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Erections and masturbation on nude beaches

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by overeight [Ignore] at 23,Jun,20 11:06  other posts
Give me your opinion at most nude community rules and nude beach rules dictate that if you get an erection you must cover it up or turn over. I honestly find this offensive that I have to hide my cock just because I get an erection. I also don't think that just rubbing one out if you get very excited on a nude beach should be a problem. I mean any time I go to the nude beach I get a hard cock once the sun and wind shines and blows on my cock for awhile. And if a very attractive woman is around and she opens her legs and I se a beautiful wet twat glistening un the sun I'm going to get excited and hard as hell. I usually grab my sunscreen and make an excuse to rub my cock a little to show the lady that I'm very turned on by her beautiful body. I can understand if a woman doesn't want a guy just stroking it up so he shoots off on her or sticking it in her face ir being an a hole. But I would like to if I see a woman that really is beautiful and she turns me on alot I would like to be able to get a nice full very erect cock and lay on my back and enjoy the sun and wind on it or if she really turns me on I would like to be able to touch myself while I admire her body and if I shoot off she should just take it as a compliment. What do you think.

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By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 29,Jun,20 21:28 other posts 
that is the reason l don't like 'nudist beaches', theres more 'unwritten rules' than l care to acknowledge. for Christ sake, if you go to a beach full of nude people and don't get a reaction ld be worried, what about the creepy dudes that pace up and down the beach with their mirrored aviator glasses trying not to look creepy??? and the self appointed beach police that dictate their rules as they know them or made up that that morning, and if you take your kids there, than you should expect they'll see 'human behaviour', good and bad... real nudist beaches aren't always made up of real nudists and the people you want on a beach, and god help you if you do rub sunscreen on your bits that aren't used to the sun... we prefer to go to deserted beaches where we can fuck if want, and enjoy ourselves. and even then, when you do find a spot, someone always wants to join in??? *Lix*
By overeight [Ignore] at 29,Jun,20 23:15 other posts 
Exactly thats what I'm saying just getting an erection doesn't mean your being a perv. You might see a beautiful woman that turns you on,as long as you just take a look and not stare no problem. If you notice something that excites you it could happen. And yes if just being free in the sun and wind can cause it. And rubbing sunscreen on your private parts is far fro jacking off in plain view of everyone. I just dont see why some people(mostly insecure guys) have a problem if some other guy gets one.

By Alwaysnude [Ignore] at 29,Jun,20 17:16 other posts 
I always pretend I am a sleep just lay there

By Lenatur [Ignore] at 29,Jun,20 00:41 other posts 

By Petro635 [Ignore] at 24,Jun,20 07:40 other posts 
Having an erection mean we are looking at someone in a sexual way. We are judging their bodies in a sexual way. The ladies don't want to be seen as just sexual things at nudist beach. They want the freedom of not having their bodies judged. They don't want to have project an image about themselves with clothes also. You get to see them just as the person they are. Same with you or other guys. We see each other just as people not as sexual things we have to hide.

It's complete freedom to just be yourself. Guys have to learn to relax and control our dicks. That something guys never learn. Nobody ever shows us how to be naked and relaxed and not think sexual. I went to nudest place and said that's impossible because I never experienced that before.
By overeight [Ignore] at 24,Jun,20 08:11 other posts 
Look I've been going to nudist places since I was a teen and I've gone to a few places before that were private and very very few people there and been nude at lakes. Sometimes just relaxing not thinking about sex but just feeling the sun and the wind on my cock gives me an erection. Not a blue vein throbber ir very strong super hard one but an obvious other than flaccid state. This does not mean your thoughts are sex and it happens even when no one but myself is around sometimes. Its more the feeling that I experience that does it. So if you went to a nudist place once or twice and you had to control your erection well you were having sexual thoughts. To guys who frequently go to these places aren't always aroused just because they are thinking sex. Sometimes its just because your completely relaxed and have that free spirit feeling. Check you sex ed facts an erect penis is a relaxed one,its a scientific fact. A flaccid penis is stressed and an erect one is one in a relaxed state. Sometimes you just dont want to think about sex or control your erection you just want to relax and enjoy. So dont try and tell me just because you went to a nude place one or two times you know more than someone who has been hundreds if times. Wait until you have been about 30 summers about 20 times per summer and then give your opinion. To be honest most women aren't offended by an erection unless your stroking it ir staring at them they enjoy seeing them as ling as its random and not in a sexual connotation. Its the guys who have short comings and insecurity about their manhood who are hard on patrol. Ladies just notice it and look and then move on. Some who haven't been to a place that often might stare but those are rare.
By Petro635 [Ignore] at 25,Jun,20 00:23 other posts 
Do you spend all day controlling your dick. No, because it soft and hanging because your not hard or thinking about sex. How do you think having a hard on is not sexual ? I don't know what kind of nudist places you been going to for 30 years. Every thing I read about nudist, they don't want to see your hard on. How is a hard dick not sexual ? You don't have to control you erections when your not thinking about sex. I listen to podcast about naturist. I never hear them say it acceptable to have a boner walking around in front of everyone. Maybe the places you been going to are more for sex then nudist
By thickswingercock [Ignore] at 25,Jun,20 00:33 other posts 
you just said above that you stroke to women. thats sexual and predatory. they are not going there for you to stare and ogle and stroke yourself. get an escort or pay for webcam. its disrespectful and creepy
By overeight [Ignore] at 25,Jun,20 09:50 other posts 
I think you misread there thick. I said that I could understand why people would be offended if you stroked it or played with it or walked around with a hard on. Or if you were staring ata hot girl,I didn't say I do it. I think you need to slow down and read and not scan it. What I said is I dont see why if I got an erection while I'm laying there minding my own business not talking to anyone looking at anyone and get erect I dont feel like I should need to roll over and hide it. So screw yo calling me a perv. Honestly its my opinion that men who have a problem with a guy getting an erection laying on a beach not bothering anyone or touching himself or staring at a girl are just insecure about their own body and thats why they take offense to it. At least thats just what I believe. I just dont see it as offensive.
By thickswingercock [Ignore] at 28,Jun,20 17:18 other posts 
this is what you said, i copied it from what you typed above

