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By overeight at 14,Aug,20 20:34
Hey sweety how have you been I've been restricted finally got enough points to send a message

By overeight at 14,Aug,20 20:33
I was blacklisted by the same person

By overeight at 30,Jul,20 22:51
Well I went to an event once and at this event there was naked sex and titillation everywhere. My wife at that time had gone to our camper to go to sleep after she had a rough very active day and shown back up at the event and was exhausted. Well I was up till around till around 2:am before going back to go to bed. Well I wasn't one to cheat so once I got to the camper I eased into bed. By the time I was naked and in bed I was pointing straight up hard as it got. So I slid in bed and slid my rock hard cock between her legs. She only had on a tiny string panties so her ass was completely exposed. I easily rubbed my cock back and forth waking her up and she half asleep said stop I don't feel like it I'm sleeping. Just about the time she got that out of her mouth I blew a huge load all between her legs and pulling out over her ass. That woke her and she was pissed. I said well I could have just taken up that other girl who wanted to give me head before I left the party. She was pissed but she thought about it cleaning herself up came back and fucked hell out of me and then rolled over and went back to sleep. She was still a little pissy in the morning but didn't say anything about it.

By overeight at 29,Jul,20 21:00
Mines a very simple one I would like to be naked in a room of naked actresses Linda Carter,Jolene,Blalock,Jennifer Garner and I can't remember her name but that hot ass chick brunette with dark eyes from NCIS New Orleans. And have then all want to take turns with me. Boy that would be the best day ever. Has anyone ever watched the Linda Carter swim race at Battle of the network stars. He swimsuit is completely see thru not lined at all. Boy wish we would have had HD 1080 way back in those days. You couldn't see how see thru it was on an old transistor tv with static from the antenna. But somebody premastered it and damn no wonder she was miss world the year before she became Wonder woman. Damn what a body.
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Shes in her 70's now and i would still love to get hold of her she is still hot as hell. Saw her when she went to the Wonder Woman premiere,Gal Gadot bowed to her like Waynes world I'm not worthy,I'm not worthy and Linda Carter hugged her. She still looks so damn good absolutely stunning most especially for her age.

By overeight at 20,Jul,20 20:20
I remember back when Walter Cronkite reported the new it was like Dragnet Just the facts ma'am. There wasn't any of this speculation,no I think this or its lil this or putting words in peoples mouths. No accusations about anyone in any new story and he actually reported the news. Not like today where they try to make you believe whatever conspiracy they suspect or want to make up like all the fake reports they make. Worst thing is some of them win Pulitzers for fake news. The reporter who said Trump colluded with Russia to win the election won a Pulitzer prize then turns out it was a fake story and cost us $36 million in taxpayers money and the democrats already knew it was a fake story before they started the investigation. Waste Americans money for your own political gains. Every one of them should be prosecuted and forced to pay the government back that $36 million just for the damn waste.

By overeight at 18,Jul,20 12:56
Il cry out her name a hundred times if she sucks me off or just gives me a lingam massage.

By overeight at 16,Jul,20 22:25
Well Scorps I dont want to discredit what you said however mine used to curve hard yo the left and then back out the other way so it was more lil an s shape. However since ive been alone(sad as it is) I got me a pump just so that I could feel a sucking sensation from time to time. I dont use it that often but usually about once or twice a week I might pump and I only leave it on about 20minutes. Well low and behold its a lot straighter now. I do still have a curve in it but not quite as bad as it once was.

By overeight at 16,Jul,20 22:19
Well I'm a little too old for it to wake me up but on average though I'm in my 50's yes about 5 times a week I wake with a boner.

By overeight at 15,Jul,20 19:01
Well because underwear is uncomfortable when I wear something for support its usually a bamboo jock. The material made from bamboo is actually just as smooth and every bit as soft as silk but it looks like cotton normt shiny. The jock is a lot cheaper than buying the underwear that I prefer to wear for comfort because its about $35 per pair. The jocks are only about $15 a pair.

By overeight at 13,Jul,20 19:51
More or less a swollen mushroom

By overeight at 13,Jul,20 19:48
Jennifer Garner,Jolene Blalock,Linda Cater or her daughter,and Terry Clark. Not necessarily in that order.

By overeight at 11,Jul,20 22:56
Tonight on the grand ole opry they had Charlie Daniels guitar with his hat resting on the neck on stage as a tribute to him while performers sang. The Gatlin brothers had a great tribute to him. Said I would follow this man into any battle but I would never follow him on stage.

