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Trump/Pence or Biden/Harris...Which do you feel will prevail???

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Started by tecsan [Ignore] 09,Sep,20 03:45  other posts
Trump has been somewhat erratic at times...But look at Creepy sleepy uncle joe...Pence pretty clean, but not totally...Harris, now I wonder like I do with uncle joe...??? (I agree it is about 50/50 with the flaws concerning both parties)...༼☯﹏☯༽

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By phart [Ignore] 02,Mar,21 11:52 other posts 
I am thinking of starting a Go Fund me page.For people that voted democrat to give money to help pay all this extra money for gas they cost everyone else.
2.59 a gallon yesterday in town,up over 60 cents a gallon in a month or so since dipshit took office.
By tecsan [Ignore] 04,Mar,21 00:34 other posts 
Crazy sleepy uncle joe probably has no idea of what gas costs...Look at the gas guzzler he rides in...

By tecsan [Ignore] 02,Mar,21 02:34 other posts 
Glad I did not hear the speech...I probably would have vomited...

By phart [Ignore] 28,Feb,21 09:25 other posts 
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At 3:40 today,you can listen to a former President that still Loves America and wants to try to save it.
I think when it is all said and done by 2024,even most dems will regret voting biden. His puppeteers have already used him to fuck up the border,and women's sports just to name a couple things.
--------------------------------------- added after 9 hours

Great speach,you shoulda listened.It is sad how much damage bidens handlers have done in just a few weeks.Especialy when you hear it all explained at once.

By tecsan [Ignore] 20,Feb,21 02:07 other posts 
See whom shits dispatches to handle his problems... Vote here... /polls/2687.html

By tecsan [Ignore] 16,Feb,21 03:39 other posts 
Think all the libs thought the Senate would impeach...How dam funny was that...

By phart [Ignore] 18,Jan,21 14:22 other posts 
That sumbitch,this is why we didn't need Biden in office.
The Keystone pipeline would provide jobs,and oil for us and help insure energy independance.
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By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 18,Jan,21 17:39 other posts 
Wind and solar would give you much more jobs, less pollution and off course prevent humanity to go extinct. But you don't believe that (yet). Maybe you will eventually, when it is to late.
By phart [Ignore] 18,Jan,21 19:31 other posts 
I don't totaly dismise those sources of power.For individuals homes and bussiness's. On their dime.Not the taxpayer dime.
Problem is,both depend on battery technology to function at times when the wind is not blowing and the sun is not shineing.
Do a bit of googleing,and you will find that solar panels have a service life of 20 years give or take. After that,they are hazardous waste.Difficult if not impossiable to recycle. Also,the galvanized metal racks that most are being mounted on are contaminating the soil and ground water.That makes a big issue for someone like myself that has a 100+ acre solar farm a mile thru the woods from me and I have a well for water.
Lithium batteries,similar issue,difficult to recycle.
Wind, To be effective,the wind turbine must be LARGE as in HUGE. You can find photos on the web of them on fire,being deiced by large helicopters and dead birds liter the ground under them.Plus,the folks living near them hear a constant disturbing noise.
There is no free lunch.We know the affects of oil and it's by products and can deal with a large percentage of them. And I can't see how the solar and wind is going to make any "MORE" jobs that oil and gas and transportation of those products and so on.And Biden canceling this deal is affecting the economys and people of 2 countries.NOt just 1.Several companys in both countries have employeed 100's of people,invested millions of dollars,and have alot of the system already built,to now do what? Loose their investments? Loose their jobs,and have a unfinisihed pipeline and pump stations that can't be used? Not real bright.Biden should have to sell his damn house and car to pay some of the loss's for that big idea.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 22,Jan,21 10:08 other posts 
At least that view is more nuanced. I'm not completely against any pipelines. However the route of this pipeline was planned through the lands of native people on purpose. It should be possible to use a better route. If they then make sure the pipeline is checked against leaking very well, than I would not be against it in principle. It is true we cannot ban oil completely for probably a few decades. If Canada has oil that can be extracted more efficiently than is now happening in the US, by fracking, than it could be better to have one.
However Canada is also extracting oil from tar sands, which is obliterating nature on a huge scale.

