14:23
Well since shortly after puberty I went commando because of my size. My cock isn't huge or giant but is larger than average but my balls are big and finding any underwear that is comfortable is a nightmare. Well now I'm in my 50's and I try going commando sometimes but since i didn't wear any for do long ny big ole balls hang about 7-8 inches from my body to the bottom of them. Now if I dont support them somehow I sit on them and that hurts like hell. But I'm looking now for endowed men's underwear and trying to just get some that holds stuff forward and up so they aren't between my legs when I try to sit down and I dont have to reach and grab everything each time I sit down.

By overeight at 29,Mar,20 14:05
In my experience it actually depends more on the woman when it comes to size. I'm 8 3/8 fully erect and some women have refused to have sex with me simply because they don't want that much. Others are excited that much is there,others are curious how that much feels like. I tend to be more attracted to petite women just my taste but this girl I rented a too to Las year summed it up for me. She really liked my cock she thought I was hot,she really cared lots about me but she was 24 years younger than me. She saw my cock and she wanted it but didn't want it at the same time. She told me look I have been with one guy who was about your size before. I know that if we have sex I'm going to have multiples everytime we have sex,your size us just going to make that happen period because thats what it does for me. However she said I would love to have it once or twice and have those orgasms but I dont want you to get that into me because after a few times I won't want it anymore because ill want a guy who has to work a little harder to give me the same orgasms you will give me every single time. She was petite and had a tiny twat so just my girth would give her an orgasm plus the length would hit her cervix. She said look ill fuck hell out of you once but that's it ill have lots of fun that one time but after that I need less to make sure I dont just continually orgasm. So like I said it depends on the woman. I've had women that love it but can't stand it but once and awhile and I've had women who want me to pound hell out of them everytime

By overeight at 29,Mar,20 13:48
Bizoac review reported that after the approval of the $25 million of stimulus to the Kennedy center that democrats said was a deal breaker for the stimulus package they announced that they will give their last paychecks to employees April 3 due to coronavirus shutdown but they will still be giving democrats or DNC their normal average $5 million annual donation.

By overeight at 29,Mar,20 12:40
Well Phart the article in BPR said that she immediately went to the press and since she is a Democrat she went straight to associated press they refused to take her story. Then when he became VP candidate they tried to buy her story from her now she said she just got fed up with associated press and went to conservative press to finally get the story out there. She was if I'm not mistaken given a settlement from congress for her assault charge but she quit and no other democrats will hire her in congress because she filed a suit.

By overeight at 29,Mar,20 12:32
Yeah Andrew your correct about that. Just like I said before its a little suspicious to me that Debbie Washerman Shultz assistant was Killed in Washington street from what was called a robbery. However the family reported to crime watch daily that they got his $2000 dollar watch,his wallet and all his credit cards and the $300 in cash he had in his pocket back from his belongings. Then once the report came out and I dont remember what news outlets that his last email was to the Bernie campaign that he needed to end his campaign and endorse Hillary because the DNC had already decided she was going to be the candidate for democrats and this was a month before super Tuesday. So Debbie Washerman Shultz resigned as head of DNC and then Donna Brasil was named chair she saw what was going on and resigned then Hillary just took it over until the election. After that Donna Brasil returned as chair. Its just very suspicious the whole thing.

By overeight at 29,Mar,20 12:17
Yeah my partisan blinding me I'm a registered democrat Huxley and I dont lil the idiocracy and stupidity the whom party is putting out there. The press is ultra biased. I mean the Clintons funded journalist back during his presidency,George Soros fired about 1/3 of his newspapers staff after Trump won and went out and hired more than he fired straight out of college to place at the Whitehouse press corps why do you think the press corps is 35% larger than it was under Obama. Then on top of that the journalist who were funded by the Clintons are now in management positions. Look at George Stephanopoulos at ABC he was on the Clintons press staff now he is in charge of what gets covered on ABC news you going to try and say it isn't partisan.

By overeight at 29,Mar,20 12:00
Phart I just saw a chart on NBC meet the press for Huxley look it up yourself. But the chart showed over 80% of counties who voted for Hillary and run by democrats have multiple cases and less restrictive quarantine rules on public and less than 49% of counties that Trump won in have even one case if the virus in them. I'm not saying that the virus is party affiliated but it goes back to the mixed messages that everybody is talkin about. Those who only watch and follow liberal media are getting infected,those who have been on top of this since January when fox news and conservative media started the coverage and liberal media just said it was stupid racist tricks like Nancy Pelosi called it back then have kept it spreading. I mean it is a little particular how most conservative followers aren't being effected and infected and liberal media followers are still spreading it around.

