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what brought you to show your dick?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

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Started by #129850 [Ignore] 04,Feb,11 11:05
just interested to know what brought all you guys to post photos of your dicks on this site?

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By yeehawboyy [Ignore] 17,Feb,22 00:55 other posts 
Was looking for sites to post my nudes on and stumbled on this gem of a website!!

By Lvphose [Ignore] 16,Feb,22 17:26 other posts 
Being horny with voyer & exhibitionist fetishes. Topped off by my pantyhose/nylon fetish!

By knewbi [Ignore] 16,Feb,22 12:40 other posts 
Love sucking cock and since this place is full of people that love doing the same as well as getting theirs sucked it was just a natural to be among my own kind..

By lillboybell [Ignore] 07,Feb,22 01:10 other posts 
When i started posting nude pics aboute me at that time nobody see me naked before . it was exiting to know thst people are waching naked pics aboute me

By dgraff [Ignore] 10,Dec,21 11:39 other posts 
And the driver was a rag head
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 02,Feb,22 13:21 other posts 
A greasy hadji ??

By APBay [Ignore] 02,Feb,22 12:43 other posts 
I love dicks, i like to see other guys dicks, and i like taking pic of my dick.
LOL i have so many pics i have taken happy to find a place to show then off.

By thicknsmooth [Ignore] 01,Feb,22 22:31 other posts 
I love to see pics of other guys and enjoy seeing dick pics! I love showing others my pics and I love seeing other pics

By leopoldij [Ignore] 30,Jan,22 19:24 other posts 
This is what brought me here
[deleted image]

By curious10 [Ignore] 25,Jan,22 09:04 other posts 
I want comments on what others would use me for. I am bi so have really liked the comments on what other males would do to me.

By dragonsegg [Ignore] 24,Jan,22 03:45 other posts 
love showing my cock in my panties, and excited looking at other guys enjoying their cock

By thebeewolf [Ignore] 23,Jan,22 14:12 other posts 
I'm a straight guy who has other guys service my penis on the DL. When started doing this in my late 30s, I realized that men really like my dick a lot. It's average size, but many guys say it's beautiful. I like being complimented like that. So, I show it here and I get nice compliments. That's fun.

By ucstr8 [Ignore] 23,Jan,22 13:38 other posts 
Well, I'm a nudist first and formost and enjoy sharing photos of my nudist life. On the flip side I am an exhibitionist and this gives me an outlet for that. Now I'm not the perv who is in front of a school yard in a rain coat. I'm not that crazy. However in the warmer months, oops got some dick slipplage in my shorts, or on a beach one of my balls might peek out of the speedo. I know how to expose myself with total descretion and not get arrested for lewd behavior.

By Gulpereel [Ignore] 23,Jan,22 12:40 other posts 
Nice comments on my cock helps me get hard so I can beat my meat.

By cumaddik [Ignore] 23,Jan,22 12:18 other posts 
Just love showing myself naked and showing my cock every chance i get!

By doedeldi [Ignore] 22,Jan,22 08:21 other posts 
I love showing my dick and looking at others dicks.

By lawrenceo [Ignore] 22,Jan,22 08:16 other posts 
The Internet! Pity I had to wait so many years for it.

By jeeno [Ignore] 11,Jan,22 05:18 other posts 
curiosity. and later enjoyed the community various types of "Cocks".

By yellowman [Ignore] 11,Jan,22 04:31 other posts 
I wanted to show off my penis......

By #652979 06,Jan,22 15:14
I love to post pics of my cock and getting reactions of others.
Also i love to watch other cocks and react on them.

By Lucky [Ignore] 05,Jan,22 05:52 other posts 
it excites me very much when it is viewed and especially commented on

By Eubin_Scrude [Ignore] 10,Dec,21 19:25 other posts 
I was looking for a site that had Small Dicks to see.

By #553818 22,Nov,21 15:28
My regular was on here and he told me about it, so well, here I am.
By johnwish [Ignore] 26,Nov,21 12:33 other posts 
Thank heaven for that Kelly.So happy you are.
By Eubin_Scrude [Ignore] 10,Dec,21 19:23 other posts 
I agree with JW!! Love all your pics.

By Lukas123 [Ignore] 10,Dec,21 18:47 other posts 
Show my self and find friends with similar interest and meet and try something new

By dgraff [Ignore] 10,Dec,21 10:39 other posts 
A taxi cab

By dgraff [Ignore] 10,Dec,21 06:53 other posts 

By Zainn122 [Ignore] 10,Dec,21 01:09 other posts 
I used to always show mine to my friends to compare when I was young and would show it on fabswingers websites where all the locals strangers could see..I would show my face and everything, I felt so naughty but stoped doing it after a ackward incident but now I'm on this site with me being my true naked self.

By #652988 07,Dec,21 03:08
Because I to show off my dick

By tcputts [Ignore] 06,Dec,21 20:23 other posts 
I love showing off my dick and I love looking at others

By #586249 06,Dec,21 04:59
I've looked at porn from being a kid when I found my stepdad stash & prefer amateur porn & like showing my cock.

By CreativeOne [Ignore] 04,Dec,21 17:13 other posts 
I actually found this site totally by mistake and I first started here ... July 2009 . Nevertheless I am so glad I found it because this site truly is the Best of its kind.
By 3fdfd [Ignore] 04,Dec,21 22:38 other posts 
I'm glad you found this site

By #318504 21,Dec,12 14:35
For years I shunned the very idea of studying others genitals mainly because I was in a relationship that fulfilled most of my desires.

