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do you like to watch your wife or girlfriend fuck other men

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Started by #94367 [Ignore] 14,Jan,11 01:57
My wife and I have had a few experiences and I like to watch her. We are very comfortable with it.

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By #627850 03,Nov,22 19:12
Absolutely. Its so fucking hot to see her giving up her pussy to other men.

By thickswingercock [Ignore] 16,Sep,22 23:56 other posts 
i love fucking other mens wives and gfs with them watching
By routemaster [Ignore] 28,Sep,22 01:43 other posts 
Do you like gay fucking other men with them watching too?
By thickswingercock [Ignore] 29,Oct,22 20:04 other posts 
hell yeah

By Lvphose [Ignore] 29,Sep,22 04:11 other posts 
Weve even talked about during sex play watch and listen!

By Lvphose [Ignore] 29,Sep,22 04:10 other posts 
Ive fantasized about it!

By Reinhold [Ignore] 28,Sep,22 01:40 other posts 
wenn ich mitmachen darf und auch den anderen schwanz blasen

By slipper [Ignore] 17,Jan,11 01:14 other posts 
It would be okay with me... if I could video it!
By thickswingercock [Ignore] 16,Sep,22 23:59 other posts 
my favorite
By slipper [Ignore] 17,Sep,22 00:09 other posts 

By Looking4funRUfun [Ignore] 15,Sep,22 14:28 other posts 
yes i do
By german_guy [Ignore] 16,Sep,22 15:11 other posts 
ever did?

By Br3771 [Ignore] 04,Aug,22 07:54 other posts 
Men and women! I love watching her, our sex afterwards is mind blowing

By #59855 18,Jan,11 23:40
From Matt's Wife: Matt is not into watching
By #94367 19,Jan,11 23:49
Does he join in?
By #59855 20,Jan,11 11:55
From Matt's Wife: Yes
By #94367 21,Jan,11 00:35
You to are a beautiful couple
By Xoner [Ignore] 25,Jul,22 22:47 other posts 
can i those pics, please

By #573961 20,Dec,18 09:46
My wife had 5 lovers. I had to choose who she should have sex whit. Became no jealuousy then. The last five years we were together we did not use protection. I had said it was okay whith a baby and 6 father's. But she was too old to get pregnant. I get a children whith a younger afro girl. We have been married for 11 years now. She has been sheated many times but i like it. She is soo hoot and sexy and popular to horny men.

By #541363 19,Dec,18 10:55
I have two gf's (MFF-relationship). I saw one of both having sex with two other men. Had no problems with it, bc that was on a sexparty anyway. I had sex with several women too on that evening. We were with 9 (6 women 3 men)

By #522126 19,Dec,18 05:51
We are very comfortable with watching each other with others.We have just filmed a video of my wife with 4 guys,it is such a turn-on for both of us,seeing her taking turns sucking 4 hard cocks then her letting them take turns in fucking both her holes before giving her 4 different shots of spunk to swallow,so,so,sexy!! She also watched me having anal sex with two of her friends,she had pussy juice dribbling down her legs she was so turned on.If you and your partners are BOTH comfortable with it,try it,it adds a whole new dimension to your sex life.

By wycowboy [Ignore] 15,Dec,18 15:53 other posts 
I've never watched my wife with another man. I know she has been with others (I have been with other women too) and would love to watch her someday. Maybe it will happen. Who knows?

By #569242 14,Dec,18 16:54
Turns me on to watch my wife suck and fuck another guy. Is really great when the other fellow is open to my participating also, Fucking my wife while she sucks him or vice versa is a big turn on. Love to be able to get close enough to see the guys dick going in and out of her pussy, sometimes getting my tongue to slide on his dick as he thrusts in and out.
By #532415 14,Dec,18 16:55
I agree. It is awesome. We've been doing it for 12 years now...