By overeight at 09,Jul,20 00:38
Get waxed at a studio dude it gets all the hair,it last for about two months and you stay smooth and clean. If your gay sorry its usually a woman doing the waxing but if straight its usually a nice attractive lady and you only have to go 5-6 times a year. Dont know the prices across the country but here its only $50 a pop

By overeight at 09,Jul,20 00:33
Hey if its wet and tight its fun period. Now if its stsnky and you can stick both hand in and clap and hear an echo well not so great. But I can da this,the worst I ever had was still good.

By overeight at 09,Jul,20 00:29
Once again I like bring waxed might not be as fun for the gay guys because its generally a woman doing the waxing. However not only do I enjoy that usually a hot chic is handling my junk but once she gets done its a lot cleaner,all smooth and it last a couple of months before you get noticeable stubble. Plus the more you have it done the thinner it makes the hair. That way if it does grow completely back its not so thick. I really like it being clean and with the buttstrip done its really a lot cleaner and you don't get smell at all. I really like feeling clean. Its lots better than with hair on your butt and having no hair is cooler and it also helps when you sweat it dries fast. Just clean in many ways.

By overeight at 09,Jul,20 00:14
Honestly I started trimming years ago and finally started shaving after one gf suggesting it. Well I liked the feeling and sensitivity it gave me. However just lil your face shaving only makes it thicker and harder to trim. So went once or twice to a couple of places that took men for waxing and tried that at two different places. However the problem was before men waxing became common it was very expensive. Not to mention way back then women were super careful that they did all they could to not give you a boner while they did it and it took forever. I usually got like a rock hard stiffie and of course at the only two places in town that would do a man they put a heavy towel over your junk and peeled it back to peek and they wouldn't just let you may there in the buff and just do the job. So that to be honest left a few strips of hair here and there. So I was discouraged with it the few times I had it done. Then one friend of mine his wife owns a salon. I knew they at one time waxed folks,so I asked her and she said no I have the equipment and stuff to do it but we didn't get enough business doing that so we let the license go we didn't make enough money to dedicate a room and didn't have enough people wanting waxing. She told me to try another place in a closeby town here. So I went there after calling to verify they did men and they did. So I go there now and I love it. Not only do i get to go in and get completely nude without some heavy towel over me. But they have really attractive young ladies do the waxing. Not only are the ladies pleasant but of course I do usually get a nice woodie while they do it and they rub the area down with oil after they get done. Sometimes their faces are onl a couple of inches from my cock too and to be honest its a little erotic and enjoyable. But I dont really do it for looks as much as I also get the butt strip done doesn't cost anymore and it is so much cleaner and so much cooler especially in the summer. I'm actually glad that waxing men has gotten way beyond a woman pulling a towel back to do little parts at a time and trying to pretend she isn't checking your package out. Its a lot better now she just walks in and its right there not hidden or anything she can see just what she is doing and is just used to seeing guys junk all day so its no big deal like way back years ago the first few times I had it done. Thats progress for you,went from not wanting to see your Willie and barely touching it at all and missing half the hair up to now they just grab it and swing it around side to side up on your belly down then pick up your balls to get under them all the way up to grabbing it and sliding hands up and down it and all around to see if they missed stubble and once they are done they rub a little oil on you and give you a gratuitous little mini jack grab it with there hand and stroke you a few times to get the oil all over. Dont get me wrong they don't just grab you and start a handjob or anything but you might think for a minute or so they are about to. Its a lot different than it used to be.

By overeight at 08,Jul,20 23:31
First find a guy with a huge cock and tie your hubby up and make him watch you get stabbed by a huge dong once and see if he likes it. First you find out if he really likes it and plus you get a chance to pop a biggie and see how you lil it. Having him tied ensures that if you scream and cry and get a little hurt having a big one he wont be inclined to interfere. However you do need to be sure you can trust the other guy.

By overeight at 08,Jul,20 12:21
Well I'm not sure if my kink is really to far out there or not but one is pretty risqué I guess. I want a CFNM experience at least once where ladies are surprised by me walking out nude and letting them play with my body. I also have a thing for ladies with beautiful eyes wearing glasses and giving them a facial. One more thing I would love is to find a lover who I know I can trust and have her tie me down and titillate me and give me a soft passionate lingam massage but deny me an orgasm multiple times until I can't stand it and beg her to make it happen,then have her mount me and slowly ride me until I blow a huge load inside her so she can feel how excited she has gotten me with her tease and she can enjoy herself and my appreciation by filling her with the passion she caused. I'm really a pretty dull person with the kink but I do really enjoy very sexually charged and passionate events,nothing weird or too kinky but I do live high passion and incredible eroticisms.