It's not hard to understand why wind and solar will create more jobs, the renewable energy industry is more labor intensive. Solar panels need humans to install them; wind farms need technicians for maintenance. This means that, on average, more jobs are created for each unit of electricity generated from renewable sources than from fossil fuels.

At this moment the price of renewable energy is a little bit higher, but that is changing fast. Solar is already cheaper, but wind is a bit behind. For energy storage on a big scale you can use hydropower. Pumping water up to the reservoir during a surplus of solar or wind energy (Pumped-storage hydropower) is more than 80% energy efficient.

It's fun to hear about wastes of money from this newly elected president, while Trump tax cuts will increase your debt by $2.3 trillion in 10 years and the federal reserve quantitative easing program has reached 75 billion PER DAY (10 times the cost of the Keystone XL) at some point. But off course you wouldn't blame Trump for that or you will find some arguments for why that's OK. Don't you care what happened with all of that money? Do you really trust the Republicans that much?
By SrCums [Ignore] 02,Feb,21 10:19 other posts 
Remind you of somebody??lol

By SrCums [Ignore] 02,Feb,21 10:24 other posts 
You listen to the devil a lot dont you.. There is no climate change. The extra money they are taking us for this bullshit just goes into biden's pocket. If there is a 1 degree fluctuation its because it is natural for it to happen.. The earth runs in cycles and you're stupid enough to follow it.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 02,Feb,21 17:04 other posts 
That's the opinion of the 1% of scientists who are bought by the fossil fuel industry. The 99% honest scientists al say climate change is real and man made. Everywhere on earth the carbon dioxide concentration is higher that it has ever been since there is technology to measure it and in ice core samples from the arctic that has been there for hundreds of thousands of years.

The devil doesn't exist. But you are listening to people who come very close. They are spending lots of money, to spread lies, just to make themselves even richer, while in the meantime assuring the demise of humanity.
Why would you listen to that? It's not like you get rich of those lies. And you wont be allowed in their massive survival bunker. You can just die with all of us poor people.
By SrCums [Ignore] 02,Feb,21 17:28 other posts 
Oh yes the devil does exist,, but its closer than you think. And to the liberal, he or she thinks by putting in statistics generally without putting any names yet being as cleverly wrong as possible yet sounding smart and correct. There is no climate change that we caused or what we can correct! It is natural for fluctuations for the earth to go through cycles of 1000s , millions and billions of years.. The earth wabbles and spins differently every 25000 years... Don't tell me 99% of bullshit says the earth is changing,, YET TAX people because of it and steal money from them in order to fuck children which the democrats so much love to do..
By phart [Ignore] 02,Feb,21 21:00 other posts 
If there was talk of climate change and the solutions were offered up that did not involve taxation,penalizations,industry shut downs and so on,it would be more beleiveable.BUT when you start making a profit from taking away 1000's of peoples work,their method of heating their homes and so on,to "fix" a invisable problem,it is very difficult to believe there is a actual problem.
As most of us have been discussing lately,there is alot of cold and snow right now.It is winter,that is normal.
It snowed in New York a 100 years ago,people shoveled it.Same as today.
Trees need carbon dioxide,so plant some trees.
Stop the taxing to "fix" the problem and actually do something about it.
By the way,I would assume most of you are never around a 2018 or so Ford deisel truck being you all must live in citys or overseas.the exhaust of the trucks engine is CLEANER than the air that went in the intake to be burnt.
GRanted there is alot of complicated bullshit equipment in there that gives trouble to make it that way.BUT it does show we can still use Petrol based products and be clean without TAXING people onto bicycles.
By SrCums [Ignore] 02,Feb,21 21:32 other posts 
Point noted, but when the democrat ****philes tax and take away jobs is to use this as a weapon of propaganda.
Oh my god, your explanation of a global increase in temperature of 2 degrees in about 100 years is the earth wabbles and spins differently every 25000 years.
Yes it does, but it can't explain what we see today.
Don't try to do science, because you don't even understand how it works.
Taxing the rich will not hurt you or the rich. It will maybe prevent the rich from buying everything and everyone and bringing back feudalism.
By SrCums [Ignore] 05,Feb,21 11:58 other posts 
I stand by it. It's a mathematical curve to plot sequence over the last 40,000 yet industrialization has only lasted for 140 years...
What we see today is hatred, new world order initiative that goes back to 1971, propaganda of hate towards our president and leader, taking over of media to suppress 1st amendment rights and division. The election was stolen from the people then they took away 1st amendment rights from conservatives including the president and all his supporters of congress and the senate..
I do know how it works.. Its all about the Central bank that has been in business since 1914 to brings the value of the dollar down by printing too much money for the value of gold thus making all members of household to work long hours to make ends meet..
What did I ever say to you about the rich or poor and taxing? This is bullshit. With money it is darwin theory of survival of the fittest. That along with the central banks, controlling populations,,,now they want to break the law and impeach a president that is out of office because they fear them not because of bullshit insurrection.. They should fear them because he's educated the country their plans and exposes the corruption.. I tip my hat to guilliani, jim jorden, and that lovely conservative from geogia, not to mention matt gaetz..

