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Started by Scorps [Ignore] at 24,Jan,19 07:08  other posts
If you could have ONE single night, full of passion and or unbridled sex, with any one individual, dead or alive, famous or not, whom would it be? 🤔

Please limit your answer to ONE response per your declared orientation. Thanks!

I'll kick this off...

I am completely Bi-Sexual and therefore my choices would be;
Halle Berry for my Female 😍
Cory Haim (r.i.p.) for my Male 😍

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By spunker69 [Ignore] at 28,May,20 20:20 other posts 
charlise theron margot robbie or sharon stone love to fuck sharon stone omg

By pokemythroat [Ignore] at 25,May,20 21:14 other posts 
based on looks alone, Margot Robbie is right up there

By MarkAntonyc [Ignore] at 25,May,20 15:15 other posts 
Id have to say, scarlett johansen

By #541363 at 24,Jan,19 09:07
Chantal Janzen

And every dutch and maybe belgian/german member knows why.
By Scorps [Ignore] at 24,Jan,19 13:54 other posts 
I had to look her up, but I see the attraction. She's quite fine! Nice choice
By #541363 at 24,Jan,19 15:02
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By Scorps [Ignore] at 24,Jan,19 16:28 other posts 
Mmmmmm Yes! Beautiful woman
By cfrank [Ignore] at 15,Mar,20 04:44 other posts 
Very very nice
By Oddmanout [Ignore] at 18,May,20 17:30 other posts 
Oh...she’s fucking gorgeous! Wow!

By Clitlix4U [Ignore] at 16,May,20 13:43 other posts 
Sandra Bullock!
By Oddmanout [Ignore] at 16,May,20 18:18 other posts 
Yes!!! Another beauty that never seems to age! Always been a fan of her!

By Oddmanout [Ignore] at 15,May,20 22:00 other posts 
Another fav of mine is Vanessa sultry and sexy

By ANGEL1227 [Ignore] at 15,May,20 12:10 other posts 
A young Anouk Aimée

By GEORGIE10 [Ignore] at 28,Jan,19 13:25 other posts 
Catherine Zeta Jones and Enrique Iglesias
By Scorps [Ignore] at 14,Feb,19 03:41 other posts 
Mmmmmm I SO loved her in the movie Entrapment. She showed her flexibility amongst other beauty she possesses. Nice choice! Enrique could sing to me ANYDAY 😍😉
By cfrank [Ignore] at 15,Mar,20 04:39 other posts 
Especially love her early work. So very hot!

By ulovemycock [Ignore] at 23,Aug,19 15:14 other posts 
Jennifer Lawrence......GOD DAMN. Or Kalle Cooco......fuck she is a sexyone.
By Oddmanout [Ignore] at 23,Aug,19 16:11 other posts 
Both excellent choices!!
By Scorps [Ignore] at 30,Oct,19 01:10 other posts 
Mmmmm I do like both! I read that Jennifer is a terrible kisser though. 😁 Nice choices nevertheless.
By cfrank [Ignore] at 15,Mar,20 04:24 other posts 
Yes either one is to die for.

By #595880 at 31,Aug,19 02:46
Emma Watson. I jerk to her so much and she's just incredibly hot
By Scorps [Ignore] at 12,Nov,19 07:36 other posts 
Ahhhhhh Hermione Granger! 😀 I agree she is pretty damn cute. Nice choice.
By #604299 at 12,Nov,19 18:14
damned ... i forgot Emma Watson she is definitely on the list
By cfrank [Ignore] at 15,Mar,20 04:20 other posts 
Great taste there. I have jerked to her a lot as well.

By Jamie [Ignore] at 23,Sep,19 18:45 other posts 
A cbs news Margaret Brennan
By Scorps [Ignore] at 24,Dec,19 03:35 other posts 
She's pretty cute Jamie you sly devil! I can TOTALLY see that being your kinda gal. Nice choice!

Check her out ➡️ only registered users can see external links
By cfrank [Ignore] at 15,Mar,20 04:16 other posts 
OMG Yes!

By stiffone4u [Ignore] at 11,Mar,20 22:33 other posts 
Keri Russel is pretty hot
By Oddmanout [Ignore] at 12,Mar,20 17:48 other posts 
yep!! Especially when she had that great curly hair!!

By #612667 at 11,Mar,20 05:39
My choice would be Timothee charlamet mmm sweet hot guy

By aoneeyedmonster [Ignore] at 03,Oct,19 14:49 other posts 
The 1st lady Melanie
By Scorps [Ignore] at 10,Mar,20 09:11 other posts 
Mmmm She is quite sexy!