By overeight at 08,Jul,20 12:01
Well I've not really been one to have very memorable dreams very often. However I did have this one woman in my past that I had the most incredible attraction for. We lived together for awhile and getting to know her as good as I did really made me desire her very deeply. We never did have a real sexual experience other than once we had a very sexually charged night where she caught me masturbating and watched me and got excited herself and then I caught her once she got very excited. But we still didn't have sex. We did care a lot about each other but we never moved to the point of actually having sex. That was 20 years ago but still from time to time I awake having a dream where she and I are engaged in a very heated passionate bout that is very erotic and we are both completely open and honest and very expressive with one another. Shortly after we parted ways as rookies I met my wife and I've only seen her once since we lived together. But in my dreams its like we were never apart. I dream that we run into one another and admit that we made such a mistake by not acting on the attraction we had for each other back then. In my dream we are so honest and so passionate with each other it would make a x not xxx but an x rated movie. Not phonographic but just so hot and passionate that we both feel so completely at ease with each other we are just so open and non restricted with our desires. I often wonder after waking up if we ran into each other and started pursing a relationship if it could possibly be that way in real life. We are both now 20 years older and I know being married for so long that I learned alot that I feel would have really made me a lot more receptive to her and things that she desired back when we lived together. I do honest wish we could just bump into each other someday soon and have a nice open honest conversation and bring back memories we had together both good and bad and see if things might turn out a little different now.

By overeight at 08,Jul,20 11:35
I have slept nude ever since I became an adult. When I got married my wife would not sleep nude. She just wasn't comfortable sleeping nude. She did try many times she went to bed nude but woke up and she had on panties and a shirt. She just could not sleep through the night without it. So I made an agreement with her if I woke up in the middle of the night and wanted some I would just pull her panties off and start playing. We finally got it down to a routine. If I woke up and was feeling a little excited I just stripped off her panties and eased back into position. She knew if she woke up with my hard one between her legs about 90% of the time she just opens her legs and let me in. Usually by the time I woke her up(she slept pretty heavy) she was already wet and ready so it worked out ok.

By overeight at 07,Jul,20 20:55
Naa couldn't pass that one up to see just how many true pervs were actually here.

By overeight at 07,Jul,20 15:58
First off Scorps is right if you have to ask they are too young. But for me women who aren't mature and have the life experiences and a little wisdom dont appeal to me. The youngest lady I've actually had any kind of true attraction to since I've been divorced is 30 years old. She had a pretty rough life once she became an adult and with her struggles she gained maturity that most younger ladies dont have. So she was actually an exceptional lady. For me I'm more attracted to ladies around or older than 40.

By overeight at 06,Jul,20 19:36
I was stunned when I heard but then again I also didn't realize he was 83 until I looked up to make sure it was true. He was a great singer songwriter and starts his career as a southern rock artist recording his first album in Moultrie Ga. At the what is now called the home of southern rock at the studio that gave us many famous bands like the allman brothers band,lynard skynard and many others known to that southern rock genre that is very popular in the southern states as an alternative to country. I actually still have his first album on vinyl that includes a rare version of his song "the pope and the dope". I found it way back years ago tight around the time his biggest hit Devil went down to Georgia became a huge hit and granted him membership into the grand ole opry and made him a household name. One of the most cherished performances in the CMA historyof great collaboration of artist at the award ceremony was his version of a song not so popular right now Souths gonna do it again where Chet Akins played a terrific guitar solo and Chatlie complemented it as his favorite most proud moment of his career to have the repect of such a terrific artist like Chet.

By overeight at 04,Jul,20 17:30
She acted interested but her partner in sure is a lesbian so I'm not sure how she will take the suggestion. But I do think giving ladies a night of nude male entertainment they can have whenever they wish might be interesting. I hope she does honestly consider it.