By overeight at 29,Mar,20 10:54
Yeah Phart it must be a bot if they can't understand how a person can't know how to post links to the publication they get information from. It has to be a bot who has to have a link to read it and can't look it up after I give them the place it came from publications and dates. They claim I'm a bot who just makes up fake news but if I was that wouldn't it make more sense if I posted links? Hmm guess they didn't think about that. Or else I suppose they think everybody in the world just lives by computer alone. Personally I dont even have a computer or internet just use my phone I dint waste my day sitting at a desk like a pansy typing angry statements to people who post stories they read in conservative news outlets. I have an actual life apparently unlike some who criticize me. Besides if they get that angry at my post it must be because they are probably someone involved that it got out to some form of press anyway and only want to criticize it. If I did post links then the only arguments they would make is thats not a reputable source like CNN,Washington post it New York times of all have been banned from multiple countries for reporting fake made up stories.

By overeight at 27,Mar,20 18:58
Go get bent Huxley ill have to treat you like that crazy chic that used to be on here from Spain. I guess from now on ill give my source I'm my post sonyou can go read it yourself. Once I started doing that she quit arguments with me. Like I said before I dont have the slightest idea how to post a link thats for you computer geeks who dont work with your hands. I can build a house,plumb it,wire,it,put in the HVAC,the cabinets,sheetrock,I can build motorcycles by myself and ride them from the ground up. I can build or tear down a vehicle and rebuild it with my two hands. I can run tractors,drive trucks semis,dump trucks dump trailer trucks. I can operate bulldozers,forklifts,backhoes,excavators. Basically if it takes physical skills I can do it. And have done a little bit of all of it in the last 35 years. So just because I have never tried to post a link nor have I ever had anyone show me anything at all about computers at all I dont think I'm doing horrible. So drop it.

By overeight at 27,Mar,20 18:44
That bill wasn't passed day before yesterday it was in the senate but not the house. Nancy got it right after it was approved in the senate.

By overeight at 27,Mar,20 18:41
Look I'm no computer geek I dint know how to post links I get reports in real time from BPR media and American Wire directly in my email. Also if you doubt any post I make I have found them on very reputable sources. Anything about the border I get from homeland security site Border Patrol Newsroom. Anything about drug bust major bust come from there or Coast Guard News. You might not lil what i post but I do have valid news outlets that back it up. Just because I'm not computer savvy enough to post links and do computer stuff does not mean I'm stupid or believe everything I read from some fake facebook story or just because someone says it.

By overeight at 27,Mar,20 18:34
BPR media and American Wire

By overeight at 27,Mar,20 13:16
Ain't that the truth. Now that crazy ass bitch AOC is bitching that people have to have am actual Social security number to get a check for the relief. She claims they should just hand out checks to everybody in America unless they make over $100k a year. Stupid bitch,this virus might possibly run some of the illegal idiots back to Mexico or wherever they came from. She also claims now is not the time to watch the border we should just ignore it and put the CBP giving out food and medical equipment instead having them worry about the border. I read the border patrol newsroom trust me that 3 1/2 tons a day of heroine,coke and meth they catch at the border would just flow in here like a damn faucet if they did that.

By overeight at 27,Mar,20 07:41
Well I have no problem getting very hard and quick if I have a partner. However I have found that mastubating I dont get very erect until I'm just before ejeculation unless I go slow and watch porn that really gets me excited. However I did have a nice beautiful 29yo come live with me for a little while and she was amazed at how hard I got once while she strutted around in front of me in nothing but her panties. I'm not modest and she noticed I had a boner and said something about it and I took it out stripped naked and she said oh my god your hot. You look as good as a 30yo man your body is great wow. So honestly its more for me when you have a very erotic situation. The last girl was 38 and she really enjoyed the way my cock got harder and bigger once I started fucking her and it started pulsating and had vigorous stimulation. I went awhile back to get waxed. The young girl around 25 while she prepared me for the wax talked to me about my cock. She admired it and said wow you have a nice impressive cock its nice big and beautiful. Then she asked me questions about it getting hard and if I got as hard as I did when younger and next thing she knew I was stiff as a board pulsating and precum dripping down my shaft. She said wow I like that it looks nice and I bet its fun. She actually got me very excited so its more how stimulating the situation is.