Your problem with the earth today is you just look at one point but it falls on the curve of the earths movements that we have nothing to do about... I'll say it AGAIN---..this is a false narrative to lie in order to overtax the middle class and steal their money to bribe illegal aliens and to line their pockets. If you don't want to read what I'm saying you are wasting my time and the sites ....
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 12,Feb,21 19:51 other posts 
The U.S.'s reserve of gold equals 8,133 tonnes, worth more than $373 billion. That sound like a lot right? Wrong, it's just a little bit more than Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk own together. The Central bank needed to print more money than there was gold, because all the rich people took the money.

Please stop repeating those Trump lies. They have counted all the votes in the contested states several time. They have found only a few fraudulent votes and those were Trump voters. Trump claimed the voting machines were flipping votes, but that has been debunked thoroughly.
only registered users can see external links
There were about 60 lawsuits and Trump lost all of them but one and that one did not prove any fraud.

Your ideas are one big illogical mess about the banks, overtaxing, illegal aliens and other conspiracy theories, but there is nothing to substantiate your claims.

What is your idea of corruption? Isn't that rich people giving money to politicians to do their bidding? You don't think republicans are against that right? They invented all the laws that make it possible for rich people to give unlimited amounts of money to politicians and have almost no transparency.

Did you know that the Trump tax cuts for the common people have expired now? Trump made them only temporary, but he made the tax cuts for the rich and corporations permanent. Now why would he do that, if he was so concerned with common people?

Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest is sort of the principle of capitalism isn't it. I didn't understand whether you for or against that survival of the fittest. You know I don't, I am a supporter of a strong safety net, so people will be supported in times of need and no one has to live in poverty.