By overeight at 04,Jul,20 12:04
Well ill say the most memorable time was once this woman and I lived together and I was very attracted to her but she really liked me but not really sexually attracted. So the house we were in had only one central heater and where the house was in central Florida it rarely got cold enough to use it. However it was a very cold winter that year so we had the heater on. Well our doors to our bedrooms were open to let the heat circulate in the house. Well I was super horny that night and after going to bed I just could not sleep and had to get off. So I slept nude so I pulled the covers down and just started stroking it out. Well apparently I wasn't quiet enough for her not to hear. I was super hard at the point of to far to just stop. I saw her feet just outside my door after I heard a noise just outside my room. Well seeing her feet hot me more excited and I kicked the covers completely off me spread my legs open and stroked a little faster. Shortly shot a very intense load and was so reved up I let out a big aaaaahhhhhh ooohhh aaahh mmmmmm when I shot. I laid there just a probably full minute and slowly still stroked it still rock hard. Well then I jumped up quickly to dart to the bathroom to clean up. As soon as I made it to the door there she was her shirt pulled up above her breast her hand in her panties all wet her eyes closed her body convulsing. Once I stepped out in front of her standing there playing with herself. I kissed her on the cheek and she opened her eyes surprised that I was standing there naked watching her get off by watching me. She was stunned and embarrassed. I told her its ok we all have needs hun. You might not want sex with me but its ok that you enjoyed watching and got excited. She kissed me back on the cheek and said thank you thats sweet. She looked at me up and down and said your a fairly big guy there and I just honestly wanted to see it and how big it was I heard you but couldn't help myself and got well I lost myself. I said its fine I'm going to clean up but when I come back you can be in whatever bed you want mine if you want what you see yours if you dont or aren't sure. I went and wiped myself clean. When I came back she was at her bedroom door and said I dont want to make such a decision being so charged up right now but I will decided and if I want to go there ill let you know. So I went back to bed. The next morning she told me during breakfast I hope we can keep this just between us. I told her well its nobody else business. She said good I dont need the embarrassment. I said well I was the one who got caught you just got caught up. She laughed and said well I did kina enjoy it too. So we never talked about it again.

By overeight at 04,Jul,20 00:24
Go to a waxing studio I used to shave but waxing takes care of the hair for 6-8 weeks at a time.

By overeight at 03,Jul,20 10:23
Lix I have been talking to someone about throwing hen parties where ladies have a girls night and they all have drinks and a party with easels and while they sit around drinking they try and draw a nude model. She said hmmm thats a pretty good idea. So she is thinking about it. She has a studio where she gives art instruction and people come and pay her a fee and get to draw or paint etc and they have supplies provided. So all it would take is her to make a night for ladies 21 and older serve a little wine and have me come out and pose in whatever position the ladies want me in.

By overeight at 03,Jul,20 10:05
Well you have to keep in mind my age hell the wind blowing could give me a hard one back then even wearing clothes

By overeight at 01,Jul,20 13:51
I went commando for nearly 30years because I could never find comfortable underwear before but now at my age I need something to keep my balls forward so I dint sit on them. So I found some endowed men's underwear or jocks do just that. So now I'm still comfortable but dont have to pull my junk out from between my legs everytime I need to sqat ir sit.

By overeight at 01,Jul,20 13:47
Underwear can be very uncomfortable for me because the way in endowed. I have a cock a little larger than average but very big nuts. So I have to buy underwear for endowed men. I like wearing trunks. I usually buy either ergowear or Wildman T brand underwear and those hold me tight but give me the too I need and they dint have seems in them and that is usually what is bothersome in most box brand underwear.

By overeight at 01,Jul,20 13:41
I have a black jock I wear with mine because they are under armor brand and the front is very translucent and you can not only see the shape but you can actually see skin through the front if the pants. However I have a bamboo jock that more or less just conforms to the shape underneath it and lets my circumcised head and even veins in my cock to still be seen. Most ladies try not to be obvious in looking but its entertaining to watch them try and get an eyeful but be discreet trying to look. I've noticed that the younger ladies try to get close to see and older ladies will just walk up and speak and their eyes never leave my crotch except a quick glance at my eyes. The younger girls try to sneeka peek but onlder ladies just flat out take a good look

By overeight at 01,Jul,20 12:20
I have a few had to buy about five before I got one that did what I wanted but its a little uncomfortable under clothes. I got mine to hold my balls out and up so I dont sit on them. My balls hang very low and are big so sitting on them hurts quite a bit. I dint like women looking at me like I'm doing something wrong when I grab my package and pull it out to sit down. Some women think this is perverted and for those who do think that way you can't just outright tell them hey I'm trying not to squish my nuts by grabbing my junk ok.