By overeight at 24,Mar,20 15:17
I dont see what's wrong with this site if you lil looking at cock ir cunts either one

By overeight at 24,Mar,20 14:46
The reason they are not wanting to approve the bill for funding is because the democrats are demanding that the stimulus gives $35 million to the Kennedy center for the arts that donates money to democrats campaigns. In other words they want to demand taxpayers give money to their reelection to get money. They also want abortion clinics to be allowed to operate during the crisis. Thats why they wont sign the stimulus

By overeight at 23,Mar,20 01:34
Dont trick her into it at all but have a conversation in private before you do it and be sure she wants it dont push of suggests just ask her if she wants to try it. If she says she does want to try it then just tell her your ok with it if she wants to but you want to be in the room and each time it has to be both of you there and only do it together. Then tell her you only want to be in the room and naked with both of them. Set limits for both of you and stick to it. Tell her you can just watch and enjoy if thats what her and the other girl wants but that you would like to be involved if its ok. Worst case she decides not yo go thru with it. If she does follow what you told her or agree to. Ask her before if the other girl wants you if she would be ok with that,but you have to be ok if she doesn't too. Basically you both have to be open and honest. Tell her you would like a threesome if she wants it but if she just wants to try it with a girl you will just be there and watch. If she agrees to the threesome just make sure you pay her as much or more attention than the friend. Just be careful and smart about it. And above all both be open with each other.

By overeight at 22,Mar,20 23:02
Speaking of sleeping this post has been up for 20 days now so what are you just now making a response to it. Check the date its Mar.2

By overeight at 22,Mar,20 22:28
I'm not the one who is asleep I bet your a CNN fan aren't you. Trump called for travel to be cut off from China way back in January and declared that an emergency situation. Now the democrats didn't think this was important at all and said he was doing it only because he was racist and thought it would help with the trade deal with China. I saw that reported on ABC and CBS back in January. Then he sent a request for $2.5 billion dollars to both the house and senate simultaneously back in JANUARY. The senate approved his request. However the house were to busy trying to impeach Trump and that was a lot more important that any stupid request for money for his racist tricks to Quote Nancy. Then even once the virus was in the US she still held it off the floor from a vote until after super Tuesday passed so democrats could use it as a campaign tool then that Thursday she said oh ill bring it to the floor next week because I'm going home for the weekend to California. Then once she knew the virus was taking over there she came back to Washington and tried to say oh Trump should have done something about this virus it getting bad
then she opened it to the floor and she added in to the proposal that all medical elective surgery except for abortion should be delayed. That caused a few days argument in the house but then they finally passed it. So I'm full awake buddy maybe you should follow some real news for a change that isn't controlled by George Soros. Try looking at fox news sometime or BBC just something that isn't controlled by the associated press.

By overeight at 22,Mar,20 19:52
Its Democrat controlled filled by Trump hating George Soros. If you dont know who that is he gave Hillary and the DNC $81 million dollars from his Office in Russia after he made $1.5 billion in the markets there. Then when they came for their taxes on his earnings he told them he paid them and gave them the addy they went to. Then the democrats claimed that Russia hacked their campaigns to start the Mueller investigation. Just something to think about. If the FBI had a top secret operation to raid Trumps buddy the outspoken whole Roger Stone just exactly how did CNN find out about it and have the fore knowledge to send a camera crew along on the FBI top secret raid?

By overeight at 22,Mar,20 16:38
I used to ride my bike naked at bike events. But I'm looking for a chic right now who will go with me to one if the adult shops and let me pull my pants to mu ankles and take off my shirt and let her snap a picture so I can post it here for folks to see. It would be great if a couple of chica are in the pic behind me too. So anybody close to me and female I'm game if you are.

By overeight at 22,Mar,20 15:33
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By overeight at 22,Mar,20 09:16
I had an experience on the summer I went through puberty. This neighbor and I were friends and his grandparents had a pool installed. So he was a good year or year and half younger than me. His sister was same age as me. So funny thing his cousin came to stay with them for like 3 weeks in that summer. I had already dropped and my cock was full size early that summer. I dont think he had yet. However when we went to his grandparents to go swimming. When we did that us guys went under the house by the air unit to change clothes into our swimsuits. Well I went under the house and wasn't worried about hiding behind the air unit to pull off my pants,he was. His sister and cousin walked under the house just after I got my pants completely off. So I turned to face them and his sister said holy crap at big his is to their cousin she looked and said oh wow lots bigger than your brothers. They laughed and ran out from under the house. So his sister and cousin must have seen his before and wanted to compare or at least see another one.

