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By wycowboy at 23,Aug,19 08:38
I've done it that way more than once. Surprised the hell out of an old lady once

By wycowboy at 23,Aug,19 08:37
Whenever I can

By wycowboy at 23,Aug,19 08:36
I love both, the deeper the better

By wycowboy at 22,Aug,19 07:49
Exactly, I finally learned how to control my cock. At first, I had a raging erection as soon as I became naked. Now, I have to stimulate myself to become erect and cum.

By wycowboy at 21,Aug,19 10:43
Depends on how curved it is. A slight gradual curve is normal, a sharp bend is not.

By wycowboy at 21,Aug,19 10:42
I don't always have to cum anymore. I get just as much pleasure eating or fingering a woman to orgasm, especially if I can make them squirt.

By wycowboy at 21,Aug,19 10:40
I love getting a handjob, especially in public. Fortunately my wife likes to give them, although not in public.......yet. She gave me one last night in fact, while sitting in her chair with me standing next to her. My orgasm surprised her, it spurted instead of dribbled. I hadn't cum for a week or so though, thats probably why.

By wycowboy at 21,Aug,19 10:38
Yep, I do. The more I am nude in public the more I like it. I find I can go outside nude now and never get a stiffy unless I want one. I am working on getting the wife comfortable doing it too.

By wycowboy at 20,Aug,19 09:10
I don't know anyone who does this..............but would like to!

By wycowboy at 19,Aug,19 09:34
I could, and would, too

By wycowboy at 18,Aug,19 07:38
I am always nude in a hotel or at home. Once I enter the clothes come off. I usually leave the curtains open as well. If someone walks by and sees me, great, I am thrilled by it.

By wycowboy at 04,Aug,19 11:36
I've been masturbating in public and semi-public places ever since I learned how to do it. I've jerked in my car while parked and also driving, in a hotel sauna and hot tub late at night while working security, in public bathrooms and in front of strangers among many other places. The thrill of getting caught or maybe getting caught can't be beat.

By wycowboy at 04,Aug,19 11:31
I'm not anywhere close to big enough to suck my own cock so I have to satisfy myself with licking my cum off of my hand.

By wycowboy at 04,Aug,19 11:29
A firearm is not to blame for ANY mass shooting. The deranged person is. I live in northern Wyoming. In Wyoming we do not need a permit to carry a concealed weapon and, as a result, many of us carry openly. I do at times although most of the time it is concealed. We also have one of the highest per person firearm ownership totals in the US here. We do not have mass shootings in Wyoming and our violent crime rate is way lower, per capita, than most other places in the US. I believe that is because the people who would do violent crime here know that the chances of the victim being armed are way higher than not. Sure, taking away guns will decrease mass shootings. The deranged people who do them will just turn to bombs or something else so why don't we treat the deranged instead of following along with the what teh media and politicians want like sheep?

By wycowboy at 03,Aug,19 11:07
12 or 13, messing around naked at my cousins house. We were both hard and he touched mine so I touched his. It turned into some mutual masturbation and later, on another day, some anal.

By wycowboy at 03,Aug,19 11:04
Let it grow, natural is better

By wycowboy at 31,Jul,19 07:14
I don't make much noise, either on my own or with someone else, just a groan maybe. My wife however is very vocal.

By wycowboy at 28,Jul,19 09:58
My wife and I masturbate in front of each other all the time.

By wycowboy at 28,Jul,19 09:57
If it something that my wife wants then I want her to go for it.

By wycowboy at 28,Jul,19 09:55
There aren't any nude beaches near me (I live in Wyoming) but I go naked in the Big Horn mountains as much as I can. I've probably been seen but I don't care. I usually have a good cum at some point too.

By wycowboy at 26,Jul,19 08:28
I post here. I live in a small Wyoming town and am fairly well known here. It would surprise a lot of people if they knew.

By wycowboy at 26,Jul,19 08:25
Damn, reminds me of some bulls I've seen at the rodeo. Great balls!

By wycowboy at 19,Jul,19 10:13
I prefer it left hairy. When it's shaved I feel like I am a ****.

By wycowboy at 15,Jul,19 17:15
I'm 56 and ejaculate about once a week. Usually from masturbation now since the wife has an almost zero sex drive now. In my teens and 20's I was ejaculating every day, sometimes twice so I think I am good

By wycowboy at 15,Jul,19 17:12

My cock totally soft and then hard. Still not very big but it satisfies my wife (and others) so I guess it'll do.