By overeight at 30,Jun,20 19:10
You know if you pump it wont shrink. I was shrinking just a slight bit but I started pumping a couple of times a week and my head got a little bigger and I went back to my teen size and a little more. I dont want to pump to gain any size I like my size. Pumping can cause problems if your not careful. It can cause ED if not done correctly. I have seen some pics of guys who must have an obsession with it because theirs are huge,literally hanging below the knees and as big around as a football literally. And thats when it flaccid. I didn't realize you could even get pumps that big but apparently so. The site I saw these pics on was custom underwear for endowed men. Hillcrest swimsuits and underwear. This woman makes special underwear and swimsuits for huge guys. I have huge balls and my cock is a little more than average but some of these guys they need a wheelbarrow to carry their stuff in. So watch over pumping. Once I was in the adult store and this guy and girl were together in the store and she grabbed a pump and picked at him,here you go you can make your cock bigger just with this thing. Then she laughed and he said yeah right like that will make it bigger. Well I had a picture on my phone of my cock fresh after a pump. I overheard them. Sk I said well actually if you do it right you can gain a little out of it but you have to be careful. The chic said oh so now your join to tell me you actually believe that will make your cock bigger huh. I pulled out my phone and showed her the picture and she said ohh wow thats a really nice thick cock wow. Then I showed her one not pumped and she said oh wow thats a nice improvement. Not a lot but nice. They walked out with one when they left turned and said hey thanks.
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Oh yeah they also make head only pumps thats ehybi WA posting.

By overeight at 30,Jun,20 15:06
Made my week I'm 52 she was 30 not very usual for a woman that age to fancy a guy mine. I like mature women but she was pretty special,very mature and well rounded. And yes pretty freakin hot too. But she could have had me in a heartbeat.

By overeight at 29,Jun,20 23:15
Exactly thats what I'm saying just getting an erection doesn't mean your being a perv. You might see a beautiful woman that turns you on,as long as you just take a look and not stare no problem. If you notice something that excites you it could happen. And yes if just being free in the sun and wind can cause it. And rubbing sunscreen on your private parts is far fro jacking off in plain view of everyone. I just dont see why some people(mostly insecure guys) have a problem if some other guy gets one.

By overeight at 29,Jun,20 17:26
Well I've actually only had one mutual mastubating encounter. This lesbian friend of mine and I were talking once a very long time ago and just somehow got to talking about sex and masturbation. I told her I thought it was really hot for a woman to watch a guy or vice versa. So she asked if I had ever done it or tried or if I only had sex when with a straight woman and I told her that I had never actually done it in front of a woman but would like to and watch her reaction. She then told me well here's your opportunity cause you wont have sex with me but I would like to watch and see how a guy does it I've never seen a guy do it. So I took off my clothes and asked are you sure she said go ahead I wanna see. Well I got really hard and I asked her if she ever touched a mans dick and she said no I really never have so I told her if she wanted she could. She said really hmmm so she grabbed it and felt it and played with it and she stroked it a bit and she said wow I feel it when it swells up and gets bigger and when it contracts this is different. She got me very erect and my cock was pulsating and throbbing. I told her wait stop a minute and let go. She did and watched as my cock just sat there pulsating and said ohh my I'm not even touching it and its like it pumping cum ip it or something that's crazy. Then her only wearing shorts and a little top slide her hand down her shorts and started playing with herself then she grabbed my cock and asked do you mind this I said not at all. She played with my cock as I talked dirty to her and masturbated until her body locked in a very intense orgasm for her. I asked may I see she said please yes please this is so hot. I looked and she had a beautiful wet twat and I told her. Then I grabbed mu cock and started stroking it and asked can I cum on your nipples she said ohh wow I never thought about that yes please do. She ripped off her shirt and I stroked so fast I was two feet away and blew my load all over her but stepped up and shot most on her nipples and her body locked again and this time she had a very very intense orgasm and screamed and grabbed my cock and said cum again cum again I want to feel it she turned me on so much I stroked up another one super quick and she laid down get it on my nipples get it all on my nipples. Do I shot it on her nipples then rubbed her nipples with my cock while she enjoyed it. Once we were done she said wow thats the first time I ever touched a guys cock and I almost wanted to get fucked as hot as that was no wonder you never got a chance just to jack off for girlfriends you got me off really good a couple of times. That was really really hot wow.