By #544423 14,Dec,18 10:12
oh yea. with the girl i'm seein lately, i have a good friend who comes over often and they have fucked with me watching and we have had several 3somes. ive also had a few times where I have fucked him while she watches and she loves that shit

By cumonme1 [Ignore] 14,Dec,18 07:15 other posts 
I would love to watch her take a nice big fat cock

By #545468 12,Dec,18 11:13
No, but I love watching my boyfriend fuck another guy.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 12,Dec,18 11:25 other posts 
Well, if you don't have a girlfriend then, OBVIOUSLY, you're indifferent to her, an inexistent person, fuck someone else.
By #545468 12,Dec,18 23:53

By cumcouplessa [Ignore] 12,Dec,18 12:54 other posts 
Best experience EVER. Hubby here, and I LOVE to watch her in action, also love to particiate. Nothing better than a nice wet creampie after they leave

By knewbi [Ignore] 12,Dec,18 12:48 other posts 
Wife and I were swingers and I always loved watching her being fucked and her sucking off other guys. Sometimes these were more that one guy on her. Actually,many times there were. It is such a turn on seeing some guys or group of guys cocks plowing her pussy, ass and mouth while she has both hands full of the next cocks to enter her...

By #94367 22,Feb,11 22:07
Everyone has there way. Some fantasize and some do it

By #37830 16,Feb,11 04:51
Been on the beer with good freinds one night
was winding taxi driver up telling him i was going in to fuck my m8tys wife we all laughted my freinds and my wife got out and went inside house has i payed taxi driver
walked in house and my ffreind was on the room floor fucking my wife
i turned round went into kitchen and serviced his wife
we then made it a monthk thing for around 7 years
was fun enjoyed it shame it ended because he wanted to see my wife without me or his gal noing but my wifes a honest gal i love looking @ the pics and vids i did mmmmmmmm
By #124187 17,Feb,11 02:15
have you got any of the photo or video's on here?

By botanic [Ignore] 16,Feb,11 20:33 other posts 
I Would like you to watch me with her

By ink69 [Ignore] 05,Feb,11 08:20 other posts 
o hell yell we have been doing it for some time now very fun
By #94367 09,Feb,11 01:14
That's awesome

By #4561 06,Feb,11 17:17
I don't think I could watch my husband fucking another woman.. but that's just me.
By #94367 09,Feb,11 01:13
There's nothing wrong with that. Its not for everybody

By #75534 08,Feb,11 19:24
I've watched my girlfriend's husband fuck her and he's watched me take her too. We even did a 4-way with me, her, him and his girlfriend. There was no guy-on-guy but his gf fingered and licked mine.
By #94367 09,Feb,11 01:12
Great one

By #133088 06,Feb,11 17:50
Ever tried this one [deleted image] ?
By #94367 09,Feb,11 01:11
Never tried that. Probably wont

By #7976 05,Feb,11 20:11
My opinion that whatever is mutually acceptable and leads to sexual and emotional pleasure is fair game in a relationship. I saw my first wife with other guys when we swapped partners in college and it was a turn on. What ever the two of you are doing, it seems to be working.

By #85486 04,Feb,11 06:23
hmmmm ..for me its a great mixed .. on one site it turns me on..getting hot n ?horny .. on the other side ..Jealousy
By #94367 04,Feb,11 16:53
Why jealousy? If your relationship is solid there shouldn't be any

By #94367 04,Feb,11 00:14
Anyone that has, how did it happen?

By #43094 03,Feb,11 00:28
yes I like to see

By #125250 24,Jan,11 04:41
This is a big fantasy of mine, the other night we had been out, a lot of wine and vodkas we fucked, she was very horny and said she wished sombody else was here in the bedroom, i said i would love to see her sucking on some guys cock and getting fucked she said she would love this to, she said i would have to surprise it on her and she would have to be very drunk. I just wondered how i coulde set this up?
By #94367 29,Jan,11 02:12
It just has to happen. Its in the moment but you both have to be comfortable with it. Getting really drunk and doing it may cause problems but a little drinking might set the mood for her.

By #118534 17,Jan,11 22:30
I love it it in the past 5 years I've watched my wife fuck 23 different guys
By #94367 19,Jan,11 23:49
By fancyabit [Ignore] 23,Jan,11 22:12 other posts 
she's had 23 guys!! your a lucky man, and still love your wife? I don't think i could ever get my wife to fuck another man. Though I love the idea very much, I like to see her pussy streched to the max and hear her moaning with excitment.

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