You can easily verify everything I'm saying, from multiple sources.
By SrCums [Ignore] 13,Feb,21 01:33 other posts 
Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest is sort of the principle of capitalism isn't it. I didn't understand whether you for or against that survival of the fittest. You know I don't, I a supporter of a strong safety net, so people will be supported in times of need and no one has to live in poverty.//////////////////////////
OK,,, so lets make a synopsis here.. Why you give links means nothing because journalism is dead. All CNN is basically is Jerry Springer.. Your assertion of people that shouldn't live in poverty... Then why s SF has shit on the street with homeless,, same for Portland and Seattle and now NYC, Philia, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, Milwaukee, Gary, East St louis, Phoenix, Buffalo, Miami, WPB all poverty,, and what do they all have in common? Democrats...... ALL OF THEM.... LA, .... Bullshit you give such as Trump is NO GOOD and you will not be pushed around.. ALL conservative cities are places where all the people that live in your hell are moving out and moving into such as Tulsa and OKC for example.. The bastards that are moving there are so fucking dumb they are still voting for the fucking devil so this is stupidity defined.... So why is that?? You're so fucking dumb I can't believe it... If you are going to argue bullshit then back it up.. Not fake links, CNN, MSNBC bullshit.. Last time I checked the constitution is our law.. READ IT! and for once in your life try and make you're boring and meaningless life into producing productiveness for once.. Put some DEMOCRAT into it..LOLOL
By SrCums [Ignore] 13,Feb,21 16:37 other posts 
By tecsan [Ignore] 03,Feb,21 02:25 other posts 
But look at the cost difference...Should slowly be initiated...Not abruptly stopping the pipelines like democraps want...They are ignorant, since they are wealthy they do not give a crap about the less fortunate...
By phart [Ignore] 03,Feb,21 09:56 other posts 
The Liberals,don't really think alot about what they do.
They cancel a pipeline.Not paying attention to maps that can be found online of all the pipelines ALLREADY in the ground and have been for decades,serving the country.
They don't think about a train derailment and how much it cost to clean that up.Human error instead of rust causing a BAD spill.
They don't think about all the tanker trucks on the hwy that can wreck and dump stuff.
Oh the evil pipeline.Canceling 1 pipeline will fix the climate.
BULL shit.
Actually solar power is already cheaper than oil and coal and wind power will be soon. You already have the original Keystone Pipeline System and Biden doesn't want to break that up. At the moment you have enough oil, so it's just a choice on what you want to invest in for the future.

There are only a few politicians who actually give a crap about the less fortunate and they are in the Democratic party. They have ideas like the Green New Deal, which is a program to massively stimulate the economy, by investing in renewable energy and create millions of jobs. That will not hurt the less fortunate, that will help them immensely.

Investing in new technology costs money, but if you haven't noticed, your politicians just spend 10 Trillion on Covid stimulus. Only a tiny bit went to the less fortunate. Most of it has just propped up the stock market and enriched you billionaires even more.
For that money, you could have given every one of the 123 million households in the USA $81,300 to invest in insulation, solar panels, a heat pump and a small electric car. And you keep whining about some stupid oil pipeline.
By phart [Ignore] 15,Feb,21 20:48 other posts 
only registered users can see external links

Germany,was once a great nation of engineering,my dad always said he loved it and if he had to move he would go there,but he was there in 56-7.Totaly different country now I am sure.
By phart [Ignore] 12,Feb,21 17:02 other posts 
only registered users can see external links

Take a few minutes to watch this,perhaps the explanations here can help.
By phart [Ignore] 15,Feb,21 15:59 other posts 
only registered users can see external links
take a moment to read this, windmills, can't spin because they are frozen.Power grid is over loaded.
And we are supposed to drive "electric" cars?
If the power grid can't handle a snow storm,how can it handle every car being charged in 10 years? It can't.
By TWOWARMTTS3 [Ignore] 21,Jan,21 13:40 other posts 
We already are energy independent. And it's not the only employer in town. The indigenous population and the environmentalists are dead set against the pipeline. Only reason it was going forward is that THE CLOWN didn't give a fuck.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 21,Jan,21 17:06 other posts 
Of course he didn't. He only cared about his own business and debts.
By phart [Ignore] 22,Jan,21 14:08 other posts 
Trump is not in the oil industry. So it would not help his debts.He is into buildings and land.

What i have yet to understand is what happened to the needs of the many out way the needs of the few?
The indiginous people,can load up and move if their water is harmed, the enviromentalist, they are similar to the protestors in Portland,nothing will make them happy except death to all humans so the little fishes can fart and fuck in the water without fear.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 04,Feb,21 11:09 other posts 
Trump has accepted millions in donations from fossil fuel companies, which he redirects very effectively to his own businesses and his personal legal defense.