By overeight at 29,Jun,20 12:17
I have hair grow about an inch and half ip my shaft when I let it grow. I however get waxed usually and once when I went to get waxed this daily hot young lady waxed me. When I get waxed I find it somewhat erotic for a woman to handle my package. Well this particular young lady made a point to continue talking about my cock while she waxed ne. So needless to say she got me very erect during the waxing. I told her I hadn't had sex in quite awhile so thats probably why I was so erect while she waxed me. She said oh its fine I dint mind and actually you have the nicest biggest cock I've seen in person before. Then her being close to finished I had precum oozing from my pulsating cock. Undoubtedly she noticed it and she took her popsicle stick and got a large blob of wax on it and smeared the wax from my balls to the head of my cock rubbing it up and down my shaft with a little hard pressure while she did it. About the third or fourth stroke I shot this pretty big load all over my stomach and gave a big sigh if relief. She said ohhh look you had a little accident there let me clean that up for you. She took a warm damp rag and wiped me up and wiped my head to clean me up. I'm not sure she actually meant to do it but I do think she just wanted to get me really hard to see how big and hard I got and misjudged just how horny I was.

By overeight at 29,Jun,20 11:51
Once a friends girlfriend was going to show me a picture of something on her phone and a picture popped up of her getting slammed by my friend she said uh oh and quickly got rid of the pic and turned her phone away so I couldn't see. I didn't say anything about it so she was only slightly embarrassed.

By overeight at 28,Jun,20 11:31
Well ill be honest in my opinion on this site there are a hell of a lot of beautiful breast. I prefer generally small bread that are pointy and small. But I prefer to look at the woman as a whole. This means not just boobs. Its twat,the lips and shape color of lips and nipples breast,ass and if shown the face and her complete beauty as a woman. In my opinion the best entire complete package on this site even though her breast are larger than my personal taste I think she is the entire package as a woman that includes all of the above. That person on this site for me would have to be SeeJen. She is just such a completely beautiful woman and she has everything physically that just turns me in beyond belief. She is the complete package. That is just my own personal taste but damn she is soooo hot. I have to check her page 2-5 times a week just because she turns me on just that much.

By overeight at 28,Jun,20 03:15
The first person you mean to catch you? The reason I say that is it was after I had sex before and I had pulled out and stroked it out to avoid getting ladies pregnant. I would say I was well into my 30's before someone saw me giving it hell. I was in a hotel with this girl I wanted badd very bad. And after I begged her yo give me some she just wouldn't. So I told her ok look I have got to do something will it bother you if I rub one out. She said go ahead just please do it in the bathroom. So I went in the bathroom got naked and started. She gave me about five minutes or so and let me get really hard and excited. Then she said something pretty loud to me but I hadn't closed the door completely too. Do when she said whatever I didn't hear what she said. So me hard stroking it holding it in my hand I opened the door and asked did you say you want to watch? She said no I asked if you want to borrow my magazine and held up a Cosmo. She said they have some pretty racy pics in here. I said naa those aren't racy enough for me. She said ok. Well I walked back in the bathroom didn't bother even pulling the door too it was wide open. I stroked it out and I blew a huge load and while I was shooting it into the toilet I turned my head and looked over my shoulder and she had a clear view to watch me in the mirror over the dressers in the room I just mosned out loud and finished up. Then I turned looking at the mirror still naked so she got a good look at my fresh jacked cock pumping and pulsating but still big but somewhat soft. I said well I guess we both got to enjoy that huh. She said well you left the door open did you think I wouldn't watch. We laughed a little and I said well I guess I dint need to worry about you seeing it anymore huh she said uhh well its pretty much a done thing now huh. I said yeah. She said ok I gotta get in there. She walked in the bathroom handed me my underwear and pushed me out and licked the door. I could tell how long she was in there she had to di the same thing. She came out and I said you cheated. She looked at me funny and said what. I said you cheated you closed and locked the door. She laughed and said that's funny.
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Oh by the way this chic looked almost like a dead ringer yo Seejen here on the site body face the whole thing almost like a doppelganger

By overeight at 28,Jun,20 02:52
Everyday at home hell I even go out on my back porch and smoke naked. A few times my neighbor behind me has seen me going out to take a smoke but she only got a quick peek. I have closed it up mostly expect for a screen door thstd always open but she has seen me a few times but she doesn't really mind.