By overeight [Ignore] at 02,Feb,20 18:22 other posts 
Jolene Blalock who played T'pal on star trek enterprise NX-01. She could even wear the Vulcan bowl cut hair and the ears if she wanted to. Her body is so fabulous she can pull it off.

By Oddmanout [Ignore] at 26,Sep,19 16:38 other posts 
I’ll throw another one out there that I like; Anna Kendrick. She is just too damn cute IMO
By Scorps [Ignore] at 24,Dec,19 03:53 other posts 
Ahhhh the girl from the commercials and that movie with Ben Affleck. She is a cutie. 😍

Check her out ➡️ only registered users can see external links

By #578931 at 26,Sep,19 05:24
Sophie Lesaint on French tv, she makes me want to cream as soon as I see her, such a dirty laugh too.
By Scorps [Ignore] at 24,Dec,19 03:48 other posts 
Had to look her up, but she certainly is cute in a wholesome way. Great pick!

Check her out ➡️ only registered users can see external links

By deiafn [Ignore] at 22,Nov,19 12:01 other posts 
Okay, does this make me a bad person? My 30-year old stepdaughter. Life is a big tease. It puts this beautiful girl that I absolutely adore at the center of my life then fills me with lust for her. And if I revealed how badly I want her I'm sure she would consider it a betrayal of the trust she placed in me as a father when I married her mom. And her mom would kill me anyway, of course. Damn. But one night with her would be heaven. I've imagined it so many times. When I close my eyes, I can make it almost real. Why does sex give us so much hellish torture as well as such divine pleasure? Anyone else got stepdaughter issues?
By Scorps [Ignore] at 23,Nov,19 05:21 other posts 
I CLEARLY understand what you are saying, no doubt!
As a once upon a time Step-Father myself. I simply try put myself into your frame of mind. That child turned out to be quite a good looking young person, now 33 years old. I find the very thought of such a notion to be abhorrent to say the least. It's WRONG on SO many levels, period! Of course, that's MY opinion. The world didn't seem to bat an eye when Woody Allen did that very thing. I continue to think he's a piece of shit, because he actually went through with it. You may not necessarily be a bad person, in my opinion, as it's merely in your mind at the moment. If you take it any further then my opinion of you WOULD change, obviously. At the end of the day, my opinion ain't worth shit, and you will do what you want one way or the other. But, since YOU posted, in MY thread, I thereby feel entitled to give you MY opinion. I suggest you try to find another that honks your horn equally and let it go! Or quietly seek psychiatric help as I'm NO psychiatrist. Nevertheless, if you MUST, continue to fantasize in YOUR mind and enjoy it without actually crossing that critical line which could ruin SO many relationships in one failed swoop. Question is... Woukd it REALLY be worth it? Those p.e.d.o.p.h.i.l.e.s. that end up getting caught and spending years upon years in prison and or getting killed in prison for their actions. Was it worth a 10 second nut?
By Scorps [Ignore] at 24,Nov,19 00:35 other posts 
HELLOOOOO Deiafn this post was for you! ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

By RobertCalifornia [Ignore] at 22,Nov,19 23:21 other posts 
Audrey Plaza!
I’m completely in love with her
By Oddmanout [Ignore] at 23,Nov,19 11:51 other posts 
Oh fuck yeah!!!!! She’s HOT beyond explanation!

By Sal5408 [Ignore] at 21,Nov,19 08:15 other posts 
I'd like to have Tomi Lahren of Fox News sit on my face and wriggle.
By RobertCalifornia [Ignore] at 22,Nov,19 23:20 other posts 
Hahaha what a random person

By BigRob7 [Ignore] at 18,Nov,19 16:45 other posts 
I'm bisexual

Male: Chris Hemsworth (Would kill to make love with Thor)

Female: Jennifer Lawrence (Sweet down to earth girl with a smokin' bod)

By sinanff47 [Ignore] at 25,Jul,19 20:09 other posts 
Gina Gerson.
--------------------------------------- added after 171 hours

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By Scorps [Ignore] at 14,Sep,19 07:45 other posts 
Nice body for sure, but... I'd personally have to put something over her face or turn the lights out. Eeek!
By thebeewolf [Ignore] at 22,Sep,19 20:06 other posts 
Never heard of her, but now that I see her sucking a big cock and flashing that little grin I think I see your point. She's kind of got a cute little Brit Marling thing going on there.
By Scorps [Ignore] at 18,Nov,19 14:50 other posts 

By #582706 at 18,Sep,19 15:26
Colby Jansen, easy.
By Scorps [Ignore] at 14,Nov,19 14:12 other posts 
Hubba Hubba! Had to look him up but wow. Very manly he is. Terrific choice!

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