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By spermkiss 10,Apr,21 12:05
"Top" and "bottom" used as one's preferred role in an intimate encounter with another man. When I first became sexually active in the middle sixties an announcement like this was considered tres gauche and it just wasn't done. Interested parties might wish to pull up my Forum post "The Evolution of Gay Sex".

By spermkiss 10,Apr,21 11:52
Chaste makes waste.

By spermkiss 05,Apr,21 17:43
I love it.

By spermkiss 05,Apr,21 17:41
By any chance was that nude beach in Austin Hippy Hollow?

No, I've never been there, but it's kind of an urban legend.

By spermkiss 05,Apr,21 11:30
Wouldn't mind? I'd be delighted.

By spermkiss 04,Apr,21 11:56
I think I want you to T-bag me.

By spermkiss 01,Apr,21 14:53
First, might I suggest that you pull up my Forum post "Things Every Man Should Do at Least once" and have a look at my list and the comments others have made.

Moving on, if you want to try a bit of switch hitting, go for it, you'll be glad you did. And you don't have to turn in your Straight Membership Card just because you have experience with a man (or even many men). Look at me, I'm as gay as they come, gay as pink ink, queer as a three dollar bill, and I've had experience with women. I've done the old in-and-out and I've been down there lapping. This experience didn't turn me straight.

By spermkiss 31,Mar,21 19:30
I wear a cock ring 24/7/365 and I use a c-h-i-l-d size jade bracelet. No problems with airport security.

By spermkiss 31,Mar,21 15:12
You might be interested in hearing about Lafayette Park in San Francisco. There is an expanse of southwest facing lawn with a gentle downward slope. As you might expect, this is a popular place for sunning. It's mostly young men and they're mostly wearing short shorts with no underpants. And there is a lot of stuff on display. Indeed it seems to be de rigueur that men display everything. I'm sure that sexual hook-ups happen as a result (indeed, I KNOW hook-ups happen), but the main pleasure is for men to be able to expose themselves and get away with it.

By spermkiss 25,Mar,21 18:41

By spermkiss 25,Mar,21 18:40
I expect that they exist solely in his mind.

By spermkiss 25,Mar,21 18:39
I beg to differ.

There were red flags in your original post and more than a hint of disapproval, but I choose to set them aside and give you a straightforward answer. I'm sure that most of the millions of men who do body grooming do it for pretty much the same reasons I do: It's fashionable and they like the way it looks and feels. And yes, there are undoubtedly millions, probably hundreds of millions worldwide.

That set off a torrent of vitriol from you in which you make bizarre and unsubstantiated claims about those who do body grooming. Be careful what you say about others as it reveals more about yourself.

Others have called you to task for your remarks so I'll not pile one. But I will say that you have serious issues. You could benefit from professional help. Pleas get it.

By spermkiss 25,Mar,21 18:22

This sounds like Lafayette Park in San Francisco except it's out-of-doors and you don't have to pay to get in. It's in Pacific Heights which is an upscale neighborhood and has a reputation as a place where cocksuckers go to suck guys off, mostly in the evening, but even all day. I'm sure that even a lot of straight guys know that they can whip it out and receive no-strings-attached oral service.

When I went there my goal generally was to suck off three guys and then let someone suck me off and call it a night. One warm evening, however, it was really busy. Those familiar with San Francisco know that warm evenings are unusual. In any event the warm weather brought guys out. I sucked off twelve guys that night. At one point I was on my knees giving service and there were two other guys with their dicks out waiting their turn. Fun.

By spermkiss 25,Mar,21 16:10
Hey, if you can make it look like an "accidental" hang out you can generally get away with it.

By spermkiss 24,Mar,21 17:41
If your cock hangs out when you go commando with shorts that's exactly why you should go commando.

By spermkiss 20,Mar,21 13:37
Sure does. Tell us about it.

By spermkiss 20,Mar,21 13:30
I did indeed weigh my words very carefully in crafting my reply. Thank you for noticing. Since others called you out about your smile (I ain't mentioning any names), I wanted to assure you that it is perfectly fine to post smiling face showing photos. Indeed, after looking over your portfolio of photos I'd have to say that your handsome face and big smile are two of your best features.

By spermkiss 19,Mar,21 16:22
The popularity of this site proves that a lot of men derive pleasure and satisfaction from showing their intimate parts to the world. While many, perhaps most, people would be against it, the popularity proves it is within the range of what is normal. It is not a deviation, even if you're smiling when you do it. That just shows you're having a good time. So enjoy yourself and keep posting photos.