By overeight at 22,Mar,20 08:53
It all happened over my summer I turned 12. So it was quick for me pretty much started around end of school year and by the next beginning of school I was there and growing hair.

By overeight at 22,Mar,20 00:38
I have been with women who have swallowed and some who didn't but only one I know really liked it. She was a girl I knew in my younger years. She had been married for like 7 years and she was going through her divorce. Well it wasn't really final yet but she called and asked me if she could come over. She did and we fucked and she hadn't been fucked that way in awhile. Well I was riding her hard from behind and I said ooohhh I'm about to cum. She spun around about as quick as a rattlesnake does and starts sucking my cock just sucking up my cum and I couldn't believe it hadn't had a woman swallow in years. Then we had sex a few more times about 5-6 or so and each time she did that. I really enjoyed that. Makes me wish she was around today or shall I say now days. I think she got married again but I would really enjoy that again anytime.

By overeight at 21,Mar,20 23:07
This girl came to stay with my family for the summer with my sister from college. Well she was cute and had a decent body and was from Pennsylvania if I remember right. My sister got her a job for 5 weeks a job she did each summer to make money and it paid very well. So one day I woke up and it was raining very hard. I got up and looked around the house and the car was gone and I thought I was alone. Well I went to my room turned on the tv. Just anout the time I laid back tho girl came out the bathroom and only had a little towel around her. Well growing up I had sisters but my mom made them dress before they walked out the bathroom so this was new. I was around 15yo. This girl was about 19 maybe 20. She walked right by my door and her ass was hanging out the bottom of the towel. So I was still only in my underwear. So I got up and snuck down the hall until I could see in the living room. I knew she and I were the only two there because I had already looked around the house. Well she was sitting watching something on tv and her legs were open just enough to see her fresh shaved twat. It was a nice bright pink little lips very nice. So this girl had already teased me before that I was just a boy with a boy dick and didn't have a mans dick yet. So I decided I was going to go and show her I did. Well I went to my room and pulled off my underwear,grabbed a blanket from the foot of my bed and wrapped it around me. I walked into the living room and da down she closed her legs and kept com in her hair. Since I wasn't used to nearly naked girls around I was very hard. So i sat on the floor in front of the tv and kept looking at her and I caught a glimpse or two. So she out of the blue just asked why do you keep looking at me,and why do you have that blanket over you. She said I bet its because your little duck is as hard as it can be isn't it. You have that blanket on because you dint want me to see that little hard dick. Then she opened her legs and said there now I'm sure its hard isn't it let me see I bet it is. So when she said that i stood up and dropped my blanket and I was completely naked. She jumped back and her eyes got really big. She said oh my god you dont have a little boys dick oh my god its nice. She looked at it and said come her let me see that. I walked over to her and she grabbed it and I was so excited I shot my load all over her just as she was getting started. She said oh wow hair trigger huh. I told her what do you expect you've been teasing me this morning and I wake up with a hard one everyday. She said ok well you got yours and got I all over me and now I need another shower. So she went back to the shower and before she got out my mom and sister came home. But it was pretty fun.

By overeight at 21,Mar,20 22:44
Depends on how good the nut is.if its great I'm loud if its mediocre I dont really scream or anything but let out a nice sigh of relief.