Also he keeps a very close relationship with infamous coal baron Bob Murray of Murray Energy, consistently delivering on many of Murray’s personal policy priorities. That relationship is off course very $valuable$ to him.
By phart [Ignore] 02,Feb,21 09:51 other posts 
So I guess these folks don't matter?
Go make some solar panels or something?
only registered users can see external links
By TWOWARMTTS3 [Ignore] 02,Feb,21 14:18 other posts 
You win some, you lose some.
By phart [Ignore] 02,Feb,21 21:02 other posts 
So are you going to go help the loosers with their bills or laugh at them?
By TWOWARMTTS3 [Ignore] 03,Feb,21 10:21 other posts 
PHART In life you throw the dice and occasionally get snake eyes. Sometimes you win big. Sometimes you loose big. Most of the time you break even and life goes on. I won't help them nor laugh at them. These people were around before the pipeline was started sometime around 2008. They thought they would be flush, but, if you can remember, Obama froze the project and they survived all that time until THE GREAT BOZO restarted the pipeline. Now they go back to what it was like. No one helped you in your time of need and I worked for all I have. Being in health care was not my first choice. We do what we must to survive. Some are not smart enough to get it and they are the BIG LOSERS. Don't come to me to share a tear.

By Strongmember# [Ignore] 10,Feb,21 22:08 other posts 
Time to archive this thread. Are people still posting in threads about whether KC or TB will win Superbowl
By Dev01 [Ignore] 10,Feb,21 22:17 other posts 
My question is... Can you read?
By Strongmember# [Ignore] 10,Feb,21 22:54 other posts 
your question for me?
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

or perhaps you are mistakenly typing that there. I didn't mess with your niggas thing. I read all of it. While I had a nuanced opinion about how the American culture can sometimes be lost on the uneducated.. perhaps not you but people who hear you talk that way.. but i didn't bother because I liked your first message.

The title to this thread is about the 4 people who were running on the US ticket. When it was written who will prevail the original intention I am pretty sure if I ask the author, was who would get into the White House. That has already been concluded is my point.
By Dev01 [Ignore] 10,Feb,21 23:14 other posts 
, But seems to have changed from the Authors question some time ago. Nimda will decide if it goes to the dumpster. Yes no comments archive for sure
By phart [Ignore] 11,Feb,21 10:26 other posts 
Why?It is still a very important topic to millions of people.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 12,Feb,21 10:02 other posts 
Why is this still a very important topic? Because the impeachment of Trump is still going on and he's still facing several lawsuits. Trump might run again in 2024 or he might start the Patriot party. Whatever your opinions on that, Trump is still very relevant.
By tecsan [Ignore] 12,Feb,21 00:48 other posts 
I agree...But, any can post about any topic they want...We all know the outcome of the election and the result of the superbowl...We all get away from the original topic at times and I do not mind...
By phart [Ignore] 12,Feb,21 09:40 other posts 
Could it be you want people to forget and not continue to wonder "what if"? what is being hidden by the people and politicans that want to "put it all behind us"?
By Strongmember# [Ignore] 13,Feb,21 22:06 other posts 
Yes. And we will. Our grip on power recently assured to a highest probability, some of our more clandestine tactics are at this moment irrelevant. I am a representative of a group that shall not be named. You call us Globalists. Just know your actions will be futile and we have eyes everywhere.
By phart [Ignore] 13,Feb,21 22:43 other posts 
Just know,you are sadly mistaken.Don't get hurt finding out the hard way.
By Strongmember# [Ignore] 14,Feb,21 00:47 other posts 
@Phart I am sorry. I made up that post to see how people would react. I then had this "seemingly brilliant idea" to try to find out your name or something about you by researching your profile. I was not going to announce your name if i found it but say the initials maybe.

So anyhow I was trying to make this whole point, but when I looked at your profile I read some of your old writing. It humanized you so fast, and eventually I was tearing up. You seem like a good man.