Standing in a gents toilet about a year ago I found myself absolutely riveted to the spot admiring another mans penis as he pissed, I couldn't take my eyes off it!

I looked away embarrassed before he left but was left with a yearning to view another set of genitals, and another! It was like a drug!

I finally decided that I really must do something about relieving this sexual tension, therefore I posted some images, just for the heck of it!

Some of the remarks were almost repulsive but others intrigued me until my conscience got the better of me and I closed my account!

A few weeks passed ad I found myself needing the feedback, the excitement of others looking at my genitals so I opened another account. This one lasted about 5 weeks until I got the offer from a local man to meet up with the possibility of sharing our desires. We met in a cafe but he was like a cat on a hot tin roof, jumping around in a nervous state and repeating over and over again that he was sure his wife had followed him! He fled!!!

So I opened another account, the one I use now, and I get a real thrill from reading the comments, some are obviously merely platitudes with very little truth. Some of the posters I would truly like to meet but my comments either on their pictures or in PM's has caused some to disappear.

The reason I continue to post both pictures and comments:- I enjoy the feelings of being looked at and I enjoy studying the pictures. I save those that I want to drool over later, perhaps using them to stimulate my feeble brain to give me an ejaculation. I hope that one day I can meet someone through the pages of SYD who would like to share intimacies not just for an hour or two but on a regular basis!

That's why I post pictures and comments.
By #284656 23,Dec,12 00:51
Please study !
[deleted image]
By Bellee4040 [Ignore] 04,Dec,21 17:36 other posts 
Hi, I wrote to you because I have the same thoughts and I have the same feelings that you write about
By Bellee4040 [Ignore] 04,Dec,21 17:49 other posts 
I would like to communicate with you as a like-minded person.

By #625826 04,Dec,21 15:11
Curious , enjoy the eye candy

By #613564 04,Dec,21 01:25
Discovered the site through another link, being curious.

By routemaster [Ignore] 27,Nov,21 01:31 other posts 
I discovered this site by accident when I was surfing the net. Having been a keen amateur gay porn star for years, I quickly found this is an excellent place to do porn and show to the world and I've made some very good loyal friends who share the same interests as well as discovering other mutual interests with them that having nothing to do with sex and porn.

By #656573 27,Nov,21 01:17
The anonymity helps. I came here as I've done a lot stuff and wanted to show it but not be overly judged. Can't say I've heard much feedback but I've still got to post my stuff. Let's me explore things comfortably !

By #64328 22,Nov,21 13:14
I have always liked seeing other guys cocks secretly

By #652988 21,Nov,21 23:26
I wanted to show my dick off. And like to

By #652988 20,Nov,21 18:23
To show off my dick and to find someone to suck it

By #220845 23,Dec,12 11:33
To show myself nude, and to see others nude.

By #5594 05,Feb,11 04:01
I wanted to see other cocks and possibly meet someone to wank with! No luck yet
By #284656 23,Dec,12 00:55

By #7976 05,Feb,11 19:59
When I discovered the site I was amazed to see so many men and women willing to show their private parts and amazed at how many of those were willing to show their faces as well. That's a pretty gutsy or foolish thing to do depending on your point of view.

Once I was past my initial moment of astonishment I became intrigued with the Forum comments and the Blogs because it's a truly fantastic social commentary on morals, desires, and social interaction on an international scale.

That said, I truly love to come online and communicate with others that have similar interests to mine and to see people in their natural state. Since I've always been a nudist or naturist, whichever is the socially operable term today, I do enjoy "real" people with "real' bodies rather than plastic models that may be truly beautiful but don't represent the vast majority of people in the world.

By the way, I posted photos of my cock and my wife's lovely body here because it improves peoples desire to chat with us. Sort of a tit-for-tat relationship if you will excuse the obvious pun. We don't consider ourselves overly attractive and we don't consider our selves to be exhibitionists. But if others want to see us, that's fair since I do enjoy seeing others either at the nude beach or on SYC/SYD.

By #284656 23,Dec,12 00:54

By #6568 04,Feb,11 11:51
Many years ago a woman told me my penis was "deformed" and that it felt unpleasant inside her because of it's shape. If these were thrown insults in the heat of argument I could probably have taken it in my stride, but they were simply statements in conversation. Because of this I became deeply ashamed of my penis and never let another woman see it up close, no part of foreplay, oral sex, displaying it in front of partners etc, just get it in place to have sex and then hide it back in my underpants,...this for about 30 years.

Then, a woman aquaintance mentioned this site and I casually took a look,..expecting lots of perfect looking dicks. I suddenly realised that I wanted to show my penis to the world, albeit annonumously, and see if people (both sexes) would tell me how bad it was genuinely.....

To date I have never had any bad remarks from anyone on this site appart from a clearly insane person,...indeed, I get many favourable comments,...for which I thank this site and it's followers both male and female.
By #115502 04,Feb,11 11:58
Well let met tell you, it looks anything but deformed. It actually looks very impressive. Bet she thought it to be unpleasant inside because she was not used to such impressive girth.
By #6568 04,Feb,11 17:18
Well to be fair; it was not anywhere near as girthy then as now,....actually she had a 'list' of dislikes about it, as I remember......
By #284656 23,Dec,12 00:52
Love your dick!

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