By spermkiss 19,Mar,21 16:09
Three reasons, going from the most to the least subjective:

How it looks. I just plain like the hairless look. I know this is very subjective and some (maybe many) will disagree. And I can fully understand this as I find very hairy guys sexy. I like the extremes, very hairy or hairless.

How it make me feel about my nudity. I enjoy being nude and I enjoy having others see me nude. Any SYD member should understand this. Being hairless is a way to take nudity one step further. It's being as nude as possible.

How it feels. This is by far the least subjective as it feels great. And to have an intimate encounter with another hairless person is dynamite. The ideal encounter is to meet up, shave each other's intimate parts, then have sex. Try it and see.

Not so great is how it feels when the hair begins to grow out and body grooming is high maintenance. That's why I went with the permanent solution and had everything from my neck down permanently removed with a lasor.

For what it's worth, we gay men started the hairless look in the 1980s. Now forty years it's gone totally mainstream. As you have observed, porn stars, both gay and straight, almost always do at least some grooming and many go hairless.
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

I just went to your page and saw your stunning bush. It's really hot and I can understand your reluctance to shave. and regrowth could be a serious problem.

By spermkiss 15,Mar,21 17:20
I agree. Masturbation should be part of every man's sexual repertoire, even men who get lots of partnered sex. There is something about the self sufficiency of taking one's sexual satisfaction into one's own hands. It's like making love to oneself.

By spermkiss 15,Mar,21 17:11
You bet it's hot. For a lot of cocksuckers sucking off a man who is totally straight, a man who wouldn't even dream of sucking a cock himself, is a Major Fantasy. For this reason many, perhaps most, cocksuckers do not want reciprocation because it would destroy that fantasy.

And even if he does, you are under no obligation to give it. The number one rule of sex is that no one has to do anything he doesn't want to do. So if you just want to lean back, relax and enjoy being orally serviced, go for it man.

By spermkiss 15,Mar,21 17:00
"The best part is, they act like you're doing THEM a favor." Well, yes you are. So thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU. I wish all straight men thought like you.

By spermkiss 14,Mar,21 12:19
That's not being selfish, that's being generous with your cock and your sperm. We cocksuckers suck cocks because we enjoy doing it and receiving a load of spunk is the piece de resistance of the entire cocksucking experience. And it's a total win/win situation. The man being sucked gets a satisfying sexual experience including getting his nut off and the cocksucker gets the pleasure, satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment of having brought another man to climax. And he is rewarded for his effort with a load of man juice.

So I say to you and to all other straight men out there: Do yourself and mankind a favor and drop your pants for a cocksucker. You'll be glad you did.

By spermkiss 25,Feb,21 17:08
On stage at a bandstand in a park on a rainy summer night. I also had partnered sex there on a different night.

For those familiar with Cincinnati, it was Seasongood Pavilion in Eden Park. There were cars passing by on Art Museum Drive about 300 feet away.

By spermkiss 21,Feb,21 19:00
I think you're right. Pubic hair grooming has gone totally mainstream and most men do at least a little trimming. Many go completely hairless. I should like to point out that it was mostly gay men who started this trend back in the eighties. Now it has crossed over and is pretty much de rigueur for men doing straight porn and it remains popular in gay porn.

By spermkiss 19,Feb,21 16:39
This sounds like the story of my life and the stress of keeping things secret was enormous. 'Turns out everyone knew anyway. Now I'm totally out and married to another man. Our marriage is a matter of public record. And like you, I don't care what anyone thinks.

For what it's worth the feeling of relief and having greater happiness upon coming out and living honestly is universal.

By spermkiss 17,Feb,21 11:43
Maybe you are and maybe you're not. There are a LOT of guys who identify as straight who like to suck cock, undoubtedly millions worldwide. In my personal life I've known several.

There are several criteria used to identify a man's sexual orientation but by far the most important is how he self identifies. If you identify as straight, odds are that's what you are. And you don't have to turn in your Straight Membership Card just because you like to suck cock. Of course some of these straight cocksuckers are deluding themselves and they are really bisexual or even gay.

So wear the label that feels most comfortable, straight or bisexual.

By spermkiss 09,Feb,21 14:21
A circumcised guy in the UK. Unusual but not unheard of. Prince Charles is circumcised.

By spermkiss 09,Feb,21 11:36
Same experience for me. My father was born in 1912 at home and was uncut. I was born in 1942 in a hospital and was cut.