By wycowboy at 15,Jul,19 17:09
Nope they aren't the views of the "Greatest Nation On Earth". But they do seem to be the views of our President.

By wycowboy at 15,Jul,19 17:08
I'm cut but when flaccid I still have some foreskin and if it covers the head I pull it back so I don't piss on myself

By wycowboy at 11,Jul,19 11:04
When I was younger, early teens, I could self suck even though I am only about 6 inches. It wasn't easy and I had to stretch to accomplish it but it was doable. Now, 40 years later, I have to position myself so my cock is above and try to shoot (dribble really, lol) my cum into my mouth.

By wycowboy at 10,Jul,19 17:00
Have my wife and her best friend be my sex slaves for a weekend........or longer!

By wycowboy at 10,Jul,19 16:57
Who doesn't!

By wycowboy at 10,Jul,19 16:56
I either cum into a glass or my hand, then drink it or lick it up usually. A couple of times I have blown my load on a sandwich and then ate it. I once did it in the kitchen of a hotel I worked security at, after closing, and then ate the sandwich while talking to the woman who did night audit. It turned me on so much knowing what I was doing that I had to go jerk off again. Ah, the young days when I could do that! LOL

By wycowboy at 10,Jul,19 16:52

My small cock, small balls and tight sack. I've never had a complaint but I wish I had a bigger dick and low hanging nuts.

By wycowboy at 10,Jul,19 16:49
I'm not very hairy but I prefer to keep what I have intact. A shaved cock or cunt just looks like it's too young for me. Maybe it's my age (56) but I don't understand this fascination with shaving the pubes.

By wycowboy at 10,Jul,19 16:47
I like some low hanging balls. Mine are usually pretty tight, I hate that.

By wycowboy at 10,Jul,19 16:46
Very few people, 3-4, know that I have had sex with a man. It was when we were very young, 12 or so. We sucked each others cocks, mutually masturbated each other, had anal sex and also fucked a neighborhood girl at the same time. We were related by marriage but not by blood. His younger bro (8 or 9)used to watch us and jerk his little cock. We were just young horny guys who got pleasure from each other.

By wycowboy at 09,Jul,19 08:29
Maybe 1.5 inches

By wycowboy at 09,Jul,19 08:28
I think most men have played with another cock at one time in their life, usually early teen years. For me it was with a cousin when we were about 12. We would mutually masturbate and/or suck each other off when our parents were out. Once we tried anal sex. Neither of us was/is gay, it was just a way to get off, being the always horny boys we were in the mid-70's.

By wycowboy at 30,Jun,19 08:10
I've never been to one but I would not go to suck a cock. To get sucked? Hell yeah!

By wycowboy at 30,Jun,19 08:09
Quit worrying about it. I have a small dick too. My wife has always said that it was enough for her and since I can sometimes make her squirt I guess it is. Bigger cocks aren't as common as most people think anyway.

By wycowboy at 27,Jun,19 08:40
I used to be able to do that. I'm older now, 56 in a couple of days, and can't do it anymore. But, even if I could, why would I want to? A long slow jerk off session is so much better.

By wycowboy at 22,Jun,19 07:52
I'm happy with what I have. It's small but it works and I've never had a complaint

By wycowboy at 17,Jun,19 08:17
I watch videos of men masturbating and cumming all the time. Such a turn on. I try to cum at the same time and usually succeed.

By wycowboy at 15,Jun,19 08:32
I look at all the peeing pics I can. I also enjoy being peed on or peeing on someone.

By wycowboy at 15,Jun,19 08:31
I can get three in on a good day but depends on how I am feeling that day. Usually only one. I love anal play though. I have a butt plug and also a vibrator I like to use on myself.

By wycowboy at 14,Jun,19 08:13
Purple headed yogurt slinger

By wycowboy at 13,Jun,19 09:33
I had masturbation sessions with my little s i s a few times and she watched me fuck her friend one night and I have a few cousins I would love to fuck but thats it.

By wycowboy at 13,Jun,19 09:30
I hate it when that happens but sometimes getting caught adjusting for it is amusing

By wycowboy at 13,Jun,19 09:28
I haven't had a dirty chat in a couple years now. The last woman I had one with was online and she could get me off in a hurry. We eventually did it on the phone a few times and apparently I could give as good as I got. SHe had some loud orgasms

By wycowboy at 13,Jun,19 09:26
I haven't told anyone and if someone I know sees or discovers me here I don't care.

By wycowboy at 11,Jun,19 08:28
Get nekkid. No one will notice your size. I'm small too and go naked in public during the summer. I could care less if seen or ridiculed.