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smaller 25,Jul,11 17:06
small but very very hard 05,Feb,11 08:32


By ink69 26,Dec,14 13:01
Cum see my tiny tool

By ink69 24,Apr,14 07:30
At five inches I'd say small

By ink69 15,Apr,14 16:59
Very nice

By ink69 24,Jan,14 07:13
Well I'm almost five when hard

By ink69 27,Jan,13 07:36
Well I like to call my little guy the fun size

By ink69 28,Oct,12 11:56
Im a grower for sure

By ink69 28,Oct,12 11:51
Come see my little I'm almost s fu ll five when hard

By ink69 25,Feb,12 08:42
Yes all the time wife loves my buddies large dick

By ink69 25,Jul,11 17:09
well i grow from bout a inch to five inches

By ink69 02,Jul,11 07:54
almost 5 by 4 here

By ink69 08,Apr,11 09:12
im in im right at 5

By ink69 01,Apr,11 07:34
all the time she is bout 5`3 with big d cup tities

By ink69 01,Apr,11 07:31
a very hard 5 incher

By ink69 12,Mar,11 08:26
my wife nd i have been nudest for years now and we love it gives you a real since of freedom and its just fun to hang out with other nude people and see who the newbies are

By ink69 12,Mar,11 08:21
small cocks rule

By ink69 10,Feb,11 07:42
i have a 5incher so your just right

By ink69 05,Feb,11 08:51
thanks maybe i will

By ink69 05,Feb,11 08:42
small is great they get way harder mmm

By ink69 05,Feb,11 08:35
BOING i love it

By ink69 05,Feb,11 08:34
way kool

By ink69 05,Feb,11 08:22
i say 10

By ink69 05,Feb,11 08:21
oh yes more than once

By ink69 05,Feb,11 08:20
o hell yell we have been doing it for some time now very fun