By overeight at 28,Jun,20 02:47
Mine bends yo the left at the base and then back to the right slightly at around the middle of it what do you call that? An S

By overeight at 28,Jun,20 02:14
Wow thats a very long time ago. It was a girl from the church youth group. I used to go visit her at her house and they had a trailer in the back of the house and she asked me to go in with her and she didn't want to be penetrated so I told her you can't just leave me all excited like this so she took it out and took care of it by hand. I must have been 14. She was 16.

By overeight at 28,Jun,20 02:09
Hasn't changed one thing. Only that as a CCW holder in my state its illegal to wear a mask and carry your firearm in public. Thats about the only thing. However I'm sure that law has its allowances with the virus around.

By overeight at 27,Jun,20 09:22
Lets see I would fuck her tits,her mouth,her ass,her puss and if she would grasp her fingers around my cock even her hand,hows that. In other words if it could be fucked on her I would fuck it.

By overeight at 25,Jun,20 20:20
Quite honestly I've been with big women and super hot women and very skinny women. All of them have some differences in their own ways but there are all types of all kinds in all builds. Some super hot women can't get enough,other big women can't get enough and some skinny etc. Some big women are tight and same if all builds. And what surprised me is some small skinny women have a freaking crater down there. Some of all types have all types if feels and likes and dislikes. Basically what it boils down to is what build turns you personally on ir not. Some guys like big women some like tiny women and some like em fit. Me I like small breast and nice bubble ass. Thats just my taste.

By overeight at 25,Jun,20 17:29
Way back when I was with my sons mother I got home one day after a very hot day working outside and my lady wasn't home. So I stripped and hopped in the shower and took a good cool shower and cleaned up and washed my hair just took a very good shower. I was a rough plumber so I worked putting plumbing in slabs before the concrete got poured. Once I got out of the shower and dried off I walked up the hallway and turned the ac temp down a couple of degrees. Then I stepped in the living room but I hadn't gotten dressed at all yet. I turned on the tv because the news was about to come on. Just then the door opened up and it swung in. So I figured it was my lady because I saw her car in the driveway so I walked toward the door to see if she had like groceries or something she might need help with. Well I was about Five feet from the door and my mother in law stepped in the door and she looked directly at .my cock and she said ohhhh my goodness I didn't expect this kind of greeting and she chuckled a bit. Well I figured its to late she already got an eyeful so I just turned around and walked back toward the hall not in a hurry. She then said wow this is better than Chippendales dancers haha. My lady walked in and saw me walking across the living room naked and busted out laughing. I went and put some shorts on and walked back into the living room and her mom said well I guess its obvious exactly why my daughter feel in live with you huh. We laughed about it but that woman loved me to death before she died. It was a pretty embarrassing situation though. Once more my lady was gone out with her girlfriends and I feel asleep naked on the couch and when she came home her girlfriends all saw me laying there and do my lady played with my cock a bit me still asleep and got me very hard for her friends to see. Then I woke up and she said I thought I would embarrass you really good for my friends if your going to sleep naked in the couch. Her friends were all standing there just watching. So I just said well dint stop. She said what? I said don't stop keep going. She said your not going to run hide I mean they are looking at your hard cock. I stood up and stuck my cock in her face stroking it. And I said if your going to get it hard your going to finish it. Two of her girlfriends left two more said well he does have a point once you get a guy hard you have to make him cum or its just a tease. So she said what are you daring me they both said yeah we dare you. So she said your living this aren't you. I said not until its in your mouth. She sucked me off while her friends watched and then said ok now go get dome shorts on. I smiled and walked to the bedroom.

By overeight at 25,Jun,20 09:50
I think you misread there thick. I said that I could understand why people would be offended if you stroked it or played with it or walked around with a hard on. Or if you were staring ata hot girl,I didn't say I do it. I think you need to slow down and read and not scan it. What I said is I dont see why if I got an erection while I'm laying there minding my own business not talking to anyone looking at anyone and get erect I dont feel like I should need to roll over and hide it. So screw yo calling me a perv. Honestly its my opinion that men who have a problem with a guy getting an erection laying on a beach not bothering anyone or touching himself or staring at a girl are just insecure about their own body and thats why they take offense to it. At least thats just what I believe. I just dont see it as offensive.