By overeight at 21,Mar,20 11:50
I wonder curiously just how a unisex lockeroom in a gym would go over in the US. I understand thaley actually have some places over I Europe where the showers and dressing rooms are wide open and unisex so men and women shower in the same gang shower and dress in the same locker room. I just wonder if this would promote a little more understanding of the other sexes body to the public or would it just be a pervfest or cause lots of sexual assault cases. In a mature environment it could be a nice learning tool for both sexes if people weren't so Victorian age minded on their view of sex. I mean yes it would be normal for men to get an erection if they see a woman who is sexy with an incredible body rubbing herself all over taking a shower and I'm sure women might get a little hot watching a sexy fit guy wash his cock in the shower but I think it would allow both sexes to have a little more respect and adoration to the other but not be so offended by nudity. I know it wouldn't be a good thing for school age kids though I have a little experience there. When I was like 14 I went with another sister to visit my sister in college. Well she lived in a coed dorm. Well it was time for me to get a shower so I asked my sister ok so your dorm is coed where is the guys showers. She lived directly across the hall from the girls shower on the first floor. She said oh well dont worry about going two floors up just let me check to be sure this shower is empty. She walked in and checked it out and nobody was in the bathroom at all. So I went in and being only 14 and male in a girls bathroom I was a little apprehensive. Well I walked down to the last stall just in case a girl came in. Well I hop in the shower and of course they are pretty open and had clear shower curtains. Well I'm in there thinking wow a chic could just walk in on me and get naked. So needless to say at that age I popped up hard as a rock and pulsating. Just then I heard the door across from the door by my sisters room open and someone come in. Then I heard a girl humming a tune and started singing. She didn't pay much attention and just got naked and hopped in the shower. Well me being my age and knowing this girl was naked and me being naked and hard as hell i was curious. So I stepped out of my shower and walked out to try and get me a peek. Hey I was a teen and it was a hot college chic. Well I got out far enough I could see through the clear curtain. Well being stunned that I was looking at a live hot baked girl she noticed me when she turned around and she snatched her curtain open and saw me standing there naked and rock hard. She said as she covers herself who the hell are you and what are you doing in the girls shower. I said oh I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm and told her my sisters name s brother and she told me to come in here and get a shower real quick and nobody usually comes in at this time of day. I'm sorry but I've just never seen a live naked woman before. She said oh oh really hmmm ok. She opened her curtain and let me watch her shower but told me dont you dare get any closer you just stand right there and watch and you can stay ok. I was so damn excited I was like cool so she took her a sexy shower in front of me knowing I was going to have to rub one out. So once I couldn't stand it I said well thanks for letting me watch. I walked back to my shower srltill going and starts stroking it hard and fast and then my curtains was pulled open. She was standing only a foot or two away from me and me stroking it. I stopped and she said oh no no no you got to watch me in the shower now I get to watch you keep going. I stood there and jacked off while she watched me. And once she saw me shoot off she said now you have a hot story about visiting your sister at college now get dry and dressed and lets forget about this until you get back to your school at home deal. I said deal. I know she told other girls in the dorm what happened because they all were realm nice to me and coming on to me after that just trying to tease me. That girl from the shower turns out was the virgin of the dorm and she was the most reserved one in the dorm. She showers at that time of the day because she usually got the bathroom to herself so it was really both our first experience with the opposite sex and both of us being naked together. Made me feel privileged in a way.

By overeight at 21,Mar,20 11:03
The only time I had a problem was back when I was 11 and had to shower in the gym at school. Lots of guys were in puberty and I hadn't gotten there yet but we all had to shower together. However during the summer I went through puberty and grew and got hair. Since then I haven't had a bit of problems being nude in front of anyone at all. Doesn't matter to me what they see. As long as a guy isn't trying to grab me I'm cool. Dont mind if a woman wants to grab me though. Nothing against anyone gay but its just not my thing.

By overeight at 20,Mar,20 14:16
The outrage at China is directed at Trump. They probably believe the liberal media that tried to spread the fake info that Trump created the virus and spread it in China and it accidentally came back to the US. Like this post says lack of common sense and believing only liberal sources of media that only attack his admin and his family. They are only pissed because they can't go out and buy that new Ferrari or Bentley they want because the dealership is closed. Just because your rich and privileged doesn't mean your immune to this virus Hollywood. You know it can hit you too. The reason to be honest it spread three times quicker in Europe lil it did is because they don't have borders or checkpoints at borders. People can hop on a rail and go through 4 different countries in a matter of a few hours and infect each country with others getting on and off the train. But they want to just let people walk in and out of our country like that so virus' can spread here like it did in Europe. Hence borders aren't to keep people out who need to come,its simply a way to track who comes here,hint ,hint.

By overeight at 20,Mar,20 14:04
Talk about loss of common sense how stupid is this. Celebrities are now passing around a petition to try and force Trump to resign from office for his "racist acts" of closing both borders to stop the spread of the virus. They claim its just a firm of racism hidden under the fake need for a shut down. Boy what a change they did like a 180 turn around from last week. They claimed last week he was doing nothing at all to stop the spread,now he works with our surrounding countries to stop it from spreading into or out of the country and now he is racist for wanting to stop it. Oh well I guess when you have plenty of money and you can fly anywhere you want to in the world and now your told if you fly out of the country you can't come back for a month it pisses you off huh. Unlike the rest of us Americans who have to pretty much just stay at home because we can't even go out to a restaurant one for no money and two because its not open. They are just proving how spoiled and privileged they are by voicing their anger in my opinion.

