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Hairy pussy

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Started by #161392 [Ignore] 12,May,11 23:33
Who else loves a hairy pussy?I love pussy over all,but there is something about a nice thick bush that makes me rock hard.I love the smell of it too.Shaved pussy is great but it always smells like perfume or soap or something,while hairy pussy smells,like pussy should smell.What are your thoughts?

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By Oldgrandad99 [Ignore] 23,Feb,21 05:58 other posts 

My wife’s
By breeder9 [Ignore] 28,Feb,21 08:45 other posts 
Very nice, love the hair.
By Oldgrandad99 [Ignore] 01,Mar,21 04:59 other posts 
Always ready for use
By PoloFields [Ignore] 01,Mar,21 15:41 other posts 
You're a lucky man, then. Hairy pussy rocks.
By Oldgrandad99 [Ignore] 02,Mar,21 17:48 other posts 
Glad you like it

By ***Adam123 [Ignore] 22,Feb,21 12:57 other posts 
By breeder9 [Ignore] 28,Feb,21 08:43 other posts 
This is one beautiful gorgeous hot pussy.

By Skittles [Ignore] 23,Feb,21 12:37 other posts 
Bjuk I told you to cut your cunt hairs in 2019!

By Steve116969 [Ignore] 22,Feb,21 21:06 other posts 
hairy pussy all the way, hairier the better

By submissivemartyn [Ignore] 19,Feb,21 05:52 other posts 
My ex wife/Mistress had a hairy pussy and I loved it when she had a pee and ordered me to be her toilet paper and clean her.The taste of her pussy juices and pee combined,mmmm!

By breeder9 [Ignore] 14,Feb,21 12:03 other posts 
I love hairy pussy. I grew up looking at porn magazines and all of the ladies had a bush and I always wondered the mystic of what was hiding in there. Well after finding out what beauty was hidden behind this beautiful patch of fur I was totally taken by it, the magnificent clitoris and those beautiful labia and that ever desirable vagina. I love the way a hairy pussy looks, the way it smells the way it tastes and the way it feels when I sink my 8 3/4" cock into it balls deep, pure heavenly bliss.
By #621517 14,Feb,21 12:05
Yeah! Love those classic full triangle bushes women had in the old porn mags!

By #621517 11,Feb,21 02:48
I like a hairy pussy too. Pubic hair is nature’s signal that a woman is ripe for sex, not a little girl any more. I like a neat “landing strip” but my fave is those big triangular bushes you see in vintage porn.

By Strongmember# [Ignore] 10,Feb,21 21:43 other posts 
If I'm turned on I'll take a hairy pussy but always prefer shaved, being hairless makes eating out the pussy much more enjoyable for me, so then I do it better.. better all around

By bil47 [Ignore] 10,Feb,21 21:39 other posts 
I like hairy pussies and bald cocks. Go figure!

By bigdick33 [Ignore] 10,Feb,21 21:25 other posts 
Love a hairy pussy

By leopoldij [Ignore] 10,Feb,21 20:15 other posts 

By willylee [Ignore] 10,Feb,21 18:47 other posts 
Yeah love it

By leopoldij [Ignore] 05,Jun,19 19:09 other posts 
Here I'm grabbing some hairy pussy

By X_Y_Z [Ignore] 08,Apr,19 14:59 other posts 
sorry, it's a no go for me

By *expertease* [Ignore] 04,Apr,19 12:30 other posts 
Well, my pussy hairs grow so fast that there is no use in shaving them. It's a waste of time.
By 15x55 [Ignore] 08,Apr,19 06:30 other posts 

By #578931 04,Apr,19 14:36
I have a friend, much younger than me and who I only get to see about once a year, she has a lovely pussy, trims her belly hair nicely and shaves around her outer lips and her anus, she is lovely to tongue and when on top she likes her anus toyed but not penetrated, it sure does crimp up when teased. and she definitely does not do anal.

By JJohn [Ignore] 04,Apr,19 13:13 other posts 
That is one beautiful pussy!! Please don’t ever shave. A hairy pussy is the look of a genuine woman. Wish others would wake up and see the natural beauty!!

By hotcock33 [Ignore] 03,Apr,19 21:46 other posts 

By #566990 02,Apr,19 10:46

By shaver000 [Ignore] 01,Apr,19 07:55 other posts 
Smooth is the best

By EEXXt [Ignore] 01,Apr,19 07:36 other posts 
By #582293 01,Apr,19 07:42
That's a perfect pussy!

By #522791 23,Jan,19 11:39
Me me me!!!...love hairy pussy

By #577046 22,Jan,19 08:46

My wife doesn't shave
By #551147 22,Jan,19 20:19
Fuzzy wuzzy!! 😉
By doedeldi [Ignore] 23,Jan,19 10:29 other posts 
Hot hairy

By leopoldij [Ignore] 22,Jan,19 06:59 other posts 
here is one

By #547225 23,Dec,17 21:48
They are going away like corded phones. Even 60 something's shave or at least trim

By #11431 01,Nov,16 19:47
Many think mine is nice .
By leopoldij [Ignore] 23,Dec,17 19:28 other posts 
I think so too.

By #519017 31,Oct,16 19:48
I love a hairy pussy. It's an erotic visual signal to a man that a woman isn't a little girl any more but is ready for sex. Best of all I like those full triangle bushes women had in the 1950's to 1970's. My wife has a light brown full bush and I love the sight of it and the way it tickles my cock.

By leopoldij [Ignore] 24,May,15 20:52 other posts 

--------------------------------------- added after 22745 hours

Is that hairy enough?

By #178572 10,Apr,15 06:10
I LOVE a hairy pussy, a nice thick bush is what a woman should have not a bare, plain, no personality boring hole they to pass off as a pussy. No way! I want a real woman with a nice bush who has been wearing tight panties or pantyhose all day, I can't wait to bury my face between her legs and smell her woman-scent coming from her hot,sweaty, hairy pussy, and the taste...oh the taste of that wetness. I swear to you I've tried to insert my mouth and entire head inside a hairy wet pussy and basically try to lick my way into her womb.

By #137715 27,Nov,12 19:47

I do mine both ways but lots of times its hairy.
By doedeldi [Ignore] 12,May,13 07:29 other posts 
Thats a hot hairy pussy

By #147052 11,Jan,12 10:20
Where else can you have your lunch and be provided with a little floss for afterwards

By cockbot3000 [Ignore] 10,Dec,11 15:10 other posts 
I love all pussy but hairy ones are thee best. I love rubbing my face in fur. I think hairy pits are hot too.

By #162980 10,Dec,11 06:08
a hairy pussy gives you the feeling you're fucking a real woman, and not a ****
By charles [Ignore] 10,Dec,11 06:20 other posts 
hairy is best of all pussies

By Moesenfroehlich [Ignore] 10,Dec,11 04:30 other posts 
Hairy pussies are the best of all!

By #152487 18,Jul,11 12:20
hairy all the way - cant beat red bush! Just like my wife - drives me crazy! What do youthink?

By #113560 16,May,11 17:03
real men finally here, I kiss all
By #103905 25,May,11 14:20
your pic are nice, but would like to see your sweet pusy.

By Gntlmn [Ignore] 16,May,11 16:49 other posts 
I'm a Harrier for hairy!
--------------------------------------- added after 85550 hours

A vagina is evolution's Apex/creation's crown. A lush triangular bush exerts a tractor beam to my soul. I'm transfixed by the sublime signature of womanhood!

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