By overeight at 25,Jun,20 02:45
Greene I've posed for fine art groups and students before and I had this discussion with a couple of artist before. They thought an erection was just absolutely not accepted at all in art. However once when I posed for a class these two super hot college girls came in and usually this artist had a model come in and sit in on a drawing before using them to pose. Well these girls came in a little late and they were wearing basically nothing(I'm in Florida) and well they came in and interrupted the room. This other very nice looking artist was sitting right in front of me about 4 feet from me. Well these girls sat a couple of rows back and they started whispering and pointing. Well I was already in my pose before they got there and was looking pretty much right at them after they got there. Well they were behind the girl only a few feet from me. So when they started talking quietly and pointing at my cock I got a little aroused and these girls were smoking ass hot. They were cheerleaders for FSU. Well when I got a little aroused it was all cool no one said a word. Well one of them then pointed at my cock for the other one to look and she did and both jaws dropped. All of a sudden I'm getting very erect. And the girl rich in front of me stopped drawing and started looking and so did this other very pretty artist lady. So that got me more aroused to the point I was full attention. The guy who holds the class asked me do you need a break its ok if you do. I said well if you want I can take one but if it doesn't bother anyone I'm ok with it. All four girls spoke up and said ohh its ok if he doesn't mind its not bothering us at all. Do he said ok I guess thats it the ladies want to watch. So I held my pose. The girl only a few feet from me sat forward in her chair looking very intently at my cock. The girls behind her stood up to get a better view. The other lady moved her easel up and slide her chair forward a couple of feet. And it just would not go down. Then the guy who holds the class his wife walked in and she walked between me and the girl very close to me and her shirt rubbed my head just barely( its a small studio). Then she stood next to him looking and asked is it ok if I take a couple of pictures? So I said sure. The girls loved that. The one close to me stood up and said let me get out of your way. She walked around her easel and bent over only inches from my cock with her cute ass and I just couldn't help but move my eyes to at her ass by this point. So the wife took pics of me standing there with a flagpole. Then she walked out. The girl close to me moved back but was closer now. The artist then asked me again ok if you need a break just let me know ok. I said I'm ok if you all are. The girl in front of me then leaned in to me and asked him I'm not sure how to ask but I'm about to start on your penis and is it about to go down or can I draw it like that and how long can you stay that way. I said uhh well do I need to. She said if you can and dint mind I've never drawn an erect one before. I said ill do my best. Then the cheerleaders quietly behind her opened their shirts and showed me one nipple each. The girl sat there drawing and looking at my cock and surprisingly I stayed pretty erect until my break. Then before I put on my robe I asked her ok did you get it. She said yes I did thank you. I looked at her drawing and she did get it. The other lady I walked over and looked at her picture and she got it too. Then I asked the guys ok I bet none of you guys drew that. They all said no I was drawing your shoulders another said I was drawing your moustache. The cheerleaders then left. Then I had one more pose before session ended. When it ended I went and dressed and the girl right in front of me was fooling around out at her car parked next to me. Everyone else had left except the guy who had the studio.its at his house. When I walked out the girl said to me I want to tell you I really do appreciate you trying as hard as you could to stay that way I really have never drawn that before and I wanted to. Thanks. I said its no problem hun. If you want to anytime he has my number ill pose for you anytime that way but I might need a little motivation like a porn playing or something to help me stay that way. She said really you would do that. I said sure. She said but I bet I can't afford you by myself I can't pay you much. I said ill tell you what. If you want to have me pose in not going to ask you to do anything unethical to pay me but lets do this. I'll pose for you for $30 bucks and you set up and before you draw you get nude and draw me and just do it in the buff so that way its easy for me to stay that way. Fair enough. She said ohh really. I said sure. She said well I'm kind of shy I'm not sure I would be comfortable being naked but my roommate might. I said well I haven't seen her but I think your attractive and I know if you did I could stay that way. She said hmmm ill think about it but I'm not sure. I said well that or text me your rookies pic and ill tell you if she will do. She said thats a deal,ill do that. Then we left

By overeight at 24,Jun,20 20:25
Ok then why is it respect for others? Usually when I go when I first get there I might get an erection in about the first 30-45 minutes and it usually doesn't Las but a few minutes. I'm just wondering why and how do people find it offensive. Its simply a bodily function. It happens sometimes. Doesn't have to have a thing in the world with sex. So it doesnt mean your looking for sex,thinking about sex,turned on by someone that you want sex with. What am I the only guy in the world that just gets excited by being free and enjoying the wind and the sun on my cock. I just dont see why someone has to hide it at a place full of naked adults. I just dont get it. I do understand if your walking around it stroking it or playing with it,or if your staring at a hot chick. But I your just laying there and not bothering anyone I think if you get one you should just be able to lay there and enjoy it a little bit.