When I argue with you I only want to convince you of what I believe because I think it is important. I have no ill will. I'm sorry that I played that prank pretending to be some globalist group member. I don't want to be in threads where we are threatening to hurt eachother. I did this partly because I saw you support Sr. Cums with a post something they want "desire,hatred,and division,confusion,poverty,depression in the citizens"

I don't know who you were referring to , if just so called "liberals" in power, or certain movements, or if you were broadly thinking that so many people on the other side of politics from you really wants all that. I just felt like there is something wrong if we are all thinking that the other half of the country is a bunch of completely immoral assholes. I think we have more in common than our differences. I have had many family issues related to issues you talked about. I have my own pain, more than I want to lay out here, but my family and my childhood, my recent separation from my fiance, I also have my own love for America and its freedom. I have my work, which I won't go into depth with, but use my finance background and business school degree to focus almost exclusively on small businesses that aside from money are doing positive social good in the community or working on the newest innovations to help our environment. I care a lot about many people and ideas. I don't call myself a liberal but I would probably be put into that basket based on certain positions I take. If nobody else cares, I hope maybe you will hear my words and see a real human being just like you.
By tecsan [Ignore] 14,Feb,21 03:31 other posts 
Who is going to buy this crap???༼☯﹏☯༽
By phart [Ignore] 14,Feb,21 09:15 other posts 
That is why I haven't called you names and etc.i can tell although we disagree,we are both trying to say how we feel and what we feel to be true.
By tecsan [Ignore] 15,Feb,21 04:15 other posts 
I do not disagree...

By SrCums [Ignore] 13,Feb,21 16:38 other posts 

By Dev01 [Ignore] 09,Feb,21 18:31 other posts 
Just want to say I would trust a n##ga with a gun more than a liar with a straight face. Shit feedback # Dev01
By dgraff [Ignore] 09,Feb,21 22:02 other posts 
Couldn’t agree with you more my friend
By Dev01 [Ignore] 09,Feb,21 23:00 other posts 
By TWOWARMTTS3 [Ignore] 10,Feb,21 09:26 other posts 
Dev01 this the way Aussies refer to blacks in your great country?
By Dev01 [Ignore] 10,Feb,21 20:18 other posts 
No and I could have said coloured. I wanted to catch the eye. For the record I have three close mates who now live here and we call each other that. They from the 313 or (Amityville) as they call it. Kenny is married to my wife's sister. Very nice gent that's just how we speak..

It's like Cunt in Oz is like a term of endearment. Call mates cunts and calls random people mate.

Regardless of the wording the message stands true.
By bella! [Ignore] 10,Feb,21 22:20 other posts 
Wait a minute! You have mates from the 313 (said, three-one-three)? Do you know that is the telephone area code for the City of Detroit, or as many might say, Dee-troit, the hood?

So if a bitch from Oz calls me a cunt, that's because she showing me love and respect?
By Dev01 [Ignore] 10,Feb,21 22:32 other posts 
No not at all, But on the same I don't call coloured people (Blacks). I call indigenous Australians (abo's). Have many aboriginal friends that are pillars of society.
And yes the 313. What my point was you could be purple with a gun . I don't give a. But a liar with a straight face poses more problems then. Blacks , greens yellows. Politicians maybe, Who am I to judge. He'll im a wog and my wife is Skippy... if we listen to politically correct. Look past the words of my statement... just for a minute and see the truth --------------------------------------- added after 10 minutesOh and as for the Cunt word. What I said is true too. I guess it's like saying... That was good or That was fucking good. I love that cunt. Equals They love you. It's a passion thing. He is a mad cunt = He is awesome. There is only two things in Oz that will get you negative = p3dos and r@pists who I would happily sort. Hey I'll do ten. Go in in like slim come out like Fifty cent. I love all except for the grubs I just mentioned. Rant over
By TWOWARMTTS3 [Ignore] 11,Feb,21 06:50 other posts 
I had a feeling it was more a term of endearment(although from the left). My bad. That's why I made it a question. My apologies
By tecsan [Ignore] 10,Feb,21 23:54 other posts 
I know many people that talk that way too...Does not make it right if I talk that way...
By Dev01 [Ignore] 11,Feb,21 00:23 other posts 
You're thread mate . I'm a little sick of people twisting my words tho. Just saying
By tecsan [Ignore] 11,Feb,21 01:12 other posts 
Does not matter...Feel free to post what you want...I was concerned about the "n##ga" word you used...I know you were trying to make a point...Honestly, post anything you desire I posed the question to which we all know the answer to now...So the thread can go any direction now...

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