And if a very attractive woman is around and she opens her legs and I se a beautiful wet twat glistening un the sun I'm going to get excited and hard as hell. I usually grab my sunscreen and make an excuse to rub my cock a little to show the lady that I'm very turned on by her beautiful body


By Smoothmann [Ignore] at 24,Jun,20 20:51 other posts 
Since I am a long time nudist.It's rare that I get an erection from seeing naked people.For most of us it's normal to be nude and visit each other and not worry about being horny.Just normal everyday life clothes free!

By PoloFields [Ignore] at 24,Jun,20 15:15 other posts 
Not everyone who goes to a nude beach is looking for sex. I enjoy feeling the sun all over and splashing in the nude as well. Also enjoy talking to folks of both sexes unencumbered by clothes. It's a sign of respect for others to hide it or take care of it.
By oldtinyone [Ignore] at 24,Jun,20 15:18 other posts 
Very well said!
By overeight [Ignore] at 24,Jun,20 20:25 other posts 
Ok then why is it respect for others? Usually when I go when I first get there I might get an erection in about the first 30-45 minutes and it usually doesn't Las but a few minutes. I'm just wondering why and how do people find it offensive. Its simply a bodily function. It happens sometimes. Doesn't have to have a thing in the world with sex. So it doesnt mean your looking for sex,thinking about sex,turned on by someone that you want sex with. What am I the only guy in the world that just gets excited by being free and enjoying the wind and the sun on my cock. I just dont see why someone has to hide it at a place full of naked adults. I just dont get it. I do understand if your walking around it stroking it or playing with it,or if your staring at a hot chick. But I your just laying there and not bothering anyone I think if you get one you should just be able to lay there and enjoy it a little bit.

By raybo36 [Ignore] at 24,Jun,20 10:21 other posts 
I think that if you don't bring attention to yourself by stroking it or flaunting it you'll be fine if you happen to get an erection on a nude beach. Obviously if you have a throbbing boner and you are walking around people will notice and may get offended. I happen to have a very low hanging dick even when flaccid which looks like I am aroused even if I'm not. My first few times at the nude beach i was self conscious about it but that passed as i became more comfortable. The beach i go to now is mostly gay so guys with hard ons are very common.

By onthelose [Ignore] at 23,Jun,20 16:44 other posts 
Well according to my friend who has been to a nudist colony many times . Its not a sex colony its a nudist colony. Nudity and sex are not synonymous.
By overeight [Ignore] at 23,Jun,20 16:53 other posts 
Thats absolutely correct however my question is where the line should be. Most places make men with erections roll over or cover up with a towel. Just having an erection isn't having sex. Sometime on a nude beach you just get an erection from the sun and wind and the feeling that its free and out there. I just wonder why we have to hide it. I can get not wanting to se mastubation but just an erection there isn't anything wrong with that.
By spermkiss [Ignore] at 23,Jun,20 19:10 other posts 
I've been to nude beaches hundreds of times and have seen hundreds of erections there. I whole heartedly agree with you that there is nothing wrong with an erection at a nude beach with some caveats. It depends on the character of the beach.

There are family nude beaches that are similar to nudist colonies as mentioned by ontheloose. Even at a beach like this an erection is not a faux pas. If a man is reclining on his towel and he gets an erection many choose to cover it up or roll over, but this in not mandatory. So long as he does not call attention to it he has not committed a breach of etiquette. Getting up and walking around with an erection is in the grey area, but I've seen it done, even at a beach like this.

Then there are adult nude beaches that are pretty much anything goes. At a beach like this sex is de rigueur and the beach is pretty much an open air sex club. I've had sex on beaches like this dozens of times, sometimes when there were people on nearby beach towels only a foot away.

So you have my blessing to get an erection at any nude beach you wish and you need not cover it up. And if you want to stroke out a load or have partnered sex on the beach, find the right beach and do it.
By overeight [Ignore] at 23,Jun,20 23:01 other posts 
I dont live near a nude beach even though I'm in Florida. But I go to nude places with pools,rivers and lakes and one beach about 3 hours away they don't bother nudists but its not legal. But at those places they make any guy who gets one cover it,roll over,or leave. Once I went to a place last year and fell asleep in the sun and woke up with a naked woman sitting on the chair with me. She offers me some fruit in a bowl. Then I noticed I had a raging boner. She then told me its ok I sat down here to help hide that from this one couple. Then she handed me a cloth and told me quietly ok wipe yourself off. I looked and I had precum all over my cock. She told me that doesn't really bother anybody except that couple over there and you just came on a day they happen to be here. She said me I was enjoying it but I'm single. Then asked I i wanted to go in the pool to cool off. But I said ill just roll over. She said well as Lon as kids or that couple isn't here you can get as hard as you want to and us ladies will just watch and enjoy it,but if kids or them are here is when the rules apply. I saw you were asleep so I sat here to hide it from them your fine. She said if that couple wasn't here honestly I would have probably just come and wiped you off and let you sleep but they are here. She said I just happened to notice you were having a good dream do I came to hide that from them but you were really hard,must have been a good dream,looked like you were about to pop. She wasn't hot or anything but wasn't ugly either but she was really nice. We chatted a bit and when my hard on went away we went in the pool for a bit. So I think ill go back there as soon as I know they are open.

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