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Who has had roommates of opposite sex that they go nude in ftont of

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Started by overeight [Ignore] at 29,Jun,20 11:45  other posts
Just curious who has had a good enough relationship with people of the opposite sex who they go around the house either nude with or in front of without it being sexual? I had a young lady rent a too from me last year who told me when she moved in that I should not change anything about the way I chose to go around the house. I told her well honestly sometimes I just dont get dressed to go make coffee,or go outside to smoke a cigarette and I nigh get out of the shower and walk to my room before getting dressed. She told me nothing like that will bother me at all as long as your not pushing me yo do anything sexual with you. So I tested her one night and walked out of the shower to my room without getting dressed. She followed me immediately to my room and stood at my door talking to me and didn't really care but she was interested in seeing me nude. Nothing sexual but just liked the way my body looked. She told me damn your hot for a guy your age damn.

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By Sosus [Ignore] at 01,Jul,20 14:14 other posts 
Long time ago I shared with a lady, she was 10 years older than me. Uwe used to go from shower to bedroom wrapped in a towel. One occasion thought she was out did the walk and we just about bumped in the hallway , from then on we pretty much did a nudey dash from the shower or maybe underwear around the house. She sunbaked topless in the yard after that just asked that I let her know if anyone was coming over so she could cover up.there was never anything sexual between us

By wycowboy [Ignore] at 01,Jul,20 09:41 other posts 
We helped an old, female, friend of ours out when she moved to the town we now lived in until she could get on her feet. She told us she didn't want to be a bother and not to change our routine. My wife then told her I was a nudist and rarely clothed in the house. Michelle said that was ok with her. So I decided to test her on it a week or so later. I got up and went out to my kitchen and got some ice tea to drink and sat down in my chair totally nude. Michelle never batted an eye. She got up about 15 minutes later and went to her room and when she came out she was nude too. After that neither one of us bothered to get dressed until we needed to go out somewhere. We never had sex but did have some mutual masturbation sessions which were hot as hell.

By spermkiss [Ignore] at 30,Jun,20 14:32 other posts 
Made your day, didn't it.
By overeight [Ignore] at 30,Jun,20 15:06 other posts 
Made my week I'm 52 she was 30 not very usual for a woman that age to fancy a guy mine. I like mature women but she was pretty special,very mature and well rounded. And yes pretty freakin hot too. But she could have had me in a heartbeat.

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