By overeight at 19,Mar,20 13:42
I have a better suggestion that will be better and more rewarding than kicking his ass but your wife would need to play along. Get a friend of your wife's to hide in your bedroom closet with a camera. Then invite this guy over and get him drinking a little get him a little buzzed. Then have your wife say that she us very very horny and she just has to get naked. Have her strip but ass naked and say oh I'm just so horny I've got to have some cock. No I'm so horny I need two cocks but I want both of you to get naked right now right here. Once all three of you are naked have her say wait lets have a couple of shots. Have her pour the shots but tell him to wait until we go to the bedroom before you touch me. Get him pretty drunk and charged up. Then have her go in the bedroom an get on the bed spread eagle and play with herself. Then have her call you both into the bedroom. Then have her say ok now both of you are my bitch and have to do what I say. Have her play with herself as she says it and have her frien record this. Then have her ask him well are you going to get hard for me come on play with that little dick and get I hard for me I hate being teased. Then have her say look see my hubbys cock is nice and hard and it can please me. Get yours as big as you can. Have her keep it up until she makes him blow a load jacking off trying to get his cock big enough for her. Once he blows his load have her gf come out the closet and both start teasing him at that tiny dick,its so little he can't even get it hard enough to get it in. Then have her say oh well I guess I'm going to have to settle for one cock because his isn't big enough to even feel. He will be so embarrassed with two women laughing at how little his dick is and that he had to just jack off and was seen by another woman that he will leave so embarrassed he wont ever come back. Like I said it will take your wife's cooperation and her gf will have to see you both naked and probably see you hard and excited but it will be so worth it to have a video of him jacking off his tiny dick trying to get it hard enough for your wife and then to see another woman come out and laugh at him. Or you could get your wife to just have like four or five girls hide in the closet and come out and make fun of his tiny dick instead of filming it. Either way if you expose to women he has a small one and they openly laugh at him about it he will be so embarrassed he won't dare show his face again around you and plenty of other women will know just exactly how tiny his cock is.

By overeight at 18,Mar,20 20:06
Never really one to either worry about being naked in front of guys or bothered by I either. However I did ho to a motorcycle event a few times and it had a communal shower. You might be next to a guy or a girl. I got a nice hard cock a few times in there and got a few nice handjobs and blow jobs too even got a piece of ass once while everyone else watched it was pretty much just a free for all

By overeight at 18,Mar,20 20:00
I like a landing strip to be honest. I want a little hair up above it so I know I'm with a real woman but I also want those lips clean as a whistle for the licking.

By overeight at 18,Mar,20 19:58
I had one old neighbor who saw me do I a few times she was fun about it too. We used to call each other and talk while watching each other,that was fun.

By overeight at 18,Mar,20 19:53
I'm not sure but here I did send a message to a woman complimented her on how beautiful her twat was and I rambled on about her pretty twat and her name and how I really had a thing for a woman near me with a name really close to her nick here and how much I really admire her and that I would do nearly anything in the world to be with her and how beautiful and smart she was. I told her how much I thought her pussy was so beautiful that I couldn't draw one that was any more beautiful than that. During the chat the account stayed up but the picture disappeared. The next time I saw this woman I talked about who was local she was so sweet and so kind to me and still each time I see her she smiles and is so nice and talkative. I'm scared to ask if it was her but damn she is absolutely perfect and I di hope it was her so she knows how much I admire her. She actually has been a little more receptive since that night I talked to the woman here so I hope it was her. Fingers crossed

By overeight at 18,Mar,20 19:40
In my youth I had a chic who was a gamer. She would do anything. So one night I dared her to get completely naked on our trip to the liquor store I told her once we get the booze and head back I dare you to get completely naked and flash people on the way back. So she stripped naked in the parking lot and jumped back in the car. Her car was little and I was driving. So she had huge tits when she jumped in the car she said oh no take off your pants. So I did. On the way back she flashed people stuck her ass in the open window riding down the middle lane of three in the middle of town. She teased me till I was rock hard and she yelled at college girls to look at this cock. The girls looked and one said I dare you to suck it. They rode beside us watching her suck my cock stopping at red lights and them looking and yelling and the girl with me had her twat pointed out the passenger window while we rode. We stopped at this one red light that always stayed red a long time. One if the girls jumped out of her car and ran around and licked the girls twat and another ran up to my window that was also open and grabbed my cock and started stroking me hard saying cum for me let me see you shoot and told the girl catch it and it was so hot I shot off in record time and the girl caught it and showed the other girl she did. They said follow us. We went to their apartment and the girls played with themselves and each other while they watched me fuck my friend. Damn that chic was so much fun.