By spermkiss 07,Feb,21 16:41
So you did see that post. Good for you.

When I was military age the war in Viet Nam was raging and a lot of soldiers were coming home missing limbs or worse, in a coffin. And homosexuality was an automatic out from military service. A lot of my gay friends said that if they were called up for the draft they'd "check the box", meaning they'd say yes to the question about homosexuality.

But a lot had changed between then and when I made that post five years ago. I had hoped to hear tales of how the gay guy in a squadron was treasured because he was the one giving sexual satisfaction to the others. They'd have his back because if something happened to him their source of orgasmic release would go.

In the five years since things have progressed even further. Most people know someone who is gay and it ain't no big thing. We even had a viable gay candidate for president in the last election cycle. I'm wondering (and hoping) that the camaraderie between the gay man and the rest of the squadron I mentioned in the last paragraph has come to pass.

By spermkiss 07,Feb,21 16:18
I agree. Sex is something that two (or more) people engage in for their mutual pleasure and satisfaction. I suppose that if consenting adults wish to engage in practices that involve force, humiliation and/or degradation it's their right to do so. But these things do not interest me in the least and I find them inherently pathological.

By spermkiss 07,Feb,21 16:09
Nobody has to hold my head down to receive a load of man juice. I want it. I want it bad. Receiving the load is the piece de resistance of the entire cocksucking experience. And yes, I always swallow. ALWAYS. True blue cocksuckers know that spitting out a man's load is a faux pas. The ultimate in male bonding is for two guys to swap blow jobs and swallow each other's sperm. It makes them sperm brothers.

By spermkiss 06,Feb,21 18:55
Who's freddy?

By spermkiss 04,Feb,21 15:24
So true. The penis is the universally loved sex organ. I think this is because a penis cannot lie. It's impossible to fake an erection and impossible to fake an ejaculation. When we see a load of jizz squirting out of a hard cock we know it's the real thing. The straightest of men always want to see the money shot when watching porn.

By spermkiss 04,Feb,21 15:17
An interesting post. You might wat to pull up my post "Gay Men in Military Service" and have a look. (An easy way to do this is to click on "other posts" next to my name.

By spermkiss 04,Feb,21 11:48
And same here. I've had full on sex right on the beach when there were people on a neighboring beach towel only a foot away. It's fun to put on a show.

By spermkiss 04,Feb,21 11:45
Sex in public is the best sex of all.

By spermkiss 04,Feb,21 11:43
Exactly. With women you have to wine them and dine them and say all the right things and do a lot of coaxing just to get a sniff of their pussy. But men are easy. Just say the word "sex" to a man and he'll start opening his pants.

By spermkiss 28,Jan,21 19:03
A quick reply and then more later.

The first time in Amsterdam was just overnight about six or eight years ago. We were going to a safari vacation and the tour operator offered a break in the travel with an overnight in Amsterdam. Which is a good thing because it's roughly 25 hours from the west coast of North America to most places in Africa. The second time was four years ago for three days before boarding a ship for a cruise vacation.

As for the safety of prostitution, yes there is risk, especially for those who work the streets. But the window girls in the red light district are working in a pretty safe environment. The rooms are closely monitored and if any client gets abusive there will be bouncers on him in a heartbeat. He'll probably face criminal charges. That's the beauty of legalized prostitution. Where it is illegal the sex worker finds it hard to make a complaint for fear of being prosecuted herself.

By spermkiss 28,Jan,21 12:35
So many interesting threads to pursue here. Let's begin with the Netherlands and male prostitution.

I've never been to The Hague but I've been to Amsterdam twice. Of course I had to see the legendary red light district. What struck me most was how clean and wholesome it was. The streets were clean and litter free and it looked like any other business district. Except the business was sex. Looking around at the people on the street, of course there were single gentlemen who were there to look over the wares on display and to perhaps avail themselves of the professional services being offered. But there were also couples there on dates. Couples of all ages from teenagers to senior citizens and everything in between. There were also families with small children. It looked like Disneyland with whores. I could just visualize one of those little girls turning to her mother and saying "Oh mommy, I want to be a whore when I grow up."

Like you I have heard that in the red light district there are now "window boys" in addition to "window girls", but I didn't see any. But I cannot imagine that male prostitution does not exist in the Netherlands. Hell, it exists all over the world. There is nothing to stop a gay man from selling his body and I'm sure many find it exciting. (More about this in the next paragraph.) There are also a lot of ostensibly straight men who will engage in sex with other men for money. (Gay for pay.) Often they will only assume inserter roles, the most frequent being the hustler allowing the gay man to suck him off. But for the right amount of money, nothing is off the table. Or in the case of the guy I took home, no money at all, just a handmade handicraft item. Another thing I'll note about that encounter is the he never took off his pants and wasn't even crazy about me feeling his cock thru his pants. He was just giving me oral service. He approached it in a very businesslike way like a short order cook preparing the perfect eggs over easy. He was very good at oral service and I could tell he had done it before.

Now about gay men prostituting themselves, I once had an encounter with a gentleman whose mother was a whore. He grew up in a whorehouse and he thought paying or getting paid for sex was totally normal and natural. It wasn't like he just blurted this out in the first five minutes, but it came out in bits and pieces over the course of our afternoon together. I didn't pay him anything nor did he expect me to (our encounter was for fun, not profit), but he was quite candid in saying that being paid added a layer of excitement. "I'm going to have sex anyway, why not get paid for it?"

By spermkiss 25,Jan,21 15:03
Hey, I'm gay, Gay, GAY and I like pussy.

By spermkiss 25,Jan,21 15:02
"...made a profession of it..."

An interesting thread. I once picked up a guy on the cruise block downtown. Or more correctly he picked me up. I spotted him first time around and knew right away that he was a hustler. The second time around he got in my car without any encouragement from me. Right up front I made it clear that I wouldn't pay him and he said that was OK. I think he really wanted to get off the street. Perhaps the police had been on him.

Chatting with him back at my house I learned that he was 32 years old and had been hustling since he was 16, half of his life. He spotted some handicraft items that I made and went ape over them. So I gave him one and he said he was going to give it to his girlfriend.

Then he said "Now I'm going to thank you." With that he took out his upper plate and gave me a gum job the likes of which I never had before or since. I wonder if he told his girlfriend what he did to get her gift.

By spermkiss 18,Jan,21 12:24
I kinda sorta have an underpants fetish myself. There is something sexy and appealing about seeing a guy wearing only something that is usually covered by his outer garments. That's why jumpramp's photos were such a delight. He had a nice trim physique and an attractive penis so of course his nude photos were a treat. But when he modeled his huge wardrobe of underpants he really got the juices flowing. He truly was the Underpants King. I miss him.

By spermkiss 12,Jan,21 00:50
Oh but you did answer essentially with the same answer you just gave here. I'm sorry if I implied that you hadn't. It's just that when I saw these four photos of Cupar peeing thru his skin I thought of you and your intact dick.

By spermkiss 11,Jan,21 15:41
It's a beauty, isn't it. A lovely helmet head. I know that you prefer intact dicks, but like me you can go either way.

By spermkiss 11,Jan,21 15:39
Hey, pal, do you remember about eight or ten months ago that I asked you if you peed thru your foreskin of if you skinned it back? Obviously Cupar pees thru his skin.

By spermkiss 11,Jan,21 15:32
I'd do more than comment. If the coast was clear, I'd drop to my knees and start to suck. Or even if the coast wasn't clear if the others present looked cool. I love putting on a cocksucker show.

By spermkiss 05,Jan,21 11:47
I sure do. When I was in my early thirties and had been an out gay man for more than ten years I had an affair with a woman that lasted for nearly a year. She knew I was gay and was totally cool with that. She sucked my cock a lot and I fucked her a lot but I hadn't yet licked her pussy. She encouraged me to give it a try, but it took me a couple of weeks to work up to doing it. (Or should I say work DOWN to doing it?) Once I got started, I really went to town lapping away and getting that pussy juice all over my face. And as dgraff says, it tasted like chicken.

By spermkiss 26,Dec,20 13:03
Is this really you? If so, then you really are a grower. You have such a fine portfolio of photos of your lovely penis. Indeed your penis is legendary here at SYD and I have downloaded several pictures for my Penis Portraits file. But in most of your photos you are at least partly erect. Of course I had to download this one to demonstrate the difference between hard and fully soft.

You have put a header indicating that it is temporary and I cannot find it on your page. But please consider putting it there. I'm sure I'm not your only admirer who likes seeing you soft.

By spermkiss 21,Dec,20 15:43
Relax and calm down, man. I posted that as a joke, not as a comment on royalty either pro or con.

As an American I find it interesting that any mention of royalty to a Brit and to a lessor extent other European often sets of a tirade, either in favor or opposed. I don't much care one way or the other. As for American's fascination with royalty, I suspect it has a lot to do with the fact that this in not something we have.